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Got updated to quantum. My top sites on the New Tab page are all the same except all the porn sites are missing. Chaturbate, pornhub, and youporn. What the fuck?

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You got cucked

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Diversity (((hires))) tranny SJW dindu dindu (((dindu))) cucked you XDDDDDDD u the soyboy kek use adnauseam XDD

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This but unironically.

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do you actually care about this?

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>>Do you care about censorship?


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OP cared enough to save that shit .jpg and start this thread

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Browser suggestion to not support awful practices like this? Or is it time to uninstall the internet now?

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what the fuck?

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>Not noticing the filename

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Happened to me as well as I use Firefox as my porn browser. Hentaihaven and nhentai were not removed. I guess they like hentai there.

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>old ui had more top sites
>lost half of my pins
>Read short and sweet updates from Mozilla about Firefox, internet culture, and the occasional random meme.
complete disaster

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Citing internet culture and not linking directly to porn is probably the biggest travesty of them all.

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Not my exact problem, but useful information anyway.

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Stop watching porn

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make your own start page and show it to us instead of bitching about how the default one does not fit your needs anymore

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