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whats it like owning an apple product ?

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it's when girls reply to u

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>3dpd whores
so it's like a downgrade got it

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Have you even shoved a dildo up your ass? Imagine that, but the dildo is covered in steel spikes. For any normal person, that would be extremely painful, but for the apple fanboy, they relish in the idea of being pozzed by steve jobs.

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>owning an apple product is like when girls reply to u
>it makes you feel frustrated and emasculated
Makes sense.

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You start looking at other men a little differently as soon as you buy the Iphone, but when you get into the apple ecosystem by buying a MacBook you fuck other men. As soon as you buy an Apple watch you gain every STD known to man and get a fully prolapsed anus .

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>muh bubbles
Only relevant when you're too much of a beta to speak with girls in person and need to hide behind a fucking phone.

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How would a girl know you use sms unless she replies to you?
It is her text that turn green, so she needs respond to see that.

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I live in carol city, I don't want fucking thots replying to me.

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That was almost poetic.

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Pretty much the same as owning any product. Except when an Apple product breaks, you take it to one of many stores, they ask you a couple questions, fill out their form and hand you a new one. So, generally a nicer overall experience.

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t. green bubble
t. green bubble
t. green bubble
t. green bubble
t. green bubble

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It's like owning a Tesla car, or a Rolex watch, or a Gucci bag.

Plebs wouldn't understand the feeling


They cannot comprehend elegance and class.

Only numbers. Only quantity.

Apple is not quantity, it's quality.

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>Comparing Tesla with impractical old school fashion like Rolex or Gucci


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Yeah but I like the back button

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Like having a large phallic object pushed up and down your recturm in a rithmic fashion.

It's an acquired taste.

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But I prefer when cute boys reply to me instead.
bio girls a shit.

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>gucci BAG
>"elegance and class"

stop browsing /fa/ and go outside lmao

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>But I prefer when cute boys reply to me instead.
then get an Android flagship

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Will do.

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it's like you open your anus wide and yell GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT, STEVE

t. iphone owner for at least 8 years

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Glock is better suited for an NVidia comparison desu.

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implying /v/ knows shit about guns

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Copy and paste a file to your non-jailbroken iphone

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Now what?

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Implying that Macs aren't just PC's with a different OS than Leenooks / Windows / BSD etc.

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Actually the PC one makes sense since you can make all sorts of retarded builds with AR uppers and lower.

I don't think the a glock works for the xbox though since you can't really rice a console, or can you?

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I was making a glocknade joke Anon.

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more time to rice with worthwhile pursuits instead of ricing shit that was manufactured in a windowless rice factory in rice country.

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>implying people text anymore
get out of here, grandpa

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I bought an iMac 6 months ago.

The best way to describe it is upgrading from normal computing to premium computing.

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You never did answer my question. Is Apple charging extra for the screenshot function now, or are you just fucking retarded?

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it's comfy, like pooing in a loo. but you wouldn't know anything about that

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nice bait

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>takes a picture specifically to show off the machine he bought
>hurr why don't you just take a screenshot
Are YOU retarded?

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If you bought a new phone and wanted to showcase it to /g/, would you

A) take a screenshot on your phone
B) take a picture of your phone

If you’re not an idiot, the answer is likely B. Taking a screenshot does not showcase the phone. It doesn’t show how it looks, how good its screen is, how big it is etc

And that is why you are wrong. Taking a picture of my Mac is superior to taking a screenshot, because it showcases the whole Mac.

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>showcases the whole Mac
>picture is actually just part of the screen and a portion of the monitor frame
What did he mean by this?

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