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>Build $1800 computer
>Do nothing but browse 4chan and watch porn

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$1800 down the toilet is the least of your problems.

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>son, why are you like this?

the thread.

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give back dwanda

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The problem with being retarded is you can't just get better.

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Is it Alienware? Those are awesome.

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Remind me of this boy told me he spend like $16000 in computer parts, like wtf? Do they make parts out of gold?

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i doubt you made the cpu

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>finally build decent computer
>games are optimized like shit, still lag
>only play 2d platformers and visual novels
>they still lag sometimes

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Building a new PC for Christmas. ~$3400au but it'll be worth it just to go from 13" to 27"

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>buy high end gpu
>all modern gaymes are shit
>go back and play diablo 2

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Please leave this website

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If you didn't needed a $1800 computer, why you got one?

Computers are not just about having the highest end, but having the one that does what you want.

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>spend $3000 on dream rig
>get bored of playing new PC games since it's 75% cutscenes and QTEs
>go back to playing PS1, PS2 and older PC games

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I bet it runs parallei like a champ.

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>GTX 970 and 144hz monitor just for UT2004

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>GTX 970

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>spend $400 on a new graphics car
>quit gaming

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Find something that you enjoy to do that requires a computer, something that'll grow yer brain.

Only you have the power to make a change

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I started running [email protected] so that my hardware isn't totally wasted since I hardly utilize it otherwise.

4790k and 980Ti running about 12 hours a day put me in the top 75k contributors in one week.

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>240hz monitor
>play runescape

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forget all that gay shit just do coke and hire some hookers maybe even livestream that shit

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That's PC gaming for ya. Either buy high end, or buy consoles.

At least with consoles you'll get some nice exclusives (*Zelda, Bloodborne)

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>my co-workers spend their money in concerts, going out of the country
>i spent mine in a 2000 usd computer

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Use it to train deep neural networks or mine Bitcoin. GPUs are really just linear algebra machines on steroids.

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Why not just get a new monitor and call it a day?

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>fantasize about building a nice pc for years
>realize gaymen is trash in the current year
>go back to playing starcraft remastered on my ten year old refurb shitbox
>put the money towards an earlier retirement
Feels really good man.

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>mine bitcoin
2011 called

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What use does an individual have for neural networks? I've been interested in ML off and on for awhile but I have no idea wtf I'd do with it.

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>16gb DDR4 3200
>1070 GTX
>only play games like day of defeat source, csgo, and 1.6

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Oh man, never played castlevania SOTN and decided to give it a go.
I cant get my mind out of this game now.

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>buy 400 dollar ps4
>black whiteys wife who spent 1800 on a computer

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his wife bought it?

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As our lord and saviour Terry A. Davis says, don't play games, make them.

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>Buy $1600 headphones
>Be eternally comfy

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Cant enjoy playing modern titles anymore.
So I get to set up my old ps1 and a CRT, and get a list of the top best 2d games burnt on CDs and now cant get enough of playing ps1 smshups, rpg and fighting old classics that are fare more enjoyable wtf

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You can do that with the PS1?

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I'm not sure if this is bait, but yeah, they do.
Though it would not be the most expensive part.

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terry is streaming desu

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>deposit money every paycheck without spending it
>live with parents and don't pay rent
>saving for retirement
>making RPGmaker games in a hope that I'll make one and release it on steam in a year and maybe make like 10k that I can put towards retirement.

I just want to feel like I don't have to justify my lack of ambition anymore.

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>mentions good exclusives
>bloodborne and zelda
So, a shit game in a shit series and endless rehashes.

You sure sold me on console gaming!

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>not using CEMU and playing BotW on PC

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Meh, my biggest tech expense anymore is hdds. Server Storage + Backup = lots of $$
Next year I'm gonna buy a 12TB drive and stuff it in a usb 3 external enclosure so I can have a 2nd unified backup of everything on my server. Right now the backup is split between two GB ethernet Nas units. If one suffers a failure the whole data is lost so the 12TB drive will be a extra layer of security. Plus the higher transfer rate will be a big plus (6GBps vs 1GB Ethernet) Transferring 12TB over GB Ethernet would take 24 hrs (maybe little longer w/overhead) Over USB3 it'd take only 5hrs.

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>saved my shekels for 6 months
>buy my dream PC
>runs every game smooth as butter but they're all shit
>get bored after 2 weeks

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>ear speaker
holy shit it's actually real

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Why is living with parents viewed as shameful in American culture? I am 34 and my wife and children live in the same house as our parents. This is perfectly normal in most of the world as a very economical way to live and maintain family relations. Perhaps you would feel more ambitious if you overcame your phobia of living with extended family?

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literally me :(

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We won't have extended family.

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What does this mean?

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I save a portion of my paycheck every month. Whatever I have left over each month is split, half goes to savings in case of emergency. The other half is dumped into a special account that's to help with my retirement when the time comes. It's also "off the books" so if me and my wife ever split her lawyers can't touch it.

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Whoops, I meant "We don't have extended family." My family is pretty much just immediate family, we don't talk with anyone else, they might be dead for all I know.

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because America is the land of the rich, you're supposed to be rich

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Nice blog post kys yourself

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Even the rich live with their family in most of the world. This is a terrible excuse. What is so objectionable about your family?

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America is the land of the self made man. It's not the land of the rich, it's always been a dream of opportunity. It's the belief that you could go out and stake land, build a house, and raise a family. It's not American to sit and live in the same spot for generations with a massive extended family, you're supposed to leave safety and take on the world.

That's why coming of age American dream stories encompass people running off without anything and hitching rides on the backs of trains and shit. It's about the struggle of life and the building of character and self worth that it creates. There's a reason rich kids that are mommies boys are always such dis-likable villains in american culture. Even Stacy and Chad characters are usually the villains of american sitcoms and cartoons. Being poor is part of being an American hero.

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Well, with a chipped/modded ps1 you definitely can play whatever ps1 rom you burn properly into a CD.
The emulation community has grow bigger and rediscovered good titles that were unknown for the average gamer back in the days. A lot of them still as playable and visually appealing as modern mediocre games. Except for the big chunky pixels, thats why you need a CRT tv set or monitor and proper RGB connexion.

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So you let television producers inform you what the proper way to live is? How bizarre. I have studied many of your successful American entrepreneurs and many owed much of their success to the help of their nearby or live-in family members.

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You do realize that America was created by people who had nothing that risked it all to finally be something. From the pilgrims to the pioneers America has always been about persevering in the face of adversity.

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>got high end gear to run Vive
>game developers too lazy or greedy to release any good VR games
>im too lazy to setup Vive just for gimmicks and porn

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You clearly don't know the history of America, you dumb faggot.

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I still got all my PS1/NES/Gameboy/PS2/Xbox games & hardware from my younger years. Figure one day they'll fetch a nice price on e-bay if I need the money real bad. Got 4 PS2's, One's the "Fat" version (first one I bought, still works), One is a "Slim" model that I use now, got two more "slim" models just in case I need them with one still in the factory box sealed. Got an original XBox 360 (no hdmi output/cable)

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Educate me.

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t. European

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>history of America
what did he mean by this?

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endless brainwashing and a society based on consumerism instead of tradition and roots

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>im too lazy to setup Vive just for porn
then you dont deserve it

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Niggers in Africa love tradition look how far it got them

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tfw you could have bought a 40 dollar t61 and spent the rest of the money traveling around the world or buying hookers and blow

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did that mistake once. never will do it again
You learn from mistakes you make anon

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You can play pcsx2 on all max there is a bright side.

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why are you guys not hanging out in terry stream?


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How far around the world for 1800

>> No.63393739

round trip ticket to eurocuck from burgerland for example

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and when you want to throw parties or just have some m8s over your lame old parents are gonna be there

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Your wife and children live in the house with your parents while you live in the cuckshed

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Why would I want to make parties in my house? Thas disgusting.
We have places here where people can socialize, dance and drink comfortably.
Whats the point of making a mess of one's home?

>> No.63393994

i see, guess it is hard for someone without friends to imagine why having a home to yourself is worth having for events

>> No.63394095

And if you knew anything about that history rather than the sitcoms you watched, you would understand that most of those people lived with their parents into adulthood after marriage.

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>watch porn
I, myself, fap to college age girl on instagram with my expensive computer

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Your country has many places for parties. I don't understand why you would also have them at your homes. I'm beginning to believe all the stories about perpetual American adolescence is true. If you are a young adult you should be finding a wife, career, and starting a family of your own. You do realize that fertility is largely gone by the mid thirties yes?

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>bought 1080ti at launch
>all I play now is csgo

>> No.63394252

>spend 2k on tr upgrade
>16c/32t, 64gb ram, 2x r9 fury
>solely play eroge and vns on it.

i know that feel

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you fell for the bait m8 dont h8

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I'm just adding games to my backlog and never play them. I've been doing that for 5 years.

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holy shit are you me?

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pretty much the same and what op did
spent 1400 on mine

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>buy 1080ti
>only play diablo 3

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don't worry guys, the next stage is realizing you don't actually like video games. then you'll be free.

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Most pc parts have bits of gold in it, but that's not the reason they are expensive.

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>build 2500aud pc
>no friends
>pubg runs like shit same as old pc

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>bulid 500$ computer
>realize you can't afford it

well back to shitposting

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>not having four Optanes in RAID 10
Take a walk, dude

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fuck, are you me?

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>Build +1000£ computer.
>Want to build better, new, 2000£ computer.
>realise I just play CSGO on lowest settings

welp, I still want it though, for some reason.

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>Build $3000 computer
>Play 10 year old games in 4K with 32x AA and config tweaks
I regret nothing

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Best shekels/preformance in the market you stupid nigger.

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Joke's on you, faggot OP

I'm using a cheap Gemini Lake computer to browse 4chan

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>be 15
>if only I had money I could, buy a new computer to play all these cool games at high settings.
>life would be awesome

>be 26
>have a computer that could send humans to Ross 128b
>use it for powerpoint slides
>life is meaningless

The human condition in a nutshell.

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Still using, it's great at 1440p. Besides I'm not shelling that much sheckels about a new one, because of mining niggers.

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how do you spend 3000 on a computer

sli titan xp's?

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>OC core+memory clock of 1080 to +100
>OC cpu to 4.5ghz
>OC ram speed to 3200mhz
>32gb ram
>set both monitors to 144hz
>only play overwatch on lowest settings
>have never heard gpu fans turn on since ive built this

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OMG are you using planar with a shitty bluetooth dongle?? Is it trolling??

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File: 2.27 MB, 3024x4032, 45E28A89-4088-488A-B8A2-05DD293BD78E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you’re going to spend that much money on a PC just for casual purposes, at least get an iMac.

That way you actually get a premium computing experience.

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>Buy $5000 laptop.
>Do nothing but browse 4chan and read doujins.

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No lie actually selling my 1080ti and some other older parts. I never need all the horsepower in that gpu for the games I play even at 4k, and the video editing/music recording I do is more cpu intensive.
Going to invest that money into nicer headphones as well as either peltier or phase change cooling too, something that's actually interesting to me and won't be as "wasted"
>mfw computer will cost 800 and cooling will cost 500-800

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i built a i3-6100 8gig rig, no discrete gpu. i wish i had bought an i5 and 16gig instead.

i'm pretty comfy with what i have most of the time but yesterday my computer swapped a bit cos i had too much stuff going on.

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Actually electrostats.

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Is it running good now?

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I fell for this trap years ago, now I just have my t420 and a windows 98 PC to play my old games on.

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How hard is it to mod the console? I want to re-buy some of the older consoles and mess with them.

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>spend $3000 on a nice watch
>become satisfied because it's exactly what I've always wanted

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I have really grown to hate games, probably done with them. I can barely even keep up with a game that I want to play.

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Who needs a high end PC?

Just buy the Xbox One X and enjoy 4k 60fps gaming.

t. totally not a shill

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>4k 60fps
I got bad news for you my friend

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