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Say what you want about Apple, but macOS just looks objectively better.

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It looks better, but in reality it isnt

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it has that

je ne se quais

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What doesn’t it do that is necessary to 99% of the population?

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is that the C7?

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MacOS is perfect!

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Cut and paste intuitively
Drag and drop move a file intuitively instead of randomly copying for reasons normies can not understand
Among other things

It's based off a UNIX from the 90s, can't expect it to be sane unless you're already used to it

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a toolbar and a dock? Wow

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The only thing good there is the photographer's skills, that dock looks fugly.

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Everything apple makes looks great.

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but it does all 2+ of those things anon

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Congratulations on paying an excessive amount of money for some nice looking desktop backgrounds

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Congratulations on being a neckbeard with a lack of appreciation for aesthetics.

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>Cut and paste intuitively
>Drag and drop move a file intuitively

Don’t lie Anon, it does all these things just as natively as any Windows or GNU/Linux version.

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you can literally make macOS with Linux

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Incorrect, Gnome is the prettiest desktop. Also about as customiseable. Apples do ship with nice screens though.

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OS X is free, mate

Oh, you can't afford laptops with actual quality metal? Nevermind

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>Quality metal
read: delicate & easily scratched

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Yes, the wallpaper does look good anon

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>pretty colors!
Nature is shit, the correct type of wallpaper to use is abstract cgi bullshit.

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>punched aluminium
>quality anything
They probably only use it because its cheaper than quality plastic, and softer too.

Call me when they make a proper stainless steel laptop, oh wait they wont, they only make cheap chink shit

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> Plastic is superior

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Unibody aluminum is god-tier manufacturing. Does Apple overprice their shit and have huge margins? Of course, but only because 1. Chinese labor is fucking cheap and 2. there's no competition for an actual laptop that doesn't look like shit (Surface laptop was closest).

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Fuck yeah it is, cheaper to replace and doesn't scratch anywhere near as easily, less likely to crack or bend if dropped. Thinkpad quality plastic is preferable obviously but most plastic is far superior to an aluminium unibody. They do feel nice, though. Just not worth it. Also HP Specter is new most aesthetic laptop.

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Stainless steel is way too heavy, the MacBook would weigh 6 pounds if it wasn't aluminum (which is why planes fly).

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I agree they feel nice, they're just not worth the cost. Well manufactured but badly engineered I'd say, too many issues with heat.

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There are number of industrial plastics with tensile strenght, hardness and more rigid than aluminium.

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Reminder to report the mactoddler shill.


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Stainless steel is stronger so it can be thinner, accounting for properties you would get like double the mass of the thin sheet-metal body which is insignificant in relation to the mass of other guts.
The real reason for aluminium is because its cheap to work with.

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This thread is about looks. Of course if you drop your laptop, it’s going to look like shit.

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What has to go wrong in someone's life that they end up like pic related and make threads like these 20x a day:

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All software and computer hardware looks like shit.

Only "art"-deco postmodernist fags see any beauty in that utilitarian looking trash. Even the wallpaper is digitally enhanced as a brutal affront to natural beauty.

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Fucking this. Al you can cast & mill with high precision with lower quality machine tools than (stainless) steel.

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>giving apple credit for the LG OLED

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Not my fault people act stupid. I don’t pretend Apple is better. I just use some of their products. What’s the problem anon? Use whatever you want. It’s your choice. Do you want everyone to use what you use?

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merge folders

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Incorrect use of literally

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Im not gonna handle my tools with white gloves like some princesse's precious necklace.
Want a fashion acessory - get a watch, or a BMW.

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Which was my point

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>nature is shit


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No one said you have to treat it with care. That’s a dumbass argument. I just don’t drop any of my laptops.

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>t. iToddler subhuman

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I bet they dont mill shit.
>buy sheet
>pressure form it
>punch the holes
>dull the sharp edges
Absolute minimum of cutting tools involved, even less if you glue it together rather than use screws

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Better than what, exactly?

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> Your opinion matters

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Yeah right, nobody wants to fuck up, the thing is you eventually will. I will drop my laptop eventually and when that happens i dont want it to bend

I had an ipod touch 3g once.
It had a shiny back that got literally scratched with the dust on the table.
And i'm not even talking some sandstone dust or metal shavings or dropping it on the rock or something, literal household dust fucking mangled it.
And uploading music with special software to it was a nightmare, fucking awful experience.

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Where many see high cost, I see high resale value.

I bought a 2012 MacBook Pro for $1500, and I sold it for $990 this year.

That's the same net as sinking $600 into a laptop with $0 resale.

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I still fucking remember it.
>unwrap it
>cool shiny, other smartphones dont have a glass screen panel, feels nice
>love it
>lay it in the table
>it makes a SCHHRRRRR
>Its already scratched

Fucking app lep users will justify this

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>Say what you want about Apple, but macOS just looks objectively better.
Subjective declaration.
Delete your thread.

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Yeah I do hate designs like that. I use cases on all my phones. Like my Nexus 4... looked good for about two minutes.

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>looks better

Current state of Applels.

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>focused on window B
>want to press on another song in YouTube playlist in window A
>have to focus on the window A first before I can press the link

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We literally had this thread yesterday.

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>brand loyalty for or against a certain brand

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