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Look at this beauty.
How can Linux or Windows even compete?

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>look at me doing pretentious pointless shit and pretend bakeries use macs so they don't forget how to make bread, also I don't know what "discernible" means

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since when reading a cooking book is "pretentious"?

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>can't installed unverified apps

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>floating windows
Nice meme.

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OP raises a good point.

Regardless of what you think of Macs or apple... you can’t deny that MacOS just looks way better.

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Same flavour, no price

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>has never actually used a Mac
A really easy and obvious settings change lets you install unverified apps.

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>macOS on a resolution below 4k
Why even bother

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just because it looks good doesn't mean it works well, and it doesn't work well in the case of apple

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How does it not work well?

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If I put that wallpaper on my Linux, will you die?

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since it happens in iBooks.app

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Works better than LInux.

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Epin digits of truth

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It does look good but what's the point if you get less work done on it?

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>Implying anyone gives a shit about Guh-NOME

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> cooking book
> pretentious
You don't know what "pretentious" means.

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idk fampai, those dock looks pretty ugly

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Originally I was forced to use Mac at the company I worked for. At the end of my employment I bought the rMBP 15" from them.
Literally didn't think about changing my laptop once since then.

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I honestly don't think macOS looks particularly nice. The hardware design is generally quite attractive, though not the white/clear plasticky aesthetic, more the silver/grey style look.

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Holy shit I swear Gnome is such a piece of shit. Even de Icaza left Gnome for OS X.

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poo in loo ruskie
nice resolution poorfaggot. Buy a mac or gtfo with you PooInLootosh

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like this

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Set the wallpaper to solid black and see how stupid you are.

Literally any os can set a background faggot.

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worst girl

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I'm going to say that macOS isn't all that bad, just that there are still better alternatives. It still lacks some software and hardware compatibility for sure, while Linux being a bit more complex on some issues still manages to get around shit.

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brat is second best (the first being kyoko ofc)

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The monospace meme needs to die.

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no u

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Nothing trumps the monospace meme since its the most efficient font you can use. It remains readable at small sizes and takes the least amount of space

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I've been memed into using macos for a week.
here's what's to like about it:
>with space you can preview pictures/video formats that are supported
>tabs in file explorer
>column view in file explorer
>tidy settings
>moving full screen application to another workspace is good
>impressive virtualization with parallels
>search is pretty good
>option to reopen all windows you had before shutting down/restarting
>it looks nice mostly
what's shit about it:
>window switching is bullshit, alt tab in windows/linux is superior
>no snapping (spectacle is kind of ok though)
>os expects you to use touchpad/apple mouse
>dock is shit
>no calendar inside clock (menu bar)
>volume has not int value to see the level sound is set to (menu bar)
>animations take too long
>resizing windows is not smooth (dragging by the corner)
>inconsistent window types
>CAN'T disable a monitor
>no plug and play (see's chink usb wifi adapter in system information but expects you to install keks which may not work)
>according to geekbench video performance is worse by 40k (rx480) compared to windows
>no middle click scrolling (there are extensions for that but they don't feel as good)
>activity monitor is crap in comparison to task manager
middle ground:
>font rendering is nice but prefer sharper rendering that windows provide
not sure if i can take it anymore

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what's shit about it extra:
>can't press elements on unfocused windows (cmd+click is inconsistent)

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>his dock doesn't autohide

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>fixie shitter
>track geometry but no drops
>mudguard on only one wheel for some fucking reason
>obligatory cuckold hat aka helmet
truly bicycle worth a trendy macfaggot.

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<animations ever
You Macfags, truly, are retarded.

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>Literally everything about that picture

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you can easily make linux look like that and even function like that.

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Real cooks don't browse /g/, you posers.

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>How can Linux or Windows even compete?
By being actually usable instead of just cancer ergonomy for muh easthetisc

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Just as there are no Linux shills.

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dubs confirm dubs confirm
if dubs double confirm

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>using a dock

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