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Why aren't you running BSD /g/?

Applel macOS niggers needn't post

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But I am :^)

Posted from my iPhone X

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because opensuse does everything i need it to do extremely fast

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didn't have a driver for my wireless chipset

switched back to linux until then

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But I am.

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nice dock faggot

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Tell me why I should be running BSD, OP

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Because I run Gentoo which took all the good ideas from BSD like ports and BSD init and spiced them up (portage and openrc). Also BSD can't do GPU passthrough.

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what is that devil doing to that poor pengu

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The cuck license worries me a bit but I will try one soon.

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BSD is the shit. SystemDick has killed Linux.

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poor penguin

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I'm using Gentoo, give me reasons why I should be using BSD.

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what BSD do better than linux ?

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>cleaner system design
>better networking or some shit
you need drm-next-kmod and 12.0-current for it to be usable on the desktop though

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I really like the BSD philosophy, also BSD isn't cucked by shit like SystemD or the GNU foundation.

What really keeps me from using it are basically two things:
-I'm not sure about how good hardware/software support is. I'm not a pro gamer but I don't want to fuck around with codecs or drivers for basic tasks
-I think the update system is somehow complicated. As I understood it you basically update you whole system and there's a lot of things that seem complicated like Jails, Ports and so on

Mind that I never really tried BSD, so I might be wrong about those things, but from the few things I've read about BSD it looked a little bit more complicated than linux..

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no drivers

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>I think the update system is somehow complicated.
Nope. Which BSD do you plan to use? Either way, binary OS updates and binary package updates are easy, but you still have the option to update from source if you choose to.

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>I really like the BSD philosophy, also BSD isn't cucked by shit like SystemD or the GNU foundation.
>Mind that I never really tried BSD
classic /g/

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Haha this. Your typical bsd shit in the wild.
>I don't know what this "init system" thing is all I heard that it sucks by losers online
>I never used BSD but a bunch of vocal losers told me it was better
So you are repeating memes. Also:
>I don't want to fuck around with drivers
I assume you're coming from linux where you haven't had to worry about this. Go look up any bsd distro and you'll find a "hardware list", this is their way that they pretend to justify not having any hardware support. Sometimes this shit doesn't even work in a VM right.

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Because it doesn't respect my freedoms

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>killing penguin
You guys are mean

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I am running macOS.

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No no somebody save Tux! The demon is killing him!!

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Why BSD fags have literally satan as their mascot and their entire lives is being permanently butthurt at GNU/Linux as if they were the retarded unloved brother in the family?

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Not running BSD because I already fell for that meme.
Fool me twice, won't get fooled again.

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You guys really need to take a reading comprehension class. it is completely logical to like the philosophy of something and admit in the same sentence you've never used it.

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I tried TrueOS. It's still very buggy but it looks promising, specially with that lumina desktop. I'll keep an eye on them.

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BSD is useless but just like vegans everyone who uses it has to tell everyone they are vegan.

In short, BSD is the archfags of the unix world.

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I'm not repeating Memes.

There are also linux distros without SystemD. And I don't really have problems with the GNU foundation, they did good work. But there are many communities or companies that do good work without being boasting and ranting like RMS or those "GNU+Linux" fags. It's simply annoying.

Let me put it like this:
Sooner or later I'll try BSD, but currently I'm trying to get past the "Ubunut/Mint" stage, get more into how linux works and do more things in command line.

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macOS (or rather, XNU) is as much BSD as it is Mach, y'know.
Anyhow I'm running 3 NetBSD servers at work, and I'll probably switch from Linux some time in the future since systemd is absolute cancer.

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>Reading comprehension

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I don't know what it is.
T. Xubuntu user

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I run OpenBSD on a few laptops and FreeBSD on one of my servers.

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Alright guys, would you rather have your life support machine running:
Or Windows?

These are your only choices and you can only pick one.

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I wouldn't want it running any of them

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I would want it to be some sort of embeeded system preferably running straight on hardware.

Fuck this OS on my life support shit.
Also I hope it's made by phillips or GE because these two are industry standard in the med field hence they ridiculous prices (think of 14k dollars for a monitor to check your X-rays).

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Niggas I said that they are your only choice. No embedded shit.

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tell me more

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i tried, but wifi didn't work at all. i seemed to have all the correct drivers, but it just refused to list any available wifi networks. on all other OSes i've used, you just click the network utility and select a network from the list, idk what the deal is with freebsd.

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You wanna know how I can tell you're a butthurt wincuck?

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I tried OpenBSD and I've decided I'm going to learn how to utilize it more so I can use it on my main thinkpad for everyday use and turn another thinkpad into a firewall with it.

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HardenedBSD 12.0-current works fine with drm-next-kmod on my skylake laptop

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great choices, I guess I'll die

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Fuck. We're all dead.

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Looks dope. I see their comparison list, but are all the features they have up on OpenBSD important or memes?

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Because I can't patch KDE2 for it.

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Hello, Kiwi friend

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I run NetBSD on all of my machines. It works perfectly, never had a single issue.

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What bsd is best bsd?

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NetBSD, it's fast, secure, and has the best hardware compatibility.

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No shit, and I said those are some bad fucking choices.

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>shit tier driver support and power management
>inferior security, jails is cool I guess but no SELinux
>GNOME is broken on it
>less software available, although not a whole lot less
>complete pain to set up after installation
>no real GUI for setting up network stuff, like wifi, gotta just edit /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf yourself
>USB 3.0 support is a shitshow

It's honestly not that bad. I'm using it on my X220 for fun after I randomly chose to install on it on something. I plan to switch back to Fedora on it eventually though, and my home workstation where I do all of my real work is still Fedora.

>snag parts here and there from FreeBSD and bolt them on to our retarded kernel and shit
>we wuz freebsd and shit

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I'm not a fan of systemd, but it's not really what it's done to Linux, but rather what it has the potential to very easily do. It's very possible, and probably inevitable that Linux will evolve into another walled garden, and put on rails, just like Windows and Mac. Systemd has been the biggest step in that direction, and the devs are aggressively pushing that agenda more and more.

On the other hand, it hasn't been all doom and gloom. One of the biggest gripes BSD people have with Linux is it's disorganized, half-assed nature. Unlike the BSDs Linux is not a coherent, or complete OS like each of the BSDs are. Where the BSDs are small, self-contained OSes, with their own tool-sets and centralized code-base, Linux is a mishmash of third party odds and ends, crudely duct taped together. Systemd is unfortunately addressing that by making it more BSD-like in it's uniformity, because dipshits like Torvalds and Stallman are too busy being egotistical and batshit crazy to be bothered to address that issue. It's just that Systemd is RedHat's baby, and they are effectively hijacking the entire thing in a very brazen and unappologetic manner. In 10, maybe 20 years, distros (if there are still any independent ones in existence) and third party developers will jump through whatever hoops Redhat says they will, or their software will not be permitted to be compatible with the Systemd OS. In fact developers are already willingly and eagerly sucking systemd's dick anyway so they can brag about how their software is Systemd compatible, and therefore convenient and easy to setup/use as a motherfucker.

And don't get me wrong either. The BSDs have their shortcomings too. OpenBSD is my favorite OS, but it's good for some very specific tasks, and mediocre to horrible for anything else. FreeBSD is more versatile, but the devs have maintained their stance that it's an enterprise OS and that they will devote the bulk of their resources to catering to enterprise users.

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systemd's idea of centralization may be BSD-like, but the user interface certainly isn't.

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OpenBSD is better as a desktop system than FreeBSD. The devs actually intend for it to be used as one, as it's what they use for development. FreeBSD devs intend for FreeBSD to be a server OS, and will happily try to sell you on Macs, which is what most of them use for development.

I don't understand why FreeBSD (and at least someone, somewhere in the Linux world) never bothered to adopt Xenocara. The patches were made available upstream from the start, and it is only a matter of taking, and applying them to X. It's not a 100% fix for X by any stretch, but it is a very huge step in the right direction, and greatly diminishes the need for bullshit like Wayland. It's not like FreeBSD hasn't liberally borrowed shit from OpenBSD (and vice versa) for as long as both have been around either. FreeBSD literally has one guy working on their graphics stack, and that's only part time. OpenBSD on the other hand has the best developed graphics stack of all the BSDs, so it would make more sense to borrow that from them, than to keep half-assing their own.

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