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what's the difference between a £2,000 TV and a £20,000 one ?

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£18,000 and lower IQ

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The price

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Here you go.

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A £20,000 TV.

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why is technology so expensive here

do we need to import some chinks to make it for pennies first?

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>can only guarantee it works for 5 years

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Size. You probably cant get 77 inch oled tv for 2k pounds.

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the ability to secretly film your sex sessions with tyree as he widen your anus hole

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>Pay 20k for a TV
>my iMac still has a 33% higher res


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OLED only works for 3~6 years
VA panels are mostly used by Vizio, JVC, Samsung, Phillips, etc (I believe Sony as well)
IPS mainly used by LG and Panasonic

Buy a fucking 32" inch TV or enjoy dead pixels , artifacts and ghosting
Anything above 40" is for the petit bourgeois

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>He doesn't know the TV isn't for poorfags and gay PC setups
>He can't into math

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1. It's a 77 fucking inches OLED
2. I assume HDR isn't mature and cheap yet

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I made the mistake of buying an LG OLED for my business display. It worked amazing for the first 3000hrs of time, however after that it went to shit. There is severe image retention, color shifts, uneven contrast. Just awful for a $2500 TV.

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