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Say what you want about Apple, but macOS just looks better than other operating systems.

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best backgrounds of any OS

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Technically speaking, yes. Windows is at the bottom of the pile for operating systems.

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>just looks better than other operating systems.
While that's strictly a matter of opinion, I'll give you that much, because it absolutely sucks balls at everything else.

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You can make KDE look pretty much exactly as macOS.
But out of the box yes, it's the best by far.

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At what macosx sucks? Give me few examples.

Inb4 you can't

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>looks better

Even though I like the way macOS looks, that's just an opinion that varies from person to person.

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not that anon, but in all honesty macOS is breddy gud. It looks good, runs fast and it's UNIX-based, which means it's not a massive pain in the ass to use like Windows. The biggest downside is lack of customization.
That, and it runs on shit hardware, but it's not a problem with macOS.

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And that it's filesystem is completely retarded, as are the permissions and shortcuts. Also, it's not Linux.

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I'd use it but I need some software compatibility that I cannot get there. Hackintosh on my system is perfectly functional if I use the integrated sound card.

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>as are the permissions and shortcuts
Which... work the same way?

>Also, it's not Linux
What kind of argument is that

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>The biggest downside is lack of customization

What would you wish to customize? This isn't Windows, its a lot more customizable than you think.

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The quick launch bar thing is an ugly, distracting waste of space.

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Well, Windows has visual themes. That's just fiddling with 3 system files.

macOS doesn't really have much of an option that doesn't require disabling SIP. Also, many options for customization are paid, like uBar. Winrefugee? Better spend 20 dollars on something that can help you with the transition. Also the system fonts replacements out there are really shoddy and there are only like 3.

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On non 'retina' displays macos looks like a blurry mess.

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>it absolutely sucks balls at everything else
found the sour grapes

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That goes for every OS. Low DPI monitors, which are plentiful and cheap, just suck in general.

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>lack of customization
literally only 13 year old autistic or manchildren care about this.

like why do you even see your desktop wallpaper? I have a 100 windows open in every monitor..

you know. when you use your computer to do work.

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not so fast!

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Looks like a horrible macOS wannabe.
Which it is.

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>best backgrounds of any OS
You can LITERALLY use ANY background on ANY OS which supports a graphical desktop environment.

It is just full of bloat, such as window borders, bars, docks, etc..

Even worse, desu.

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>fresh macos install
>first boot 3,7gb ram already used by the system

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It goes away when you maximize a window or move one close to it.

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I own a 27" iMac , fucktard. I was just like you, until I took the blinders off. I was using Macs from the first PowerPc days until roughly 2013-14. I was also using Linux at the time and never took it seriously until the kernel started improving greatly roughly around the Ubuntu 12.04 era. Mac Os has nothing to offer.

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>literally only 13 year old autistic or manchildren care about this.
You read it here first guys, this post renders OP's statement valueless.

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This. Manchildren NEETs who spend too much time doing nothing but whine about irrelevant stuff like GuI CuStOmIzAtIoN are borgiouse jobless cringelords who misuse computers as toys, and ruin in for people who actually use it for work with their inane feature market

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>customization is for ricing exclusively and must never be used for productivity improvements

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OP here, I'm gonna have to /thread this, I've got a Grindr date at 2:00.

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Yeah except for finder and whatever the cuck bar at the bottom is called. Can you shift-delete files yet?

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Hackintosh? i have that case

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>I was just like you
false, you're not white

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This is so irrelevant...
MacOS just as all other OS:es this will look dated before you know it.

And all the reasons for using Apples products are subjective.
That is why MacOS will always be the second choice of OS behind Windows in a work enviroment.
A Camaro is a good looking car that feels really good to drive and it sound really nice when you rev it. but no company in their right mind will buy a Camaro to do a Pickup trucks job!

Mac is for feeling good and bragging, while windows (And Linux on the server side at least) is for working and moving the industry forward.

All talk about a nice ui falls flat when your OS cant handle mass deployment without third party software.

Every comment about how nice your computer feels to the touch is ignored when you have to pay double for half the capability

It doesent matter how nice your cortina screen looks when staingate hits.

Mac is for personal use only, thats what apple wants and pushes for.

Therefore Macs are the Mustangs of the world... They look good, alot of people use them but if all of them vanished tomorrow nothing would be lost... there is nothing that a mac can do that Windows or any *nix could do or improve

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Indeed, I am. As is everyone around me within a thousand mile radius.Truly, God's Country.

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Reminder to report shill/astroturf threads and sage.

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lol its a picture of a wallpaper with no icons on the desktop. Wow, a picture of a picture. so elegant.

Where mac really suffers is functionality. Finder is a piece of shit that hasnt evolved in over a decade, besides that color tagging system.

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>what is APFS/case-sensitive hfsplus

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