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I want to like windows/Linux, I honestly do. I know they are more customizable hardware wise and can achieve higher performance.


MacOS just looks better. You can say it doesn’t matter but it does. When I use windows I am struck by how ugly it is. It reduces my happiness. Good looking things make people happier. Aesthetics matters.

And macOS and Macs are just more aesthetic.

Pic related. You will not find a PC that looks better than pic related.

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we had this thread yesterday.
fuck off, shill.

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Macs are aesthetic, if you dont have money, hackintosh are a good option

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I don't think that looks good.
All those huge icons at the bottom for no reason.

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>MacOS just looks better
Wow, a desktop picture with some half transparent app launcher.

Great if you need to see your desktop picture.

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looks like pajeetOS

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Reminder to report the spammer and sage the thread.

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>what is xfce
>what is deepin
>what is budgie

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>I'm happy because my things look nice.

This is a little retarded.

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>You will not find a PC that looks better than pic related.
Shit, man. You sound easy to please. You could have saved a stack of cash by buying one of those electronic picture frames and putting a screenshot of a desktop on it.

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Another impractically-minded shill who cares more about how things look than how functional they are.

I bet that you'd rather drive a car that is heavy, slow, overheats all the time, costs as much as a house and has its hood welded shut, but looks aesthetically pleasing, than drive a car that is cheap, inexpensive and easy to maintain and upgrade by the end user, gets good gas mileage, runs decently fast and will easily last 300,000 miles or more, but just looks ordinary. Because that's the difference between Apples and PCs.

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I actually like the way Gnome looks.

Does this make me a massive faggot?

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>all those windows open while doing absolutely nothing

wooow yeah, way better than having just a wallpaper

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Remember to report advertisement threads

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not really, it's all preference.
i would like GNOME more if it were more open to customization

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Not OP and not even an Apple fan.
But I do agree with OP that aesthetics matter for happiness.

Same reason you want your furniture and your car to look nice.
And why communist countries look "depressing".

It's actually one reason why I can't buy Apple products: they are far too feminine looking for my taste.

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You outgrow this phase pretty quick after dealing with an OS that makes linux's UIs look user friendly, stable as fuck, and laid out by sane people

You also outgrow ricing after turning 18.

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absolutely hate apple but
>doesn't buy a product because of own insecurities

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I bet your pleb ass living arrangement has windows, I myself living in a concrete room with only a lamp and a desk, I guess you don't appreciate true functionality like me.

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>knowing your aesthetic preferences makes you insecure.


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Those aren't windows, kids.

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>MacOS just looks better.
It looks like trash to me and is literraly unusable.

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Nobody here even likes windows, your employer should have at least told you you're supposed to shill against linux here. Gnome 3 looks better than mac

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Don't you wish your operating system installed programs this easy?

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>having to use a mouse to install a program
>Not having a package manager

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Looks fine to me

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>having to drag programs one by one.

I can just check whatever programs I want and install them all in one go.

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having to do the following:
>go to the website
>click the appropriate links
>avoid ads
>possible malware
>waiting for it to initiate the download process
>waiting for it to download
>when it finishes downloading, you may have to unzip it
>put it in the appropriate folder
>use normally

not wanting to do the following:
>pacman -S <package>

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I like my wallpapers black, like my soul.

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>want program
>isn't in repos
>there are no repos with pre-built packages for it
>AUR doesn't have it or the AUR package is broken because nobody maintained it
>have to download the source and build it myself, keep the makefile around just in case I need to uninstall it because it's not a package, and it isn't portable


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I still prefer a GUI when I'm not sure what I'm looking for yet.
Luckily I have pamac for that.

>AUR doesn't have it

Not a likely scenario.
If it's available for Linux and not some extremely obscure shit you can be 99.99% confident it will be available through the AUR.

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