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Anyone else feel spoiled by the iPads Pro?

That screen resolution which is almost 3k”x2k”, the 120 hz refresh rate and the Retina display, whenever I go back to anything else it just looks inferior

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Why is it always this picture anon.
Do you even own one?

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Of course not.
How would a neet that spam the same thread over and over from his mom's basement have the money to buy anything but a used thinkpad off eBay?

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Do you ever get tired of being banned iToddler?


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How would you feel if you were in public and saw me shilling on my iPad Pro on /g/ irl?

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perfectly possible to have photoshopped or doctored a picture of an ipad to say this
i legitimately believe most of /g/ is too poor to afford an ipad

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That would never happen since a pathetic virgin like you would never leave your basement.

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Why the fuck are these blatant shill threads tolerated? Like what the actual fuck?

Why are you faggots replying?

Why are you not saging?

Why are you not reporting?

What the fuck is wrong with this board?

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>britbong iToddler riding around in the subways using public wifi to evade bans

This iToddler LITERALLY HAS NO LIFE. Holy shit.

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apple is the superior brand and deserves to be represented as such

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apple is for brainlet subhumans tbhfam

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and how is this not advertising, a breach of global 11..?

choke on all the dicks you shitposting cunt.

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OP is actually a falseflagger that hates Apple and tries to make applefags look as sad and pathetic as possible to turn /g/'s opinion against them. Most of these posts in the thread shitting on "iToddlers" is probably OP.

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Behold the greatness of apple!

Feels good to be rich

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Love my iPad Pro. Browses the web faster than my i7-4770mq. Worth every penny.

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I don't give a fuck who he is, this is absolute fucking rubbish. Everytime I visit from /diy/ this shit is all over the first page. I don't even know why I bother.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

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Who /comfy/ here?

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I really want an iPad Pro but can’t justify the price seeing as I recently bought an iPhone X.

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> Rich

Only poor people wave around $2000 of electronics and act like that makes them "rich"

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One of the mods is an applefag shitposter.

/g/ shat on him continuously and drove him off to /s4s/, so now /g/ has only janitors that can only submit ban requests, which are slow since the other mods are lazy fucks as well.

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5 rupees have been deposited into your account

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Beautiful 120hz, perfectly calibrated screen with True Tone technology.

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I'd snap multiple pictures and post them here

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Close the zipper you homo

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It’s just a gorgeous device.

It probably makes women wet when they see you with it. Women love Apple.

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tablets are for girls

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