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Admit it. You’d buy one if you could afford it.

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I bought a dell xps 15 instead

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I could afford several.
I have a MBP already, so no thanks, enjoy your desktop shit.

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if it was still PowerPC I'd say yeah but it's just a dell in a fancy case.

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I honestly wouldn't. The hardware is stupidly expensive. The OS is the worst parts of both Windows and Linux. Apple is form over functionality incarnate.

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Is this a bait or something?

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>Mac is overpriced

a 27" 5k iMac costs $1799

lets say you wanted to instead build an equivalent PC:

A good 4k monitor will set you back $600 dollars, and you're still getting 4k instead of 5k (3840 x 2160 vs 5120 x 2880)

Using this build: ($1150)

And replacing the SSD with a 60$ HDD bumped up to $80 for the fusion, halving the RAM cost, and replacing the graphics card with the equivalent radeon pro 570, adding a 40$ network card brings us to $879 for a comparable computer.

Keyboard and mouse, $40 (assuming we're being pretty cheap).

Cable, 5$ (again assuming we're being pretty cheap.

Windows: free/pirated

Total: $1524

That's a difference of $275 dollars, but for that you're getting...

-5k resolution instead of 4k
-An all in one instead of tower + lots of cables
-MacOS + the ability to dual boot Windows or Linux, vs pirated windows and no Mac opportunity
-Warranty + support
-Computer already built for you, vs having to build it yourself

When you consider all that, the Mac suddenly doesn't look so overpriced.

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-Too bad the iMac will throttle like hell
-I don't think 5k has any benefits over 4k in $CURRENT_YEAR
>he thinks I would touch Windows
-A PC would have more long-term upgrading cababilities
-Building PCs is intresting

Okay, I must admit they just werk and are aesthetic but Im not willing to sacrifice function to form.

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>Too bad the iMac will throttle like hell
It doesn’t throttle in normal use. It only throttles when you stress test it.

>I don’t think 5k has any benefits over 4K

You don’t think having 33% higher resolution makes a difference in a 27” monitor?

It’s just better.

>A PC would have more long-term upgrading capabilities

That’s true.

But altogether, the iMac offers pretty good value for money.

t. Former PC user who was looking at options for upgrading to 4K. I realized that actually the 27” iMac is the best option.

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tfw you own one already

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btw the computer is garbage, and i hate it. but love it

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Nope i hate everything from Apple after using only Apple products for 10 years

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The value is not bad for the day of purchase, but the total lack of any upgrade path means it'll be a shitty paperweight in 5 years time.
At work we have 2013 iMac's and it such a shame because they have nice processors but the hard drives are 5200rpm pieces of shit.
iMac's are only good till something new like ssds come along and then you're fucked.

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Its not supposed to throttle when you stress it, dipshit... Thats shit thermal design.

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it's either bait or a no-shit shill. he makes this same fucking thread every fucking day, probably every hour. i have a god damn mac and this shit still pisses me off. fuck these gay ass threads.

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>shitty paperweight in 5 years time.
Used 2012 iMacs sell for 500$ on eBay.

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Based iMac.

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I would buy one of these.and thereafter I install an OS that can run on it. An actual OS. Not clicky blinky teletubbie mac"OS"

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If I could afford it I'd buy something better. Oh wait, I did.

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Nope, thing is a laptop glued to the back of a screen. I require an actual non laptop gpu and don't want to buy an entire new PC just to upgrade the gpu. Also why the trashcan Mac is a failure.

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Do you ever get tired of being banned iToddler?


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Did you forget how to use pc part picker just for this post?

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The birth of a new shit pasta

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