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How do I cable management?

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straighten out cables with your hands, they are all jangled up. use zip ties to keep things in order.

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lots of zip ties basically
also desks with backs to them help

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Slap One of these on the back of your desk

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With pretty pink bows

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Buy an iMac.

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You just don't because it doesn't matter.

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Until you want to troubleshoot something and can't remember which cord goes to which peripheral.

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Like that

Ikea stuff to screw underside desk + holes in wall

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>Pay several thousand dollars
>Still have a wire
State of macfaggotry

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>>doesn't matter
>be tall
>keep my feet near the cables at the wall because I like to keep my legs straight while sitting down
>over time my constant touching of the cables loosens some of them
>power cable to pc loosened just enough to be barely hanging in there
>do a vacuum clean of that area while pc is on
>power cable ever so slightly falls out when touched
>motherboard + cpu fried
>mfw I could have prevented this
And this is why cable management matters boyos.

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>carpet floors
>probably uses shoes indoor as well making it even worse

why are americans so disgusting

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go to IKEA

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they make this desk where you can tuck everything back in the trunk

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Where is the actual computer?

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>dustpan and brush hanging on a wall

can't tell if art or autistic

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>he likes having dirt and hairs and crumbs and shit everywhere
so yeah autistic

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they have these things called vacuums ya know

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I just logged in to tell you I love that dustpan & brush placement.

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Dont, its a meme. Spread your cables far and wide

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Autistic people don't like loud noises remember lmao

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>lugging out the whole Dyson to clean like 3ft2 of hardwood flooring

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4chan can't even do exponent 2?

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so you get on your hands and knees and brush the floor? why not get a broom? wtf?

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just 1 (one) wire

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i already have enough reason to be under desks on my knees so why not
also I do have a normal broom but there's not much reason to use it more than once every 3 or 4 days in my room

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You can get jar or bag of 1000+ zip ties at your local discount retail store. That with a pair of dikes for cutting off the ends is all you need.

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Have A Malm desk and it has a built in rack for cables and power supplies, very comfy

Also OP you need Velcro cable ties. Best thing in the world.

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>i already have enough reason to be under desks on my knees so why not

what a slut

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This or just rig up something similar you dont have to buy.

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>i already have enough reason to be under desks on my knees so why not
>what a slut


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Do yourself a favor and don't use zip ties. Get Velcro strips.

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Could, my man.

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You disgust me

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kik is tumbtack if u want butt pics

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Cordless power WHEN?

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Twisty ties my dude

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I have this but with my 6 year old monitors. The power cable's so loose that if I move them forwards, that shit starts buzzing and they flicker on and off.

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Zip-ties are for permanent use
You will have to use sharp/cutting tools around your precious cables in the future to undo them.

You can purchase rolls of velcro material that you simply cut to length.
Can be undone and reused to add/remove additional cables in the future.
Soft and non-constricting, durable and strong holding power.

>Thousands of zip-ties
You will not need thousands of zip-ties.
A roll of velcro can produce hundreds of ties at custom length.

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what clarinet is that?

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What vase is that?

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gaff tape and coils

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Zip ties are not permanent, use plyers and twisted the head to break it. Knives are not needed to cut zip ties.
t. Works with cables for a living.

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alternatively you can get zipties that undo

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Zip ties are insanely cheap, just do whatever gets the job done.

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Im so confused with your setup.

>dustpan on the wall
>cozy clean setup
> guitar with no amp in sight with a clarinet behind it
>empty clean bong on the table

What the fuck? I imagine you being a clean cut guy who does normal stuff during the day and murders hookers at night.

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Cable management in anything but inside the PC is a big meme.

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At 60 - 50 Hz?

Sure man.

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>having an organized life is a meme


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weed's a helluva drug

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Some screws into the desk and some zip ties. Bonus points if you mount the power board using screws.

That's the basically free option. You can spend money on a cable track or whatever if you like.

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wrap cables from the same source into one bundle with velcro is the simplestr solution.

you can go autistic with mouting tape, driulling holes, cable sleeves, cable box, etc but wrapping cables with velcro ties is the simplest/cheapest method.

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proper way to wrap them is to wrap one cable through the hole and then wrap all the other cables but you can do whatever.

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Like this

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>dude weed XD

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Why do pot heads have to show that they are potheads. Like i don't go flaunting my shit from a toilet bowl. Just put it away man no one fucking cares or wants to see it.

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