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Who /comfy/ here?

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I am :^)

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did you seriously go to an Apple store, take a photo of a Mac, and post this? this is literally what the dock looks like on the demos

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Some people

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not me, im too poor :(

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do you really make this shit thread every goddamn day

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but anon go on amazon and lookup last years models, half the price :^)

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You were gay before you got a Mac son

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Firefox and Slack are my job. What's wrong with Spotify?

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You most likely have a job / are in education

>Chrome over Safari
I mean both are good, desu chrome is better for 4chan shit posting but I like Safari aside from that

Good app

>Patrician dark mode and dock on side
I set that shit on autohide but that works too

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you should be torrenting all your music and not paying a dime. never pay for music ever.

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Read your emails bro.

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kek it's my gmail I have linked. gmail knows most of that is spam but mail thinks I have 31,846 important things to read

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>Implying I'm paying for Spotify
The shield logo on the left of the wifi logo is Spotifree

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Clean it up still retard

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that anime babe is cute

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Mine doesn't count spam folders.

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me 

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sup faggots

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how do I do the ascii apple thing

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cool now how do I rename my admin name?

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Under sharing in system prefs.

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