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Must explain why it is best phone
>battery life on idle, gaming, and streaming
>cost and best deal
>Photo quality
>battery capacity
>android, fuck off iphone

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Android is the best everrr

Fuck u iphone!

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>t. iToddler

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>muh angry birdies

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>apple user can't imagine that emulators exist on mobile devices

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too big. this is a fucking amateur mistake my man

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micro SD
snapdragon 835
ridiculous screen resolution

only con is the nonremovable battery, but at least we get quickcharge 3.

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Iphone SE is the best iphone

Pixel 2 is the best android except for the screen , where samsung s8 wins

Pls no bully

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Iphone SE a piece of shit just like every other iphone they can't come up with anything new

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>the best iphone

That's really not saying much.

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Who said you need something new to be the best? It does everything perfectly

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>t. iToddler

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U obviously don't know anything about technology .and they are not perfect .
They've had the exact same design with home botton in the middle ever since iphone came out and finally change it

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IOS5, really? Come up with actually representative and modern material, you dishonest nigger.

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Any phone that does not have a removable battery, microSD, and unrestricted rooting capability is archaic garbage, no matter how much you paid for it

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>any phone that doesn't have pointless nerd shit normal people don't care about or use is archaic garbage

The absolute fa/g/got, everyone.

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that's not the Keyone

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> android, fuck off iphone
Then it doesn’t exist for me because I don’t like shitty software.

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galaxy s5
>good battery life
>2,800mah lasts you a day or two
>last galaxy phone with removable back
>only $80-$100
>camera is great quality especially with 3rd party app that lets you change iso and exposure
>android 8 oreo roms are out
>very stable

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