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How bad is this?

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your gpu is dying

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unironically install gentoo

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looks like a failing graphics card

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I was going to ask how did you got transparent start menu

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The way it's meant to be played.

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Metro look is very bad.

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Really really bad

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>Th3 fA5T 0n3
>(A Celebration of Vaping)

Yeah pretty awful so far

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Reseat your gpu. If same, buy new one.

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>Desktop icons

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Clear indication of GPU malfunction

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>Hi, Th3 fA5T 0n3
my fucking sides
but yeah op your gpu is fucked, sorry to say.

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If you have 20+ shortcuts where do YOU keep them, bre?

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It's dying

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>bloated with commercial features
>desktop icons

I'm not surprised your GPU is trying to kill itself.

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About 7 bad

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>what the start menu is for
>not using the start menu properly
>not debloating and customizing start menu
>not just using desktop to keep files you are currently working on, then clean it up

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Fewer steps the better. Pc is a tool, I like tools within reach, not in drawers.
I do like my neat start menu tho(w10) for all the things I only use now and then.

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>Re:[The Vaper Expo UK - The Return (A Celebration of Vaping)]***COMPETITION TIME***

explain yourself

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I think you got a bad case of retarded user there. Windows 10(!) is in use, and stuff is scattered all over the desktop like cum over a prostitude. I don't know what tech illiterate person would use it like this, but even the start menu is full with Microsoft's shit. I'd install a nice clean distro of linux or *BSD on that badboy and be done with it.

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>when you vape so much that your PC is dying from radiator cancer
press F to pay respect


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His GPU is dying you fucking retard
Also what's wrong with Windows 8.1? you can remove all the adware and uninstall the apps and unpin the advertiser shit, so fuck off

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you may as well install something else

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Windows shills when arguing against linux:
>hurr durr linux is too hard
>linux is broken
>linux is not professional
>linux is insecure
And when you point out that windows is spying on you and generally works against the user:
>you can just unpin it
>j-just run this shady script from a 3rd party site, that'll definitely disable all the spying
>the design will get better, I swear
>closed source is good because security by obscurity
>muh capitalism is always superior
So, I ask you, why would I go through the hassle to install a broken-by-design system when I can get freedom without any hassle whatsoever?

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>you can remove all the adware and uninstall the apps and unpin the advertiser shit

That's like cleaning up Chernobyl with Q-tips.

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the start screen?

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Maybe he works for a vape company?
I'd say vaporesso as that's most of the programs that are on the start menu and the desktop

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pretty bad, looks like you have windows installed

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Shit rice

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Means your graphics are green with envy.

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>windows 10
Very bad.

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Your hdmi or dvi cable is probably just loose

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>tfw have a computer and OS that work

Feels good man!

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That iMac is sexy as fuck

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>LSD screen
you deserve it

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2014? whoa buddy you only have a few years left of OS X software support until your computer is deemed as "obsolete" status by apple. enjoy it while you can!

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mac os high sierra works on computers from 2009
we're not poor, we upgrade our computers at least once every 8 years

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>overclocking is free perform-

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there's literally nothing wrong in your picture. When's the last time you tripped on lsd?

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how can linux even compete

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reinstall gpu drivers
if not fixed reinstall windows
if not fixed buy a new one

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In my path you fucking plebs

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Where did you find ths fantastic psychedelic theme?

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just install ccleaner and you're alright senpai

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Check gpu seating
check if hdmi/dp cables are properly plugged in

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>lil boosie
Its trash and you deserve whatever comes to you

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dead vram m88
buy a new card

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>updating steam at a time like that

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lol, same here

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>Taking a picture of your screen.

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