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PCB edition

Previous thread: >>63203888

What are you working on, /g/?

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Lisp is the most powerful programming language.

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Rust + Scheme is the best combination and is what real anime programmers use!

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Rust is a numale meme language and Go is objectively the best C replacement

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>>>/b/ you shitstirring fleshwastes.

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>no generics
>to use a fixed version of a third party library you literally have to download a snapshot of its source
go shits on itself far more than we ever could

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I'm here for the gangbang.

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I'm a big fan of both homoiconic languages and functional languages, but I don't like Scheme.

Most implementations commit some Heresy that I could never support. I guess Guile Scheme is OK, but nothing special.

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How the fuck can people still use emacs or vim? You have to be some old fart who smells of rotting diarrhea to think text-only editors are good.

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I like Go and this is not a shitpost

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nene & K-chan used sepples though

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I like how this post capitalizes the word "Heresy".

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>text-only editors
As opposed to...?

I thought the purpose of a text editor was to edit text and emacs was for playing tetris.

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So /dpt/..
>What city/country do you work in?
>Formal education level?
>What do you do at your job (frameworks, languages, day to day shit)?
>How long did it take you to find your job?
>How much do you get paid?

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How do I learn Agda

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Fuck off and die.

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imagine being a 5'6 programmer

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you can just hide in your cube though

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showing your age, grandpa. programmers work in open office layouts these days

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yeah in your booster seat lmao

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>tfw I don't have to imagine

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>tfw 5'3
dont remind me lad

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learn Idris instead


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finally getting around to learning Javascript. I've been exposed to Haskell, C, Java, Python.

jesus christ how do people tolerate Javascript? does it get better?

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depends on where you live i imagine
some places are still stuck in the 1990s

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whats wrong with it faggot? its the same syntax as Java, has dynamic typing like Python. Holy shit your such as fucking faggot for trying to pull the shitiest bait ive ever seen. also, nice job falling for the 0 employment haskell meme. i wouldnt put that on a resume

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sometimes I wish it were still the 90s

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I for one would rather work in a dull, depressing box than being put right next to incompetent idiots who won't shut up all day.

At least this hell is quiet.

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>tfw employed 6'2 haskell programmer

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Give me a small/medium C side project idea that i can be done with in 2-3 weeks. I want to put it on my github.

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You don't think I would too? That time is gone, though. We were born too late. There will be no salvation left for us.

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Trying to port some drivers from a 3.4 GPL kernel drop to 4.9 Mainline. Fuck me, and fuck Applied Micro SoCs.

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So how many dino tenders do you get daily?

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>he thinks haskell jobs don't exist
I had no idea blub programmers were literally blinkered. Although to be fair, it was a Java shop until I told all the sub-6' people there that they were going to begin using Haskell.

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It's disgusting. In an office meeting we were asked honestly how we felt about open work environments and everyone raved about the "" synergy"" even though our output is now less than when we were cubed. They asked if anyone preferred cubes and like 3 of us raised our hands. Fuck this anything to give HR something to do bullshit.

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Bootstrapping C compiler.

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I count Python and Javascript experience as negatives when interviewing people.

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i bet your company is doing amazing with a socially inept autist like you on board

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And who exactly do you interview? Are you one of those 4chan survey fags? >>63207722

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We're incredibly productive because we don't have to hand-hold people who have brains that have been addled by shitlang use.

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I interview people for backend programming positions.

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And do you have experience with python or javascript yourself?

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i bet you would never lie on an anonymous imageboard on a friday night you god forsaken loser

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Shhh... We're not supposed to challenge his delusions.

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Thankfully very little, only enough to know what terrible, ill-conceived languages they are.

It's never too late to unlearn something. Shitlang use is forgiven if it was sufficiently long ago. We were all foolish when we were young.

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I immediately throw out anyone who puts C++ on their CV.

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Well, let's hear it then. In this fantasy of yours, what language does you(or your team) use?

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What do you do if they don't have C++ on their cv but use a github containing a medium -> large scale server project written in pure c++?

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And how many dino tenders do you get?

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What is a dino tender?

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What's the opinion on CLion? Visual Studio is incredibly bloated, but had a great set of tools. Thinking of using CLion until I for some reason need the tools on VS.

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It's about the same as Vim or Atom with a decent plugin setup.

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The cube is love

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Just use some language that compiles to javascript
Like clojuescript

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overpriced shit that should be free.

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>Just started classes
Kill me.

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It's not that bad, just sit there and pretend to pay attention.

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I did, I'm rewatching videos on it though. It doesn't help the one I'm watching introduces new elements while also attempting to teach classes, though

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Oh I meant classes as in methods, not courses

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fucking idiot

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Quality post, glad I read it. 10/10

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TypeScript is pretty nice too.

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>tfw just wrote a hello world in Go so when companies ask if I have experience in it I can say yes

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Yes, but Lain used Lisp. It's canon.

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>with rib meat

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Joke's on you when you end up having to use Go full time

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eh, its basically a baby's version of C so I think I'll be alright

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Kobayashi uses Python

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Oh boy, you're in for a world of pain if you ever have to use Go for real. You have absolutely no idea

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Go is more of a meme language than C++

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So these threads have fully devolved into language shitposting?

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its not like anyone is sharing their work other than the occasional "plz help me on my homework" question

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It's been like that for a while.

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nah emacs is a full-fledged operating system only lacking a text editor

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>why would people talk about programming languages in a programming thread

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In the middle of a order matching engine in C++. This is actually much easier than I thought.

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>tfw I'm the guy with the Haskell job offer from last thread and I'm a 6'2" white male
holy fuck I just realized how master race I am

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what kinds of things do you work on at your haskell "job"?

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So I bit the memelang bullet and tried out Idris.

...it's surprisingly practical. Somehow I expected it to be more autistic, but I was able to write a basic parser without too much trouble.

I can actually see it being a reasonably good language for DSL's and code generation.

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good lad.
Glad to have a third user.

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>tfw have to write a spellchecker by monday and haven't started yet

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aspell "[email protected]"

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>tfw you might not get a job before the tech bubble pops

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what's the easiest way to push git -> deploy? minimum of bullshit involved in setting it up.

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I know that feel. What then?

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gitlab has built in stuff and testing as well.

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Probably join the Air Force as an officer or go work in Eastern Europe.

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>tfw live in flyover state with no hope for employment other than some shitty IT job
at least its easy and stable

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Easy money and lots of time for hobbies and side gigs.

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It's only a matter of time until some non-English speaking Asians take your IT job.

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Given this code and my lack of method knowledge, could I summarize these lines as such:

Stopwatch watch = new Stopwatch();
//assigns the Stopwatch class to the variable "watch" and let's us actually access the Stopwatch class

And of course now that "watch" exists, watch.Start/Stop(); refers to the respective code contained in public void Start/Stop();

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>tfw you stop trying to apply for tech positions with your resume and just let your friend get you a networking gig

The amount of nepotism required to land an actual IT job is mind-boggling.

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Hopefully I'll be dead or one of the superbugs that is brewing in Africa/Southeast Asia inevitably reaches uncontrollable status (because giving free antibiotics to retards also encourages superbugs to develop faster) and wipes out 95% of the human population.

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Move out, what the fuck is wrong with you.

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How much scheme have you written?
What don't you like about Scheme?
What do you like about Guile?

Legitimately curious. Kind of a Racket shill here, but that's because I've found it to be better than most schemes after delving pretty deep into the language.

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>google's captcha algorithm is getting worse
So this...is the power...of diversity hires

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I'm on my third and final year of CS and I'm starting to feel anxious about my capabilities. I may have a 4.0GPA, I still feel like I know jack shit about anything, almost all the projects we've done so far are standalone cute sub-1000 lines of code programs, with one exception for our web class where we had to interface with some apis.

For example, I'm a huge retard when it comes to spelling, so I'd like to integrate a spell-checker into Steam's chat. I know it's possible, there's some dude who made a 10 seconds video showcasing it working, but fuck if I know how the hell he did it, and I don't even know where I'd start. How the fuck am I supposed to be employable before the end of the year?

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I love OCaml!

module Let_syntax = struct
let bind o ~f = Option.bind o f

let ( /? ) x = function
| 0 -> None
| y -> Some (x / y)

(** computes [6 / x + x / y], but guarded against division-by-zero *)
let calc x y =
let%bind a = 6 /? x in
let%bind b = x /? y in
Some (a + b)

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I don't know how much it would take to be a professional ocaml programmer.

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markets getting saturated as it is, enjoy working at a retail store for the rest of your life.

>> No.63209842

I'm going to try very hard to get a job in Ocaml, Haskell or F# in the summer. I swear to God I just want to never write another line of imperative code

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>Started Software engineering class this semester. Assigned with building a basic YouTube clone.

>Until like a month ago everyone in my group knew fuckall about any development


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job offer, not job. Probably not gonna accept it desu

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Web development*

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prove me wrong

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I used to love programming but now I get no enjoyment out of it. This happens with mostly everything (with the sole exception of playing total war, which is about the one thing I truly love). How can I regain that spark?

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work is not supposed to be fun.

>> No.63209893

Watch a talk with someone more successful than you.

>> No.63209894

This should work in any browser right?
Why do they say put that shit at the bottom of the body tag? why? why should it be at the bottom of the body tag?
why not outside of of the html element?
why not outside of at least the body tag?

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this is funny

>> No.63209909

Come over to the dark side, and learn Idris.

It's like a static dynamically typed language. You'll love it.

>> No.63209918

It's unironically how i get back into it.

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>It's like a static dynamically typed language.
get out

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pls dont make me cry anon

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What happens when you apply for jobs without a HS diploma or GED? If I put hs diploma on an application will that get caught in whatever checks they do?

>> No.63209996

>What happens when you apply for jobs without a HS diploma or GED?

>If I put hs diploma on an application will that get caught in whatever checks they do?

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>working in an office

>> No.63210004

Just get your GED, m8.

>> No.63210054

are there any sites like codingbat, but with a lot more problems?

just short exercises with a browser compiler and test cases


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noone checks shit

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Most programmers work from home anon.

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Firefox 60 changelog:
- [FIX] We rewrote the browser using Electron
- [FEATURE] Removed all backwards compatability
- [BREAKING CHANGE] Ran rm -rf * in the git repo. Off to a fresh start!
- [IMPORTANT] This is only part 6 in our long-term plan to deprecate Classic Firefox in favor of Chrome(Firefox). To read more about this venture, see below:

Long-term plan:
Announcing Chrome(Firefox), a brand new browser based on Chrome written in Electron. We plan to maintain 100% compatability with the latest releases of Chrome, while dropping the previous freedom of the Classic Firefox project. This new project will be a perfect clone of Chrome written by the developers of Firefox. While some have voiced concerns over why this project would be useful, Chrome(Firefox) stands out from other browsers because it is built with L:heart:VE (and white male tears). Although performance may decrease with the release of Chrome(Firefox), the project is 10x more friendly to PoC, WoC, Womyn, non-binary, and other minority contributors. As an added bonus, this new project blocks all hate speech from reaching you, the user!

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what a beautiful language. i cant wait to write my latest & greatest ppx. hopefully it will be more fun than finishing this compiler because FUCK am i done with dealing with racket's shit. also too lazy to properly learn x86 so im just hanging on to my half-baked crap until i get on some meth binge and decide to finish it

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make your stopwatch class static, get rid of the new, will be spawned at runtime
using static StopWatch;

at the top of file will allow you to use it without having stopwatch. before methods inside, might want to rename them if you do this, also not threadsafe since one static, global instance

>> No.63210386

My experience learning rust:
>Ah this is very nice
>Yes this makes sense
>Man that's a lot of constraining concepts
>Okay, let's say I want to make a simple window with buttons, and pressing a button changes something in the window. I'd need two mutable references... how the fuck do you code anything with this?

>> No.63210401

>using static classes

>> No.63210408

anyone else ever get sucked off while programming? no joke

>> No.63210702

>We rewrote the browser using Electron
But then Firefox would literally be running in Chrome.

>> No.63210734

it's a clown world out there m8

>> No.63210751

Why does Electron exist?
The entire idea is probably the stupidest fucking thing I've heard.

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how would you guys implement a modular neural network in C++?
would you do a vertex class and have each layer of the network as list of objects, and the connections/edges as pointers?
maybe just do the entire layer in a class?
i've only done the most simple multi-layer perceptron so far, but its all been really badly set up for functionality and extensibility
alternatively, what are some good stuff to read regarding the implementation

>> No.63210798

Webdevs are a plague, and are trying to ruin every platform, not just their own.

>> No.63210879

>Framework that lets you put your whatever on web but also port it to all desktops
Do you even make any products?

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Good morning, /dpt/. I feel like we need to talk about Rust. We need to talk about Rust and safety.

>> No.63210940

>how the fuck do you code anything with this?
It's simple: Rc<RefCell<Box<Node<T>>>>

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>> No.63210961

So our resident "safe rust" autist is from Europe, good to know.

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How do I view the details of the caught exception in the debugger of Visual Studio?

>> No.63211424

what programming language should i learn? (not c++, not rust)

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Holy shit why do I need to configure 3 addons, 5 files and make 10 scripts just to begin compiling in c++?
How do I just click F9 to build, run, and debug like in windows?
Why is there no good visual studio ripoff for linux? Code blocks GUI sucks donkey dick.

>> No.63211465

The good sepples IDE on linux is qtcreator

>> No.63211486

What about a free IDE?

>> No.63211508

How is qtcreator not free? it's LGPL licensed

>> No.63211514

>port it to all desktops
Where is this "porting"?
You do realize that electron is literally just a browser and a javascript engine, right?
You're not """porting""" anything to desktop, you're just packaging a whole fucking browser with your web application.
It's unbelievably fucking stupid.

>> No.63211534

Right thanks for telling me

>> No.63211543

>You're not """porting""" anything to desktop, you're just packaging a whole fucking browser with your web application.
Users don't care because your shitty C++ enterprise app still somehow manages to take 5 times as much space.

>> No.63211548

CLion is great, although not free (unless you're a student or "core commiter" in an open-source project).

>> No.63211560

I'm just starting to get into programming with Java (1st language).
Would anyone kindly offer some advice on how to /getgood/?

>> No.63211561

What's a good place to pirate linux software? How do you even apply cracks and shit?

>> No.63211573
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>Proprietary garbage

>> No.63211576

Nice argument.

>> No.63211577

>Would anyone kindly offer some advice on how to /getgood/?
Learn something else as your first language. Literally the only valid advice.

>> No.63211580

Can't. College course :/

>> No.63211583

>hurr X is stupid because it does Y and i don't like Y
Nice argument.

>> No.63211587

Prove to me that Y isn't objectively horrendous.

>> No.63211590

A plugin for Tomboy where I can write code!

Can anyone here MAKE this? Thank you

>> No.63211597

>Y is horrendous! prove me wrong!
Nice argument.

>> No.63211600

I wasn't making an argument, but nice argument.

>> No.63211611

>I wasn't making an argument
Then what makes you think I need to make a proper argument to dismiss your non-argument?

>> No.63211719

Because it's obvious and most people already know that Electron is a horrible idea.
You're the one claiming that it's reasonable, so you must prove it.

I've already given my reasons: Electron is just a browser and a javascript engine packaged with your web app, and this means that for every Electron app on your machine, there is a corresponding redundant installation of chromium on your machine.
If you don't see how this is batshit insane, then you're in the wrong thread.

>> No.63211749

>Because it's obvious
Nice argument.

>you're the one claiming that it's reasonable
The only thing I claimed was that users don't care that it's really running inside a camouflaged, stripped down browser. Whether it's "reasonable" or not doesn't depend on that factor.

>If you don't see that my opinion is correct, you should leave and stop triggering me
Nice argument.

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OK, in C++ I have to check if vector has any element but 0 and 1.
For example, if vector is filled with 111000, return false, if 110221, return true.
Fuck, I can't do this shit and I should feel bad.
Just take a vector as argument, iterate through it and check if iterator equals 0 or 1, if not, GTFO.

Am I right or there is more efficient thing?

>> No.63211800

Yes it's fine. Or you could do it idiomatically using std::find_if and predicate. It doesn't make much difference.

>> No.63211803

The only thing that can be more efficient is to make sure nothing besides 1s and 0s gets into the vector in the first place.

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So I was late to the punch and probably won't get any internships this summer. When should I start applying for next summer? It'll be my senior year so I really need to be proactive about getting experience.

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I think it's more about being lightweight, plus if you're forced to deal with the stuff that IDE's take care of for you all the time it'll help you become a better programmer.

>> No.63212034

Trying to get my head around blockchains.

At the simplest, it's just a bunch of blocks containing (previous_hash, application_data), and a hash over those items? And then that's passed around and more blocks are made using that block's hash as previous_hash?

>> No.63212053

std::find_if is your friend. Also don't take std::Vector directly, take vec.begin() and vec.end()

>> No.63212054

Just apply to full time jobs at this point.

>> No.63212066

Wouldn't I be more likely to land an internship than a job after I graduate?

>> No.63212080

You should be more self-confident, as you have the correct thought process.

>> No.63212095

Depends on where you live. But would you rather have an internship or a full time job?

>> No.63212224

OCaml is a really great language. It's the best language in the ML family, in fact, and a heavy contender for the title of best language overall, given how versatile it is. There's basically nothing that OCaml can't do.

>> No.63212233

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

int main()
std::vector<int> values{1,2,0,1};
std::cout << [values](auto& vals){for (auto i : vals) if (i not_eq 0 and i not_eq 1) return false; return true;}(values) << "\n";
return 0;

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>> No.63212248

>if (i not_eq 0 and i not_eq 1)
Off yourself

>> No.63212258

i m p u r e

>> No.63212260


>> No.63212262

It's more semantically correct than checking if i is greater than 1.

>> No.63212273

if (i != 0 && i != 1)

>> No.63212282

That's unclear and confusing.

>> No.63212283
File: 79 KB, 1247x453, pls help.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like I'm forgetting something here. Or else maybe the JDK just doesn't like Debian.

>> No.63212286

>no native thread support
>no unsigned types
>boxed types
>shitty FFI
>shitty preprocessor macro hacks
Ocaml is shit

>> No.63212290

No it isn't you fucking idiot.
Have you never programmed before?

>> No.63212309

if (((i not_eq 0) eq true) and ((i not_eq 1) eq true))

The only correct option.

>> No.63212310
File: 10 KB, 236x253, woj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does /dpt/ do for fun? I removed all my video games for the third time this year after relapsing twice. I'm not even kidding I literally get angry and uncomfortable every time I let go of games.
I need something to somewhat replace games but not be as addictive or time consuming. sex/fapping doesn't count because I last for 15 minutes tops and can't do it every single day.

>> No.63212322

I guess a job. I'll just apply for internships and if I don't land anything I'll jump into a job hunt. Thanks senpai

>> No.63212328

>sex/fapping doesn't count because I last for 15 minutes tops and can't do it every
Just fap 20-30 times a day.

>> No.63212335

/fit/ or /mu/ for me if I'm not playing vidya. You could also take up painting/art.

>> No.63212343

And? Any language that does I/O is impure by design.

Some of that is a lie and none of it is a problem. Multiple processes communicating via IPC is much better and maintainable than multiple threads communicating via shared memory. The FFI part is a lie. Don't use macros and boxed types/no unsigned types are also not a problem.

You are a bad programmer, blublet. Deal with it.

>> No.63212347

Why not if (i not_eq 0 and i not_eq 1) ?

>> No.63212357

>Why not
Because literally nobody does it that way. It's ugly and surprising to anyone reading your crap.

>> No.63212359

>Asking this questions in /dpt/
Are you fucking stupid? Just code you faggot. Find an open source project you like and fix its bugs.

>> No.63212368

>asking this question in /dpt/
>just code you faggot
No one on /dpt/ codes, though. When was the last time someone posted an actual project here?

>> No.63212371

>what does /dpt/ do for fun?
Watch kitchen nightmares, anime, youtube etc
to you, may be

>> No.63212373

I'm currently trying to code a program in javascript that
1) asks the user for a number
2) sums up all the positive even numbers smaller than the number chosen by the user
I know that I'm supposed to use loops and shit but I can't seem to find out how

>> No.63212387

>to you, may be
To anyone who isn't used to seeing it, which is pretty much everyone who uses C++. Now quit being a retard.

>> No.63212392

I'm working on fixing bugs in Neovim as we speak, friendo.

>> No.63212397


>> No.63212398

> Multiple processes communicating via IPC is much better and maintainable than multiple threads communicating via shared memory
Sure, several syscalls and memcpys are better than a lock-free zero-copy data structure. What a retard.

>> No.63212407
File: 41 KB, 245x204, Blank+_64e30bfde935bafb1225574aeed77fb7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read books, play vidya, watch youtube. I'd say lurking here is something I do for fun as well.

>> No.63212414

Undergrad here.
How to get into AI programming? I mean where is the starting point.

Not just using the already-built libraries, but making them.
I have also read that lisp is a good language for this. Is it so? I'd like to learn lisp

Is «Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp» a good book?

>> No.63212438

>To anyone who isn't used to seeing it, which is pretty much everyone who uses C++
Elaborate pls

>> No.63212451

>being mentally impaired to the point where you can't even crosslink

>> No.63212459

> Is «Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp» a good book?
Isn't it from the early 90s? It's desperately outdated for such a fast-moving field.
> I'd like to learn lisp
Why? Lisp has nothing to do with AI for at least 20 years or so.

>> No.63212467

Just do it at the type level.
(make-array 4 :element-type '(integer 0 1) :initial-contents '(1 2 0 1))
If you get a type error, it's true, otherwise it's false! Make sure to document this in the spec.

>> No.63212482

>being mentally impaired to the point where you actually make that post
Never change, /g/.

>> No.63212485

The absolute best AI book is Artificial Intelligence by Russell and Norvig of Google fame.


I'd recommend a physical copy though because it's a nice book to flick through.

>> No.63212508

'bit is synonym for '(integer 0 1)

>> No.63212527

You don't need for loops:
new Array(prompt()-0).join().split(',').reduce((a, b, c)=>{ return a + (c+1) }, 0);

>> No.63212533

> Why?
Those are separate wishes. Learning AI and learning lisp. The question was more like «Is it a good idea to combine them»

Thank you

>> No.63212555

Yeah, brainfart on my part. Thanks.

>> No.63212660

>TFW too shy to contribute to free software
>TFW you fix bugs on your machine but are too afraid of sending a patch because there's no way to know whether it's perfect or not

>> No.63212680

Don't be so attached to your code and submit it.

>> No.63212697

Just look for accepted PRs to see what the maintainer expects, or create an issue to discuss your fix before creating a PR if it's big.
>free software

>> No.63212736

Do you believe in the cube?

>> No.63212742

But what if it's wrong and I look like an idiot? What if I break something for someone else? What if someday someone finds a security hole in my code?

It's too much anon. I can't.

>> No.63212789

use a handle and not your real name when submitting code then

>> No.63212808

>But what if it's wrong and I look like an idiot? What if I break something for someone else? What if someday someone finds a security hole in my code?
Then you can always redeem yourself by committing a live honor suicide.

>> No.63212859


>> No.63212875

>Rust is a numale meme language and Go is objectively the best C replacement
The sad part is, I'm not sure if he's baiting or not. That's how low /g/'s standard is.

>> No.63212886

The only programming language worth using is Lisp.

>> No.63212900

>That's how low /g/'s standard is.
And yet, even /g/ can see Rust for what it is.

>> No.63212913
File: 76 KB, 1715x617, 1509757596012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Filter for shitty programmers, yes. /g/ got it right

>> No.63212925

Funny how you can only defend Rust using retarded strawmen.

>> No.63212926


>> No.63212934

Strawman? Not a chance. No wonder your gotard brain is unable to process that.

>> No.63212939


>> No.63212956

see >>63212939

>> No.63212963
File: 18 KB, 256x256, eclipse[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Try Eclipse CDT. I'm serious.

>> No.63212965

I have been using Haskell for awhile now, and this is what I have found wrong with the language:
>horrid macro system
>modules are deficient compared to the module system of OCaml or the package system of Common Lisp
>partial functions pervade the language
>broken records (ugly hacks are needed to get around their deficiencies, leading to overengineered libraries like lens)
>most libraries are in alpha and look like a college student's summer project
>library authors tend to pepper their libraries with ugly, meaningless, custom operators, contributing to the overall ugliness of the ecosystem
>String as [Char]
>easily subverted type system with unsafe functions
>laziness makes it a chore even for experienced programmers to reason about algorithmic complexity
>in 30 years of existence, Haskell has yet to become a proven asset in industry

>> No.63212979

>Strawman? Not a chance
The first snippet may or may not be correct depending on the context. The second one is incorrect. Why do rustlets always conflate correctness with compiler errors?

I don't use Go. Settle it with the other poster.

>> No.63212980

How long would it take me to go from "I can make games with an engine and a scripting language" to being able to program well enough to make my own RSS feed reader/Podcatcher? I'm not satisfied with what exists. Don't intend to go pro as a programmer or anything.

>> No.63212985


>> No.63212991

What is this, 2003?

>> No.63212994

nothing about it is wrong

>> No.63213007

People still use it.

>> No.63213015

I get all my news from 4chan these days. Not even kidding.

>> No.63213017

making games is harder imo, even with an engine

>> No.63213033

It's a valid C++ program, which is incorrect. Same thing goes about JavaScript. Most, if not all Rust programs are valid AND correct.

>> No.63213036

Where can I learn, then? (I want to use Rust because I like the name and also it apparently pisses off /g/ for some reason.)

>> No.63213055

> pisses off /g/ for some reason
It's just a single autist shitposting about Rust tho.

>> No.63213062
File: 39 KB, 720x485, 12745719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw learn Rust for the same reason
>it actually works

>> No.63213072

>Most, if not all Rust programs are valid AND correct.
The infinite majority or valid Rust programs are incorrect, and the infinite majority of correct programs are not valid Rust. You are simply too mentally deficient to understand this fact.

>> No.63213077


>> No.63213094

>The infinite majority or valid Rust programs are incorrect,
What did the pajeet mean by this?

>> No.63213101
File: 4 KB, 868x97, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63213128

Why are white people so obsessed with coffees and its 100's of distros?

>> No.63213140

In c++ say I have two classes. One simple class with a few attributes. Say it's called smartphone with an int for weight, string for name, string for CPU. Another class being an aggregate class of "smartphone" called say motorola.
Inside of Motorola I want to have a vector that houses instances of smartphone. Not just the name but the whole instance.
I can't figure out how to make the vector and how to add smartphone instances to it.
I'd like to output a list of instances of a class and ask which instances the user wants to add to each instance of the smartphone brand.
What should I read to learn how to do this?

>> No.63213169

>lacking basic understanding of computer science
>attempting to call other people "pajeet"
You literally don't understand what correctness means. Why do you keep using this term?

>> No.63213180

ppx is actually very nice. It is of course not as good as the macro system of lisps (especially racket), but it is still a very nice asset to have, and the API is very straightforward. I wouldn't call it a hack.

>> No.63213202

an abomination that took a beautiful thing (scheme) and ruined it

>> No.63213211

if array in C are decayed into pointer,
why sizeof(array); will return
ARRAY_SIZE * sizeof(datatype); ??
did C store some metadata about the array somewhere?

>> No.63213223
File: 157 KB, 389x372, yang cringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>real anime programmers
top cringe

>> No.63213237

>she isn't a real anime programmer

>> No.63213245

>tfw started with bloated memelangs and IDEs
>now using c99 and text editor
what went wrong

>> No.63213248

you mean what went right

>> No.63213250


>> No.63213257

The size is known to the compiler. It's part of the type. The pointer decay only means there exist implicit conversions from array to pointer.

>> No.63213308

In C, does opening a file with mode wb+ automatically delete all its contents? I don't get it

>> No.63213322

Yes this mode truncates the file

>> No.63213335

what can I use if I don't want it to get truncated?

>> No.63213354

a is for append

>> No.63213356

how so?

>> No.63213365

That's r+ I guess however I'm not sure whether it creates the file when it does not exist

>> No.63213375

Holy shit I never knew even a language can be a botnet. I feel like I dodged a bullet.

>> No.63213376

wypipo are fuckin dumb

all my white coworkers cant program a for loop, the only reason whites even get hired is racism and nepotism

>> No.63213396

figured it out, what I needed was rb+

>> No.63213406

I'm looking for some syntactically nice, compiled language. Like crystal, but with a good REPL. Maturity, libraries etc do not matter.
What would you recommend?

>> No.63213433

What would be the shortest version of FizzBuzz in python? I came up with the basic version
def main():
for i in range(1,101):
if i % 3 == 0 and i % 5 == 0:
elif i % 3 == 0:
elif i % 5 == 0:

I feel like I should be able to write this in less lines.

>> No.63213434

no idea what crystal is like but compiled languages with good repl are
common lisp, sml, maybe ocaml if you are gay

>> No.63213448

import fizzbuzz as fb


>> No.63213457

list comprehension and 3 ternaries in a chain

>> No.63213484

>if i % 3 == 0 and i % 5 == 0

if you cant do it with just
i%3, i%5 and else
you're trashed

>> No.63213486

I like both CL and OCaml, but I'm looking for something small and cute like ruby. I'm not looking for some specific features, I just want to play with something warm and fuzzy instead of taming powerful monsters.

>> No.63213497
File: 402 KB, 1024x768, 1493927109164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63213517

OCaml is small and cute. Use OCaml. It does everything, and more.

>> No.63213524


>> No.63213536

I'm writing a compiler, and in my bison stage when a flag is set I'm meant to not create a parse tree and just match the input. I'm not sure how to do this nicely with #ifdef. I have tons of this sort of thing:

block : DECLARATIONS declaration_block CODE statement_list
{ $$ = createNode(NOTHING, BLOCK, $2, $4, NULL); }

| CODE statement_list
{ $$ = createNode(NOTHING, BLOCK, $2, NULL, NULL); }

Which needs to become:

block : DECLARATIONS declaration_block CODE statement_list
| CODE statement_list

But it looks like I can't put the #ifdef outside of the { } because it's in the bison section, not the C section. I tried redefining createNode to be a NOOP but it didn't like that

>> No.63213537

Holy shit that's nice. Though I'm too brainlet to understand what's happening.

>> No.63213546

ocaml is bloated as fuck.
sml and scheme are barebones and have no features

>> No.63213570

the trick is to get the correct slice in the string "FizzBuzz" and if the slice is "" then return a number

>> No.63213583

If OCaml is bloated, then your only option is to program in C or straight up assembly, and even then C and some ISAs are arguably more bloated than OCaml.

>> No.63213604

dumb jane street poster
go prostitute yourself to >>>/reddit/

>> No.63213612

>language X is bloated
This is a paradox of paradigm language design; we desire simple languages, but the useful languages must necessarily have complication to allow the programs written in them to be simple. It's not necessarily a bad thing for a language to be complicated.

>> No.63213614

what's the deal with the double minus?

>> No.63213626

I don't work for Jane Street. I like many languages besides OCaml, but I recognise OCaml as being the best out there right now. I'm sorry if you're too much of a blub programmer to understand just how amazing OCaml is.

>> No.63213638

ocaml is blub language you fucking retard.

>> No.63213661

No it isn't, you inferior mind.

>> No.63213676

ocaml doesn't even support macros, you have to use external preprocessor for them.

>> No.63213679
File: 6 KB, 139x150, tfw-this-shit-again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>langlets calling eachother blubs
That insult is reserved for Lisp masterrace.

>> No.63213690


>> No.63213700


>> No.63213722

anyone know the best beginner programming book for c++ that i wont finish in a week and will actually teach past simple command line programs

>> No.63213724

Indeed, Lisp is the ultimate blub.

>> No.63213756

because of the modulo 5

8 is the length of "FizzBuzz"

8 - ((-i ** 4) % 5)

with, let's say, 14

8 - ((-14 ** 4) % 5)
8 - (-38416 % 5)
8 - 4

without the minus

8 - ((14 ** 4) % 5)
8 - (38416 % 5)
8 - 1
7 # bad length, it shall be a length of 4 (fizz or buzz), or a length of 8 (fizzbuzz) or length of 0 ("" -> return a number)

>> No.63213828

What's the website to find free textbooks again boys? lib something?

>> No.63213831

>t. blublet looking up the power spectrum and not realizing that it's looking up
Like clockwork.

>> No.63213834
File: 37 KB, 658x662, 1490208575547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

build a hash table that is filled with every combination of 1s and 0s ever (it will stop eventually, trust me)
if the vector hashes to has an entry then you're good, if not fuck off
its constant time, best solution you can ever have

>> No.63213846


>> No.63213849

use the wikipedia page to get the actual address.

>> No.63213860
File: 205 KB, 659x525, apu-genius.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, you have to go over all the elements to compute the hash.

>> No.63213874
File: 30 KB, 682x745, 2017-11-04-145944_682x745_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Top cuck.

>> No.63213894

Please don't touch anything until the police arrive.

>> No.63213902

works for me

>> No.63213940
File: 95 KB, 1920x659, libgen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>voting for right wing politicians
>having your internet censored
Serves you right.

>> No.63213969

Reminder that R5RS is 50 pages, the C11 standard is about 700 pages, and the C++17 standard is about 1600 pages.

>> No.63213976

>5RS is 50 pages, the C11 standard is about 700 pages, and the C++17 standard is about 1600 pages
The Brainfuck standard is less than one page, making it the superior language.

>> No.63213994

r5rs doesn't define working language.
The implementation still has to provide threading stuff, modules, sockets, directory and file handling...

>> No.63213996

Reminder that the Common Lisp standard from 1994 defines more symbols than C++14.

>> No.63214008

C++ does not have symbols it has keywords. The CL grammar uses 0 keywords.

>> No.63214032

Whatever lingo you use, m8:

>> No.63214036

These languages are ordered in ascending order of usefulness, not surprisingly. Scheme is nearly useless in practice without its SRFIs.

>> No.63214047

Those are symbols in std...
sepples includes shitton of other keywords and functions/classes

>> No.63214074

Also common lisp standard includes repl and debugger specific symbols.
Also there's lot of symbols reserved for the reader because you can the user can modify it, unlike in any other language.

>> No.63214075

I assume you're from a country where the right-wing is very liberal? In the United States, it would be the exact opposite.

I mean, both of the primary parties in the US are about the same, but generally speaking one party's voters are for free speech over the other.

>> No.63214089

It's another ~80 keywords in C++14: http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/keyword , still less than ~1000 symbols in CL.

>> No.63214114

I am too shy to create a new thread because I don't have any programming related anime pics

>> No.63214118
File: 84 KB, 533x700, posted-it-again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>X provides more functionality than Y
>this is somehow bad

>> No.63214120

Have the honesty to compare comparable things. Why don't you count the identifiers in /usr/include/c++ for a fair comparison.

>> No.63214123

>using liberal when you mean illiberal

>> No.63214124
File: 59 KB, 655x527, 1490920213497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y-yeah but you can reuse the table

>> No.63214140
File: 29 KB, 600x600, consider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new thread

>> No.63214148

dumb frogposter

>> No.63214192

>left wing "liberty": being able to behave like a mongoloid in public without receiving social ostracism, being free from personal responsibilities
>actual liberty: being free from government meddling in what you're allowed to say, think and do with your own money
I think you two are talking about different things, anon.

>> No.63214205

>confusing liberalism (american liberty) with liberty

>> No.63214226

Oops, I meant "left-leaning". The word "liberal" shouldn't even be used for the party it represents in the US.


>> No.63214270

I don't care to have these retarded dictionary arguments. I'm merely pointing out that when self-proclaimed left-wingers talk about "freedom", "liberty" etc., they're talking about freedom from responsibility, consequences and social standards. When self-proclaimed right-wingers talk about those things, they're talking about freedom from government meddling and from left-winger opinions being enforced on them.

>> No.63214284

both of the things you have described are liberalism, just with a disagreement on what should be allowed

>> No.63214959
File: 133 KB, 1000x769, LEDrainbow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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