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Who /comfy/ here?

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>that wiring

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Imac + iPad Pro = perfect combination

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Based iMac looks comfy as fuck

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I’d buy an iMac If I could afford it.

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This is my dilemma. I've done the PC building thing, I've done the Windows 10 thing. But now I have a hard choice since PC building has become stagnant and overly expensive, and Windows has gone to shit.
Do I build a Hackintosh or just a MacBook Pro with an eGPU? Decisions decisions. The CPUs, RAM and storage in the iMacs ain't bad, but their GPUs are trash and their cooling is fuck-bad.

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Just buy a Mac. If you hackintosh you don’t get the extra “just werks” benefit.

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Buy a 15" pro with a gpu, at least thats what I want to do. I kinda feel for PC meme and now have a 13" MBP + Desktop. I'm going to sell both and just get a laptop.

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What the fuck does this terrible wallpaper symbolize? Is that a tim cook mudslide mountain?

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not the first time I see this pic

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That's the 90% of the IT market who wind up with that Petrie dish of an OS called Windows.
Not one of them makes an informed decision about the OS they use. Everybody else uses Windows, so it's good enough for them.
With evangelists like you, how can they go wrong?

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I bought an iMac 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. The best way to describe it is that I upgraded from normal computing to premium computing.

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Mac is superior

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Have you ever tried managing a computer lab with iMacs in an enterprise environment? You have to do all these monkey tricks to keep everything working, things that you take for granted in a Windows environment because of the advantageous enterprise features that Windows has. Update control is worse for macs because you can't seem to control updates with an update server like you can with Windows. To keep the versions controlled, you have to prevent the user from being able to shut down otherwise all these updates will fuck up the software that you bought these expensive "industry standard" photoshop machines for. It is also fucking garbage for replacing parts. So I cannot really imagine how this is at all comfy for IT.

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By purchasing inferior hardware for a higher price. No thanks.

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Appearantly not you OP

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