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>having an OS that literally shills you with ads

How can you justify this in 2017? Honestly at this point if you can afford it you might as well just buy a Mac, getting shilled by your own OS is inexcusable.

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whose dick do i gotta suck to suck some dick around heres

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That's a program, not an operating system.

Besides all operating systems are shit, stop using them and write your own.

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this guy seems like he knows where the dick to suck is at *clears throat* whose dick do i gotta suck to suck some dick around heres

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Implying that Mac isn't complete fucking overpriced garbage

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Not using the ltsb version with little to no programs/annoying features. Just build it to your own liking

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Fine, find me a $1599 all in one PC with a 5k resolution screen

You cant? What a surprise. Apple products cost more because they are better.


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>5k resolution
muh meme resolution.
It's expensive because it's nonstandard. It's also shitty because it's nonstandard.

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>pay for OS
>still get plastered with ads
And people shill this shit for free, absolutely ridiculous.

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>all in one PC
Just get a monitor and a small PC, all in ones are a meme

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