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>using advertisementOS
There is nothing more pathetic. People that defend this shit are fucking faggots.

If you can afford it, you are literally better off just getting a mac at this point.

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>If you can afford it
>just getting a mac
This is a paid shill. Everyone sage, hide, and report.

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Is this for real? Are there really ads on win10?

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On the start menu, sometimes on the lock screen, too.

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Can't you disable it?

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Yes. Windows 10 is spyware and adware it's not just a /g/ meme

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They make people pay for this shit ffs

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The Enterprise LTSB edition doesn't have ads, and you can disable certain dubious features.

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Not really, usually only if you do something new.

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I've never seen one apart from these shitpost threads. These are most likely forgeries from petty Linux dweebs.

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Yes, you have an option to turn off "custom ads" It explicitly states that ny turning it off it won't use collected ads to choose more relevant ads, but the total amount will stay the same. Even a brainlet like me had to make the switch to linux

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>but the total amount will stay the same
You really are a brainlet if you couldn't find this option.
The option you are talking about controls the ad content in third party applications.

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just edit the registry to block adds and cortana

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Got this one earlier

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Another reason I suggest this: debian-live-9.2.0-amd64-mate.iso over at https://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/current-live/amd64/iso-hybrid/.

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So glad I got a 5k iMac.

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They measure it in powers of 1000 so they can give you less data. It's like how ISPs measure speeds in bits instead of bytes.

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>use ltsb
>for free legitimately
>no ads

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Install LTSB? I’m sure there’s a reliable way to strip the ads too.

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>for free legitimately

Tell a brotha how

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>uses windows 10 free edition
>complains of ads

Get Win10 enterprise or even pro, 0 adds guaranteed

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I've been disabling Metro UI elements since the release of Windows 8 in 2012.
It takes me less than a minute to configure a fresh installation, so it's a non-issue.
Never paid for it either. Why is /g/ so salty?

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Dell tacked on 150 dollars for it, still ads.

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The Home Edition is the free Edition. Your fault if you paid for it. You can still get it for free. Go and buy a pro or enterprise version

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Your OS.

>this is what Richard was bitching about

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Bought a 27" iMac 6 months ago. Never looked back.

it's like i've upgraded from regular computing to premium computing.

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>If you can afford it, you are literally better off just getting a mac at this point.
HAHA joke on you, there are no games on mac.
I can afford to waste 3000€ on a pc and will continue to do so until I got bored of games.

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I agree.
LTSB master race reporting in.

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>complains about new features.
cide urself.

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Yes, but you shouldn't have to.

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>implying I can’t torrent a pre activated version of w10 enterprise or ltsb

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In all honesty, DAE think manufacturers have lost their marbles?

Apple is, instead of coming up with novel sexy features (high-res screens, IRIS scanners, flexible phones, working SIRI), constantly getting stale and more confusing (Stange watches, strange beazels, copying windows hardware) while windows is trying to introduce features that dont make sense and scrapping them, like developing windows 10 as a crossplatform OS only to fire the phone division, essentially making the last 5 years of developing obsolete, and instead focusing on hardware that would only benefit a mobile subsciption-based user (sufrace, office 365).

How hard is it to make a functioning UI independent of the OS (like metro), then make a good OS independent of the underlying architecture (x86, ARM, embedded), then writing emulators so one OS can run on any device, then charging once per OS and once per software license?

We could have programmable robots by now if people would stop jerking over whoever has the better-looking icons or maps.

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works on my machine

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joke's on you for being a manchild, faggot

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This, this, a thousand times this.

That’s the best way to describe upgrading from windows to Mac. Switching from regular computing to luxury computing.

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>not buying a pro license for 10€
You 100% deserve it

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>tfw comfy MacOS with no ads or botnet

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LTSB dude. And check the policies.

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Had Windows 10 Pro still have ads

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Been using W10 for quite a bit and the least of my issues is advertisements. In fact I have not seen one because I know how to use a settings panel. Crazy, huh?

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>he thinks locked-down computing is "luxury computing"

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"Free", huh?

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Reminder that this same mactoddler shill just sits in his mom's basement all day spamming these same threads 50x daily. Report, sage, and hide.

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This is why I'm sticking to a stripped down 8.1 with none of the telemetry adding updates.
I don't care what Microsoft tries to think of to entice me to move to 10 be it DX 12 of supposedly better 3D performance, it's just not worth it.

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Search for Windows 10 accessibility you'll find an official msft page where you can upgrade for free

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>ad-free solitaire game costs money in Windows 10
>costs more than a pack of cards
>Americans are too stupid to set up solitaire with real cards anyway

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The Pro-edition has ads as well. I don't know if shutup10 or Antibeacon are able to remove these ads. I moved to LTSB 2015 on my pc and windows 7 on my notebook.

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ya that's why they charge an extra 30-50 dollars for it.

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If any of you fuckers use a Microsoft or Apple operating system as your primary OS for personal use, you don't belong on /g/.

It is literally the most tech illiterate thing to do.

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I didn't pay for it by itself, any laptop seller tacks on the charge.

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If you want to be called a criminal, then yes

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damn that was difficult...

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