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Hello guys I'm going to buy a new Laptop/Notebook in the next week. I really don't know which I should get. This is my second post in /g/ so pls don't judge me if there's a rule I don't know.

Can you help me with my little problem? I would be very thankful for every help.

What I want to do:

- Watching Youtube/Netflix and so on
- Browsing the Web with several tabs
- Doing office work
- Eventually playing small video games (nothing like TW3 or Wildlands and so on...)

What I'd like to have:

- A convertible would be great! But it isn't necessary if it isn't possible
- It shouldn't be too big (13,3" would be optimal)
- The Battery Life should be at 6HRs+
- The build quality needs to be pretty good... I don't want to get some trash

I know that I possibly can't have all things I mentioned above but it would be nice if we could get near to it.

Budget: I'm able to spend around 1000€ (~1150$). But it would be nice if I don't need to spend more than 500€ (~600$).

Many thanks in advance guys!

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Venom Blackbook Zero 14

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Wait for Raven Ridge/Ryzen Mobile.

Much better GPU performance while having similar CPU performance.

Even if you still go with Intel, prices will drop.

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I never heard of Venom... Is is a good brand?

Well I don't know much about CPU/GPU things but I already waited way too long to be honest ... :o

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MacBook Pro

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I actually like MacBooks but they're way too expensive in my opinion. Same with Chromebooks

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here is a reference to chew on. I would focus more on the extra ports, if you like charging your phone via USB, or camera, or other things.

Also this site claims the battery lasted over 6 hours watching a movie non-stop, which would mean if you browsed the internet, worked on some excel spreadsheets, you'll probably see 7-8 hours on 50% screen brightness. The test did not mention how bright the screen was, either which is a big point of doing the dang test.

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2017 retina macbook has also 6-7 hours of non-stop video watching

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thinkpad a475 when they upgrade to raven ridge

>next week

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Well sounds nice to me, I'll consider it.

I already saw that many people here are loving the Thinkpad. Can someone explain me why?

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the new chrome pixlebook is nice as hell, and it's actually not a bad price for the specs

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>Can someone explain me why
pretty good reliability, and availability of replacement/upgrade parts. you can also get used, well specced models for reasonably cheap.

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Mechanical reliability is such an easy thing to overlook when first shopping for a notebook. When I bought my first notebook (Amilo Pi) I was just looking at the specs - fast CPU. I ended up with a machine that had 2h battery life and would start falling apart after a couple of years. It's still feeling snappy today, but the screen will only turn on when you tilt it a certain angle and bits of plastic have fallen off here and there. Also the fastest way to get data on and off this thing is USB 2.0 as it lacks gigabit Ethernet.

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I got my x260 for < $1000, it's pretty amazing.

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Surface book 1st Gen would be a good option

>sleek and nice design
>magnesium build
>2 in 1 design plus tablet mode
>big battery life 10hrs+
>3000 x 2000 3:2 display

Its a little bit over but just by $50 but its a good deal for you use for the laptop and its everything you want in a laptop


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The Surface looks nice but isn't it a little but unstable when I'm putting it on my lap?

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the thing I hate about choosing the right laptop there are so many factors that most people don't think about. Usually you should have to but not doing research on the following things can break your usage experience:

>is the display IPS or TN? How are the viewing angles? what about color gamut? sRGB, adobe RGB? gray-to-gray response time? how many memes are on the box that don't tell you anything about the actual performance of the screen?
>is the keyboard something you will enjoy typing on for a few hours at a time, or do you prefer external accessories?
>is the trackpad worth a damn or is it a thin, shit-wafer that's a mushy fucking piece of shit? what about the left / right buttons?
Are they apart of the trackpad or separate? How defined is the "click" when depressed? Palm detection and clicking on the
>is the CPU a i7 U or HQ or HK? is it bending the price too much? It not, what are they sacrificing to compensate for the hardware? cheap build quality using plastics over metal?
>Or on the inverse, is it cheap because you're getting a """"GAMING"""" i7-7500U that's a dual core low watt cpu over it's 7700hq or hk brother?
>same goes for the GPU, amd or nvidia and what kind of power are you wanting out of it?
>is there a 2.5 inch ssd / hdd / m.2 sata / m.2 nvme? How much storage? how much is the price hike?
>is the RAM soldered on or SODIMMs?
>is the bottom of the laptop easy to remove? Is it easy to access the upgrade-able (if any) components? Is it a fucking abortion to get into (LOOKING AT YOU MSI)
>back lighting for the keys on the keyboard?
>how hot does it get?
>how long does the battery last?

there's so many questions you really have to think about what you're getting. If you get a laptop with shitty drivers it won't matter how awesome the laptop looks if it can't perform.

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Well I didn't think about these things. It seems like you're knowing pretty much about it.

Do you habe any suggetions? Which Laptop is good in your opinion?

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Mi notebook 13

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Mi? Never heard of it :o

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Chromebook. You will come to regret any money you've spent on a laptop eventually. At least make sure it's a small amount.

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I don't understand. Do you mean a Chromebook is good or bad?

I already saw some Chromebooks but the most arent avaiable in my country.

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Chromebook is as much functionality as you can expect from a laptop, and it's cheap.

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Oh nice... i read a lot about the asus 302 but i cant get it here...

I'm thinking about a R13 but i dont know if it's good enough and if the build quality is good...

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I'm pretty happy so far with my x220 tablet

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where the fuck are you? almost every major brand makes chromebooks.

lenovo n22/n23/thinkpad 11e
acer chromebook 14/11
hp chromebook 11/14/15
dell chromebook 3380/3120/3189...

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In germany...

Many chromebooks are listed as "not avaiable at the moment" on amazon. If i want a c302 for example i need to import it... 30$for shipping and 100+$ for customs. And no one is selling one here on ebay or so.

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Just saw a x220 with i7,8gb, ips and win 10 pro for 269 on ebay

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Nice if you want a crusty old battery, 6 generations-old CPU, and no warranty.

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speaking of laptops, does anyone know any wireless mice that can clip on to the laptop like the Logitech 550?

They go for a ridiculous amount now and I cant find any similar products

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what is it? you like, glue a nub to your laptop, and then hang the mouse on it? seems retarded. I hope you pay a lot for your retardation.

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I can't argue with anything you've just said

Retarded as it is, does anyone know of a similar product?

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>$100 customs
sorry you live in such a shitty country

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They want money for everything :D i cant import things because its just too expensive if the product isnt from a eu country

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wtf why tho

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