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What is Apple shit even good for? Nothing.

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At least you admit it that it's an overpriced useless laptop.

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resale value

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Good for cucking normie wallets though probably still the best option if you know jack shit about PCs and you've got a couple grand burning a hole in your pocket.

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Good looks
And this

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you are correct

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>resale value
Spotted the poorfag.

>Good looks
>And this
Spotted the homosexual poorfag.

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Yep, Applel did good in choosing i5/i7s as their processors and SSDs instead of HDDs. That ensures acceptable performance to running Facebook properly. Imagine if they were equipping Celerons, their perception falls immediately.

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>trackpad impossible to click near upper edge
>loose near bottom edge
>overall flimsy diving board piece of shit
>even applel admitted it's shit and went back to non-click touchpads
>still has no real buttons
>relies on pressure sensitive gimmick bullshit
>if you press too lightly or too hard it does something completely different than what you intended
>shit tier 1mm travel chiclet kb
>OSX is a steaming pile of shit with horrendous battery management
>applel's solution is to cram in a massive heavy 95WHr battery to make up for it
>even XXXTREME GAMER cancer like razer blade with 4X the CPU/GPU power and 70WHr battery matches it in battery life in same tasks
>gets BTFO by 55WHr Yoga 2 in battery life in same tasks
>the battery takes up the space where a cooling system would've been in a laptop not designed by the world's thinnest and lightest gay hipsters
>overheats constantly from abysmal crippled cooling system
>throttles to 800mhz due to chronic overheating problems
>retina meme for "pros" have have <70% aRGB
>gloss mirror coating impossible to use with overhead lighting
>blurry as shit retina meme scaling
>shitbook air even worse with glossy 1366x768 TN eye cancer
>systemic battery explosion problems for over a decade

>same problems as above plus:
>can't use any existing TB3 devices
>can't use USB and wifi at the same time
>ultra shit tier zero travel kb
>keyboard louder than WWII cricket
>memetouch emojibar
>no USB-A
>no escape
>soldered ram
>soldered SSD
>tamper tape on battery screws
>applel falls for their own thin meme and uses 54WH battery
>2 hour battery life

>it's 2017 and moving folders around in finder will STILL cause massive data loss

>macshit is good
Can we finally put an end to this meme?

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lmao learn to take a picture

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Shitposting apparently.

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>cant fucking rotate a picture
yeah stick with a mac

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>not using tap to click
>not cleaning the vents and replacing the paste

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>backlit keyboard
>keys are not translucent and letters are glued on

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is that x1 gen 5 carbon or yoga?

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add the part about the dust fucking up the keyboard

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>pinky ring
It is not the only thing that is shit.

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I've copy pasta'd that one a few times, it's already at 2000 character limit from what I remember.

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p40 shitga, last time im going to support the chinese and follow /g/ memes

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This, it's why niggers steal iPhones all the time. they hold their value for a long time.

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They cost nothing if they're locked.

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Stop with the forced faggot hand meme.

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Even fucking fell for the t420 meme
Only good for toasting bread in it

I ran my car on top of it

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their only good products are iPhones but now they're fucking those up too with the release of the 7 with no headphone jack and the 8 or the X gets rid of touch id. i got an iPhone SE in June because my 5s broke. the fucker literally bent and the bezel literally cracked. weak ass aluminum. when my SE breaks or is otherwise unusable, i might switch to android. should i, anons?

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This thread took an interesting turn.

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Except when it's iCloud locked and they stole a brick like a dumb nigger

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how old is that thinkpad? selling it?

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God damnit wrong reply

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they can still be sold for parts

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>factory reset the phone
now it has value

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>227 USD


Where is your Apple now?

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>what is activation lock
Try it yourself, ask your mom/dad/friend's iPhone, do a full backup in iTunes and then a restore in DFU mode. It WILL ask you to enter the account it was used previously.
Then ask him/her to enter them (and restore the backup after that)

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glad that i met this thread
always wondered if thinkpads were just a meme, and it clearly is

probably the gentoo of labtaps

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impressing roasties at starbux
tell them you're a coder for a facebook-killer startup

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Yeah but mostly they just don't ship their PCs with three layers of bloatware and shit tryna cuck you from all sides.

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For trolling /g/ with their sheer existence

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Can someone please post that wallpaper?

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Where is your average consumer with the knowledge required to clean the bloatware outa that thing so that it can run halfway decent? If macs were cheap they'd have way more of the market

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Instead wasting all those good i5 and i7 for a very mediocre operating system.

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This, but selling it for parts won't get you much money. We are talking about like 30% the current used price.

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What's with all these fat disgusting subhumans posting pictures of their hands? Are all of you fags really this obese? I have to stop browsing here.

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>he doesn't handpost

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>he's fat

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n-notice me senpai

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Nice shitpost senpai

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Nice samefagging, senpai.

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>only one person ever uses "senpai" on 4chan
>which is why senpai is spelled "senpai"

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Nice hivemind, senpai.

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Forgive me for thinking there was only one shitposter in this thread. Big mistake obviously.

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>Big mistake
more like obviously retarded desu

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Post the wallpaper please

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fucking disgusting fat anime. why even draw an anime to be fat and unhealthy? it's fiction so you can draw it as beautiful and fit as can be.

you know what I think that's actually a shop. a good artist drew it and then OP edited to be fat because the only thing he can stand to fantasize about is women who are as disgusting and fat as he is.

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eww delete

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who is that flatty fatty?

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>translation: Typical /g/tards

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Is that an Earth ring? Are you a geologist?

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>factory reset

Just pulling any random shit out of your rectum yeah? It doesn't work you retarded fuck.

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Yeah because the mac runs windows and isn't in any ecosystem of products or services. Oh wait.

>duuuuUUUuur I only see what the outside looks liek i forgot it runs o s x

Neck yourself.

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Remember, these are grown men.look, look at them and judge

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who are you quoting fatty?

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Downloading cuck porn.

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Racist drumpf voter

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You have to go back.

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Showing off you are rich as Drumpf as many macfag assumes.

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