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Why does /g/ hate linux all of the sudden?

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it's shit and mac OS is better :-)

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Because of the invasion of /v/, /pol/ and all the redditfags. It will be a slow death for /g/

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Windows is and will always be the superior system. Let it stand now and forever be declared that Linux is

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/g/ doesn't hate GNU+Linux

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Holy fucking shit

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a post with those digits cant be wrong

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Give me one non-meme reason why I should use Windows or MacOS over Linux.

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those fucking digits

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Include me in the screencap

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dumb scriptfag

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Actually just reinstalled Windows 10 cleanly on my PC. I can finally have video drivers again.

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you win this time gates drone but we'll be there for the next and bigger set of numbers

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What kind of reply window is that?

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guess I will have to uninstall linux afterall

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It's over Linux fags. Your maker has spoken in 6 fold.

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Bill Gates himself

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It's just one fag shilling for apple.

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Linux? More like, LincUCKS

So last week i fell for the Lincucks meme and downloaded Gentoo just to see what the fuss is all about

Guess what?????


Like what the fuck this is 2017 and you faggots still use that hacker wannabe 1800s text interface

Also, i don't know about you, but i wouldn't be proud of using a piece of shit with 3% market share what's wrong with you???

Just think about this: even its creator linustechtips doesn't use it anymore because it sucks so much and has no games

Just grow up kiddos and use computers that do the job instead of recompiling NASA GUI interfaces or some shit just to show off your console speccy on gee

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Include me in the screencap, Gates-san~

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scriptfags ruined meme magic

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/g/ never liked Linux. There's like 4 people who autistically shill it 24/7 and the rest of us just let them have their delusions since we're here to talk about technology.

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>its creator
Haven't had such a laugh in a long time, pal

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Repeating digits speak the truth. Down with Linux!

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This but unironically

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How's your first week on here?

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The people who liked Linux left mostly for other sites.
Generally if you like linux you don't like China taking over the already closed-source image board you used to hang out on. Esp. with the massive amounts of google integrated into the site now.

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Kill yourself, dumb wincuck

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No more countless Arch/Gentoo threads, no more screenfetch threads, most the friends I made on 4chan all use reddit now or just have actual jobs with lives and wives.
Makes sense.

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Destroyed in seconds.

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That's because you jumped in at the deep end with fucking gentoo of all things. Try Mint, Fedora, or an Ubuntu variant if you want something with graphics.

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addendum to post: https://www.popsci.com/switch-to-linux-operating-system

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epic simply epic

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All those tales were real...

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> being this new

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loonix eternally btfo'd

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what is this gif

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Don't hate Linux. Just pity the users.
The really sad part is they all think they're so leet tech.

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not really though
a good deal of them, heck yeah
but a lot of people think linux is just people being neckbeards and thinking they're cool after installing gentoo and learning about how to use the comand line on a basic level

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newfags please leave

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absolutely magnificent digits of truth

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no fuck you

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bad meme

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it's from a french children's show

or maybe it was french canadian

it's about the linux programming penguin and his wacky adventures

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the people giving linux hate either are either:
1. kids/manchildren who still play videogames
2. metrosexual casuals who spent way too much on a computer
both groups are insecure and thus sperg out against linux if anyone points out the pitfalls of their proprietary os

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Paid shills and NEETs that can't code. Programmers don't give a Fuck about the operating system and have no reason to participate in these pointless holy wars. You use what works. You get the job done. Software is a tool not a fucking religion.

Think about it. Microsoft has the Windows subsystem for Linux to try and destroy Linux. They have to consider Linux to be a threat for them to even consider spending money on such an endeavor. It had to be an enormous effort to port all that software but their pockets are deep enough.

There's no BSD subsystem for Windows. They want you to be able to natively run all of your Linux userspace utilities in Windows so you don't have to install Linux. Fewer businesses using Linux means that Linux slowly becomes less relevant and companies will stop bothering to port drivers to Linux.

Microsoft isn't doing this with good intentions. Its war.

In my experience, as a dev, the only thing stopping most small to medium sized businesses from switching to Linux is Active Directory. Linux doesn't have an equal.

But if someone makes something better than Active Directory and open sources it you can be sure that Microsoft will either try to buy it, reimplement it, or just plain steal the code. They're not above thievery.

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whut @ that png

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Lurk more before posting.

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Is Linux eternally btfo?

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I'm just curious how it's done. I assume it's taking advantage of browsers down sampling images without proper antialiasing?

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Am I getting a MFF this year?

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Fuck. Wiping my hard drive and installing Windows 10 right now.

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screencap.inlcude('me') #plz

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it's called shilling. Look it up, it's more than meme

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Will Gabe Newell ever pull HL3 out of his ass?

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Should I install Enterprise 1703 or Enterprise LTSB 2016?

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Its been near a decade and I have get to see anyone discuss technology on this board.

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That's a lie faggot

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He got a cool number

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LTSB, brah.
Unless you want the creators thingy.

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>dubs to confirm

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they can't, many boards are taking a hit lately as we get an influx of newfriends from reddit and /v/. I just switched to linux and the only thing that windows has over it is superior gaming.

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good nite

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Because some started to actually use it instead of meming?

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cus its bad

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am i able to become a qt trap

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Shill get
Fucking die

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>newfriends from reddit and /v/.
>I just switched to linux
>windows has over it is superior gaming.
Welcome to >>>/g/

For OSX:
First party application support, a nicely intergrated desktop(everything works together in a seemless way), grade a command line toolset(freebsd), MS Office

For Windows:
Visual Studio, native gaming, normally the first OS supported by hardware/software, MS Office

For Linux:
your autistic and want everything a specific way.

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thank you mr gates

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This is the real reason.
/pol/, and /v/ were always here, so they probably aren't the reason for /g/s decline.

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I like my os how i like my men slim, fast to turn on, and will never crash when I'm going all night ;).

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>visual studio
>MS office
>a nicely integrated desktop
>native gaming
>grade a commandline

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funny those same people are trying to fuck over free software and linux with stuff like systemd and will try to overthrow everyone once linus dies

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God help us.

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lol shill thread.


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Remember this get, for it is the get that ended the World.
For whomever digs this up in 2032 when Linux and all non-proprietary software is internationally outlawed, always remember that you're here forever... Even though /g/ is a long lost memory and all chan sites have been long since offline... You can always install gentoo and fix the world. Don't give up and take the Jewgle deepthroat.
>Alway rememb hapi day :)

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>/g/ is one person

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linux is fucking ded


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kill your self

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I just started using GNU/Linux and I can tell you for a fact it's my favorite Operating System!!. Lik the one time the GPL said said it's free and Open Source !!!! i was agreeing so much I'am smarter then you're average fidget spinner teen at middle school to even though I have one. I may be young but I'm smarter then every Windows user on earth basically GNU/Linux is also really stable when they said like the kernel is monolithic I was so blown away as they must have big balls to put that in an Operating System so I told my friends on minecraft and they agree too. LOL once when my mom took me to McDonald's I asked for a journaling file system with a max partition size of 1 EiB and the dumb bitch didn't even get the reference XD One time in class i evan shouted "I LOVE RICHARD STALLMAN" and Mrs.Janice told me to go outside i fucking hate that cunt proprietary software is for dumb ppl just like what Richard Stallman said, i m too smart for such imbicells. But yeah I love GNU/Linux and I'm actually smart enough to use it to.

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>install loonux
>just werkz

Remind me why people have trouble in 2017?

>> No.63003584


I’ve....seen gets you people wouldn’t believe. Lincucks blown out on the shoulder of operating systems. I watched neck beards sweat in the dark in their basement.

All those freetards will be lost...like tears in the rain. Time to buy a Windows license.

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Enterprise NCC-1701 is the only option.
>Make it so.

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Good point, FagOS is basically Loonix that's already perfectly designed out of the box with all sorts of useful professional software available to it.
I wouln't pick Linux over a Hackintosh unless it was for a server.

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... i-it's true

>> No.63003899

I'd been wondering what happened to the screenfetch threads, /g/ feels empty

>> No.63003903

d-delet this

>> No.63003965

/g/ also seems a lot slower these days, and with a distinct lack of ricing related threads.

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Year of the Windows desktop, aka every year.

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Linux users left. It's pretty clear why - this place has no redeeming value. For a long time it was good for shitposting but with the captcha and then being sold to china everyone else has left.
The only people who remain are people who don't care - windows and apple users.

It's over and not the pretendy funtime over. 4chan is no longer a bastion of freedom, it's no longer the scary/edgy side of the internet. The media's forgotten we exist, too. Exploding vans? The hacker known as 4chan? Nothing. Nobody. Gone.

Once the legacy captcha is phased out I imagine the few people left will leave.

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Everyone's on /r/unixporn now bby.

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linux confirmed for shit memeos

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That's really depressing.

No rice no life, where to go now...

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For multiple years now, desktop threads have turned into "my blog" threads.

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Why does it have to be like this

>> No.63004359

Because windows exists.

>> No.63004361

/v/ might have been, but I do remember the time when /g/ was sympathetic to commies

>> No.63004366

Thank you based Gates.

>> No.63004416

It's unfair to lump all of a boards members into 1 way of thinking, even through witness, you have to remember that what you're reading is only the vocal members and there's no way to even tell how many posts were made from the same person, or perhaps just aligned with your lurking schedules.

>> No.63004430

Superior in the number of the retarded users. Yeah, they can keep them, but android may rape their ass with desktop mode and usb c

>> No.63004655

So, uh, what are we going to do, move to double chan?

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Imageboards are all going down in terms of population. Infinichan or 4chan, doesn't matter, it's happening. I've reserved a few accounts on sites that most channers would retch at so I'll have some sembelence of tech/linux discussion after the new captchas come up.

>> No.63004779

Mainly the Redditfags with their Corsair propaganda and crappy memes.

>> No.63004790

Trumptards can't in to computing

>> No.63004810

What sites?

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This guy knows what's up

>> No.63004878

Shitposters. Debian has been the most popular OS/Distro as of late.

>> No.63004942

it's a toy

>> No.63004959

Thanks for confirming what intelligent men have always known to be true.

>> No.63004978

If it's a toy, why is it banned to use windows at google if it's not a development target and use osx, bsd and linux only? The only deprecated thing here is windows.

>> No.63005003

because it's shit.

>> No.63005016

I hate GNU+linux. But love linux. GNU software is a bloated mess. glibc should be deleted from the face of the earth

>> No.63005021

current state of linux
still stuck at the same place where they started in 1980s. lmao

>> No.63005024

>/v/ might have been
"/pol/" was here (on 4chan) before /pol/ was a board, so it's just something that everyone on this site is used to seeing everywhere. Only the most uppity faggots complain about it.

>> No.63005026

Adobe products are actually good.
In hobbies you can replace them with free tools, but don't ever think that they come even close to adobe power, features and UI

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>> No.63005039

Because there is a influx of paid apple shills after the notch was revealed. Apple has too much money and thinks paying people to shill their expensive low-end hardware and software on /g/ because it's filled with impressionable children from /v/

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because of this post I just wiped linux from all my machine and am installing windows 10 right now

>> No.63005081

I used to watch that as a child. No words were spoken.
I am not from France or Canada.

>> No.63005091


IQ 89 newcancer dumbfucks

>> No.63005100

No way.

>> No.63005111

End of an era

>> No.63005171

based scriptfag

>> No.63005232

These repeating digits don't lie

>> No.63005241

Even /v/ can't complain too much, games on linux are getting better and better.

Then again i play more indie stuff than AAA games.

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dubious digits my memelord.

for the rest of you plebeians, god has spoken!

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>> No.63005284

bill pls go

>> No.63005318

big if true

>> No.63005334

>why is it BANNED to use windows at google?
gee why doesn't microsoft's competitor use microsoft's product?

>> No.63005435

rent a car

>> No.63005441

Throw in the towel, you might as well become a Redditfag.

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>4chan is no longer a bastion of freedom, it's no longer the scary/edgy side of the internet. The media's forgotten we exist, too

nigga 4chan is more relevant than ever, and with 4chan i mean /pol/

>> No.63005868

The average person has no idea what pol is but they all knew what b was.

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>> No.63005884

Sad state of affairs

>> No.63005897

Because it's everywhere.
The more you know, the more you see it around you.
And we know very well which OS will be running on the killer Austrian robot chasing you down the street when the time comes.
And it won't be Windows.

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/pol/ is the cancer killing other boards and you know it. Go back to your containment board.

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Joking or not, people like you are the actual problem with imageboards. Whatever the reason, whatever the intention, stop doing this. Stop creating boogeymen, stop promoting infighting, and stop trying to change the community.

What you're doing is picking a target to rally behind, then you and others will complain endlessly whenever you see anything at all you disagree with, blame your made up target, and ruin any and all discussion by filling threads with useless chaff, be it off topic, meta discussion, straight up spam, or something else.

You people have always been and continue to be the problem, the target and groups may change, but the mentality behind it is the same and it's always unforgivable.

There was a time where people stuck to their interests and gave their opinions on it, but they never complained about the freedom of others to do the same, instead they picked posts of quality to them and replied with quality posts of their own, now everyone just says how bad things are, how they like to make it worse, and who to blame for it instead of themselves.

/pol/ nor any other board, nor any other site, does not spill into this board, nor any other board as much as anything else. 4chan has always had an international group of people with different interests, all sharing 1 collective space, it's only relatively recently that people have been promoting all this infighting and site wars outside of /b/.

Now reply to me and tell me how you were just pretending, to get a rise out of me and attention for yourself, how much intentionally shitting up the place with ironic humor is so much fun.

I'm peeved.

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>> No.63006106

>it's only relatively recently that people have been promoting all this infighting and site wars outside of /b/.
Newfag detected.
People have been telling people to fuck off to other boards for many years. Back when /b/ was the biggest board on 4chan, people making /b/-tier posts on other boards were told to go back. When mlpfags used to post their shit outside of the containment board that was created specifically for them, everyone would tell them to go back. And now when /pol/fags post their political autism outside of /pol/, they get told to go back. It's nothing new. Anons accusing anons of being "the cancer killing 4chan" has been a common thing for at least 10 years now.

>> No.63006108

What did he mean by this?

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You complain about infighting destroying imageboards, yet you promote all of the things you're accusing others of promoting.
Creating boogeymen - you mean like how you're making it an "us vs. them" issue by claiming that a certain type of people are the problem with imageboards?
Promoting infighting - you mean like how you're claiming their behavior is unforgivable?
Trying to change the community - you mean like how you're trying to change the community to make it more suitable for you?

Your post is a perfect case study in projection

>> No.63006179

guhanoo slash linacks is commie shit

>> No.63006198

i NEED to know
was this created by ai?

>> No.63006200

what a waste of numbers

>> No.63006215

t. angry lincuck

>> No.63006232

>Is that u, great lord kek??

>> No.63006238


>> No.63006245

I don't know how you quoted it but still missed it.
>outside of /b/

>People have been telling people to fuck off to other boards for many years.
>You people have always been and continue to be the problem

If you had said "hypocrisy" I'd agree, but it's anything but projection. I appreciate that you can recognize the problems I have highlighted but I feel like you won't make the connection outside of this context, some kind of cognitive dissonance.

I would never deny that I am hypocritical at time but what can you seriously expect in such a topic, I am blasting people for meta discussion while participating in it. The difference is I only do this when I'm beat tired, I observe the opposite that I have mentioned, constantly and in increasing volume over the years.

>Trying to change the community
This is the only one I don't agree with at all, in no way am I trying to change anything, it should be obvious to anyone that's been here long enough that it's impossible to do so, which is my entire point in saying to stop attempting it. Is that ironic, perhaps, who fucking cares anymore, not you, not me.

I just wish you would all shut the fuck up.

>> No.63006315

I took "outside of /b/" to mean that it didn't happen on other boards, but seeing as how people on other boards regularly told shitposters to "go back to /b/", it shows that infighting has been ingrained in imageboard culture for almost as long as it's been around.

>> No.63006328

>in no way am I trying to change anything, it should be obvious to anyone that's been here long enough that it's impossible to do so, which is my entire point in saying to stop attempting it.
So then people telling others to go back to other boards aren't trying to 'change the community' any more than you are by telling them to stop saying it. If you really cared about stopping infighting then you could have formulated your point in a way that didn't paint it as an "us vs. them" issue, thereby directly contributing to the infighting and "boogeyman culture" that you're complaining about.

>> No.63006342

>tfw I was here to see this

>> No.63006348

plebittors, and other retarded attention whores are the only cancer.

>> No.63006353

very good
winshit + bsd masterrace

>> No.63006355

>/pol/ is a good guy
>but we need delete all anime boards

>> No.63006367

Damn... i'm speechles

>> No.63006445

Fair enough, the mistake is on me for not being clear and being pretty agitated already.

/b/ is the only exception I am willing to accept since the board has always been a catchall for anything else besides the things that belong on board X. Peggin any other board as a "containment" board is just bad, instantly associating single posts with a whole board is worse too, like if someone mentions vidoe games even as an aside, they're told to go back to /v/ as if it's forbidden here to even mention another topic, even if it's just a detail of their post.

Perhaps the fault is on me but you're not understanding my intent at all, and you're asserting what you think I meant based on nothing really.

I wish people would stop pinning the blame on other boards and board members, I wish they would stop complaining. If they followed the same methods people used to, they'd have a better time and complaints would decline as a side effect. This isn't a demand, it's advice or a plea at best. "Go back to /X/" is much more of a demand than "do these things and you'll complain less".

>If you really cared about stopping infighting then you could have formulated your point in a way
most jej
if I was good at arguing I'd be a lawyer, turns out I'm not. Being awake for 2 days isn't helping me articulate my thoughts but you're not exactly cutting me any slack or giving me the benefit of the doubt either. It's not my job to be perfect, I think you can find a kernel of reason in what I've expressed if you actually wanted to, the problem is I think most people just want to yell, not discuss.

I don't even know what you're implying or how you got such a context from any of that.

>> No.63006461
File: 199 KB, 1800x1578, 1477484458472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but they never complained about the freedom of others to do the same, instead they picked posts of quality to them and replied with quality posts of their own, now everyone just says how bad things are, how they like to make it worse, and who to blame for it instead of themselves.
image related

>> No.63006475

>why is /g/ flooded with proprie-shills lately?

>> No.63006476

The old core of /pol/, the real /pol/, wasn't about free speech or freedom but by try find a way to take the power. Just look 8/pol/ did to cripplechan.

>> No.63006486

>This isn't a demand, it's advice or a plea at best.
Now you're just backpedaling. You told people to "stop" - you didn't ask them.

My point is that you're no better than the people you're complaining about. You've even admitted that you're a hypocrite on this issue. Get off your high horse and stop acting like you're better than other people who are "the problem". Stop saying "you're" the problem. At least be honest with yourself, and say "we're" the problem. Because you're engaging in exactly the kind of behavior you're criticizing others for.

>> No.63006601

I need to get a job done. The job which my reputation, career and money depends on.

>> No.63006615

>Now you're just backpedaling
I'm not really sure how it's relvant to me or what I'm saying. It's not something I mean to discuss or have any stake in.

You're being pedantic and unfair, clarification is not backpedaling just because you put your own inference on my words prior. You're falling into the camp I just described, you seem to care more about poking holes into my personality instead of discussing the point. You shouldn't get hung up on minute details like this. I already admitted I was cross before, get over it and move on with something meaningful instead of wasting your time combing over it and making me respond to it.

Are you saying your point was to express to me that I'm no better after I pointed out I am openly hypocritical. What valuable insight.

>Because you're engaging in exactly the kind of behavior you're criticizing others for.
As has already been mentioned, I seriously can't see what point you're trying to make, you're just going in circles now.
>that's projecting!
>>it's just hypocrisy in a time of madness
>that's hypocrisy! and you changed what you said
>>yes. I'm just clarifying my intent
>you're being hypocritical you know

>you vs we
Pedantic nonsense again. If it's implied that I am part of the group I described then it should be obvious, what's the meaning of this pointless and seemingly endless prodding.

Not that I agree with it either, I already mentioned the other group is much more prevalent. Am I doing it now, for sure, I still make the claim the former happens more often, you're welcome to disagree.

A much better response would have just been
>take it to the meta thread(s)
It's concise and adds something to the discussion instead of your pointless crap.

Are you going to reply saying my crap is also pointless, so we can revolve forever in this shit that neither of us are enjoying.

>> No.63006652

Linux < MacOS << Win10 <<<... TempleOS

>> No.63006670

The /pol/ use the old strategy of "Embrace, extend, and extinguish" in others boards and now complain about the hostility.

>> No.63006734

>can't install gentoo
>watches linustechdicks

>> No.63006735
File: 231 KB, 660x1023, paint paint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You shouldn't blame an entire board for the actions of some members who may or may not even be affiliated with them. The problem with this whole "get back" notion is that it creates this scapegoat, once it's created it's very easy to just reinforce without basis or proof, what's worse is that it disrupts discussion.

To say that /pol/ utilizes EEE is silly, they're not governed by anyone, and nobody can speak for them. To blame them for some observed antics seems absurd since you can't even prove that someone is or isn't a /pol/ lurker.

I can put anything in this comment box and elude to politics in some way and be branded a lifelong /pol/ lurker regardless of if I actually am or not. This extends to everything now and it's crazy, /v/ is particularly hated on this board now for whatever reason and anyone eluding to games is branded as a /v/ representative so that there is some scapegoat to blame for the decline of things. It's crazy.

>> No.63006804

what percentage of anti-linux-shills do you suppose are /v/tards?

>> No.63006810

>You're being pedantic and unfair, clarification is not backpedaling just because you put your own inference on my words prior.
Maybe the people you're blaming for "infighting" are just tired, or bad at formulating a point, or whatever other excuse you want to use for why you're not one of them. Also, it's not pedantic to point stuff like this out. You phrased your wish as an imperative, but that's okay because excuses. But when other people do it, THEY'RE the problem! They're trying to change imageboard culture! Reee!

>Pedantic nonsense again. If it's implied that I am part of the group I described then it should be obvious, what's the meaning of this pointless and seemingly endless prodding.
You were absolutely acting like you're not part of the problem by saying "you" instead of "we". And that just makes you look dishonest. People aren't eager to listen to hypocrites.

>Are you going to reply saying my crap is also pointless, so we can revolve forever in this shit that neither of us are enjoying.
I am enjoying it though. If anything, it shows that infighting is and always has been ingrained in imageboard culture, and even the people railing against it can't stop themselves from engaging in it.

>> No.63006832

I suppose nothing because in the end I can't know for sure so it's pointless to speculate, all it does is waste my time thinking about something annoying, instead I could be reading better posts or making some of my own. If people want to be anti-linux then so be it, I will spend my time talking with *nix users instead of fighting with anti-*nix people.

Fighting with them only enables them anyhow, it keeps threads alive longer, and if it's inside of a different thread it just adds chaff. Fortunately the latter is less of an issue now than it was before, due to all the posting features people have come up with (inlining, backlings, etc.).

>> No.63006919

You're misconstruing me yet again, intentionally or otherwise. I don't know why you're doing that but whatever. If you wish to actually discuss something I suggest we start over since you're incapable of rolling with a topic.

State whatever it is you're trying to say as if it was a fresh talk, I'll give my response, then we can repeat that instead of endless clarification like some kind of trial. You're treating this like an argument rather than a discussion, playing ignorant doesn't work when there's nothing on the line, you're only deluding yourself when there's only 2 of us in this conversation.

>> No.63006959

I've said what I wanted to say, which was merely to point out that you're a hypocrite whose arguments are filled with more holes than swiss cheese. And also to just give a bit of friendly advice, which is: if you want people to stop doing something, then try to lead by example instead of being (openly and admittedly) hypocritical about it and engaging in exactly the kind of behavior you want others to stop engaging in. You're just contributing to "the problem" otherwise.

>> No.63006977
File: 55 KB, 500x379, bigdude.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys I thought we were gonna talk about Linux.

>> No.63007029

I legitimately have never posted "go back to X" on any board here, so I don't understand how I am contributing to this at all.

The only hypocrisy I have admitted to is meta discussion, which is in no way tied to the infighting of boards or hostility to random sites. I don't know where you got this impression that I am of the same type as I described or how you came to this conclusion but it was always unfair of you to make your own assertions like that, ironically in the same way these others do.
>I don't like them so they must be part of group x

>> No.63007109

Holy shit.

>> No.63007168

I pointed out how you are engaging in all of the practices you're accusing others of engaging in in >>63006157
You might not have posted "go back to X" but you're doing all the negative things you're attributing to their behavior. So I guess it's okay to label a certain type of person or group as the problem as long as you don't accuse them of coming from a specific board or site? So is it okay for us to be general and to say that people who post about topics more fitting for other boards are cancer, but we just can't be specific about it and mention specific board names, even in specific instances where it would be fitting?

You came into this thread with an antagonistic, holier-than-thou attitude so I don't know why you're upset when people respond in kind instead of treating it like a friendly discussion

>> No.63007197

So many 0s, so many falses, so your statement is ultimately false

>> No.63007199
File: 196 KB, 580x580, 1507915090812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.63007238

>Fighting with them only enables them anyhow, it keeps threads alive longer
>what is sage

>> No.63007333

I see where the faultline is now, is it fair to say you don't see any difference between "board infighting" and "site etiquette"? I've clarified already but I will reiterate, board infighting is unforgivable, casting a board as a boogeyman falls into this, and is also unforgivable, the exception to this is /b/ since it is the intended catchall but still it shouldn't be used seriously.
Using a site instead of a board is more acceptable but still bad for reasons I mentioned here >>63006832
you can't prove anyone is from anywhere, even if they claim to, so there's no point in attacking some site for somewhere between 0 and all of their users.

You're not recognizing the scope here and I'm not sure if there's a better way to convey it after already clarifying so much. We'll see.

>You came into this thread with an antagonistic, holier-than-thou attitude
Talk about projection, instead of looking up to me join me on equal ground, despite mentioning my veterancy, I will be the first to admit it holds no value here, I'm sorry you interpreted it this way but it's not my fault. I've been nothing but fair and patient with you while you've been quit the antagonist, attacking details instead of focusing, assuming fallacy on my part instead of even considering that you might be misinterpreting something. Even still I have not left you alone yet, I give you patience and continue to clarify, while you are still approaching this like an court case, not trying to get to the bottom of the topic, just trying to indict someone.

>> No.63007354

>inb4 someone put me in the screencap

>> No.63007365

Assume your post used sage (the problem of invisible sage is a whole different topic), this one I am writing now does not use sage, assume I had no other reason to post except to reply to you, my post will bump the thread, if you reply to me again even with sage, I or someone else can reply in turn with a bump, this can even be multiple people all bumping as a reaction to your sage post, even if they don't know it and don't do it just out of spite.

>but it contributes to the bump limit
As long as the thread is not breaking any rules, anyone can just make it again. It's better for you and the people inside the thread if you just ignore it instead. Go into a thread you like, reply to posts you like, have a better time. If something breaks the rules, report it.

>> No.63007393

powershell > bash

>> No.63007432
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>> No.63007466

We're not preventing you, what do you have to say, I will at least read it but I'm not going to participate, maybe someone else will but you have to start it.

I defer to my old posts here >>63006832 >>63006735

To say that /g/ is anti-Linux just because you see some anti-Linux posts on /g/ is a hasty generalization.

>> No.63007477


>> No.63007505

блять иди нaчyй

>> No.63007531

giv blini kot

>> No.63007574
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>> No.63007613
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>> No.63007627

Stallman BTFO
GNU is dead

>> No.63007928

at least you can ping google.com. if you can get your network card to work.

>> No.63007936


>> No.63007958
File: 33 KB, 564x564, mitsuha boob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w o w

>> No.63008027
File: 386 KB, 764x717, Nicole Waterson reaction 62.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your sober tempering of irrational outlooks in this thread is appreciated, anon.

>> No.63008049

How is this possible?

>> No.63008106


>> No.63008639


>> No.63008845

>You shouldn't blame an entire board for the actions of some
This default strategy of /pol/.

>To say that /pol/ utilizes EEE is silly
>using drama or happenings threads fo infiltrate
>using numbers for their side

>> No.63008892

Why blame /pol/ for people posting current events? How do you know it's members of the board and not members of this board, or worse someone pretending to be a member of the board with the intent of making you mad.

>> No.63008897


>> No.63008917
File: 757 KB, 1169x6371, 66967bdb9443a0a67808fbccf640550ec22f87f148629c1269e102a0301f208b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>someone pretending to be a member of the board

>> No.63009181

I will continue to blame /pol/ for as long as they're posting /pol/-tier shit. The autistic screeching about gas chambers, Jews, and niggers belongs on its containment board. Just like anyone posting SJW shit would be told to go back to Tumblr.

Whether or not it's someone pretending to be retarded doesn't really matter to me, because it still belongs on that board. Banter is not serious business so I don't mind blaming them anyway.

>> No.63009299


>> No.63009320

>Whether or not it's someone pretending to be retarded doesn't really matter to me
That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying someone pretending to be /pol/ not someone from /pol/ pretending to be retarded. You can't prove it's them and not just someone who want's to get a rise out of you. It doesn't make much sense to blame anyone when we're all anonymous.

/g/ has made anti-semetic jokes for a while because of Intel, they make jokes about Indians now too. Just because someone is being racist on /g/ doesn't mean it's someone who also lurks /pol/, even if it was they don't represent the entire board.

It's just crazy to make baseless assertions like these.

>> No.63009572

Guaranteed you're some /pol/fag who's salty that people called him out for posting politics on a technology board. I know it hurts your feelings when somebody tells you to go back but you really need to get over it.

>> No.63009625

I think you're joking now. That's rude.

>> No.63009832


>> No.63010002

When someone tells you to go back to /pol/, it's usually because your post is something more befitting of the culture/topic of that board. Whether it's someone trying to make /pol/ look retarded doesn't really matter. (They certainly don't need help from others in looking retarded.) It's just a catch-all for calling out people who seek to derail threads with political autism. There's a place for that and it's not here.

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