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My macbook pro works just fine.

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i hope one day you get jailed for CP just like that weeb nigger

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What's your address?

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>he doesnt rice his macbook
Anon just google ubersicht its not even that hard

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i hope your cellmates will make your asshole wide open

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are you blind

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my gf illya is so cute

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I have four (4) MacBooks and one (1) iPad Pro.

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actual cash in 2017, wtf

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But your life is also empty enough that you went to the effort to turn each device on, navigate to this post, and spread cash about in search of a brief moment of validation or superiority.
Seems like (you)'re still a loser.

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pls share wallpaper

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im getting tired of seeing your macbook, anon.

5th time we met

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that's a lot of shitposting

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Who's dick did you suck to get all that

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but thats mugi chan, shes almost 18

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nice sausage fingers

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>that hand
Hopefully he's the 45%

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