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I’m thinking of getting my IPad Pro professionally cleaned at the Apple store Genius Bar but is it worth the $99?

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Do it. I got mine cleaned and it was definitely worth it.

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>pay 99 bucks to clean hardware

btw why it's called Genius Bar
is Apple just being irony?

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Premium products deserve premium maintenance. Are you some sort of poorfag?

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How much is it for a battery change?

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You have the most pussy looking hand on the planet

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are you an ?

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>being a shitskin

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>Pajeet my son...

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It is anon, i go for my ipad/macbook/iphone clean every month. It feels like a fresh out of the factory device, albeit with a few scratches. The UV bath also kills any germs/bacteria you cant kill with household cleaners.

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give it back pedro
apple products should not be used with brown hands

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I can't tell if I'm being memed or not

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When you know the thread is a bait thread, but you work at the Genius Bar and occasionally it does involve cleaning out ports and shit because people are gross.

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This is an actual service they offer?

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That's not spanish just to be clear.

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And literally nothing cost money besides hardware repairs, and one other thing. Data Migrations.

Software and shit is entirely free.

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Huhuhuhu... My dell chromebook 13 is sexier, higher quality, with a glass trackpad, 10 hour battery life, and is user accessable and not glued together junk.

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You can't clean it yourself for the cost of a can of air?

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Do stores sell premium air?

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should i?

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That service doesn't even exist. God this board is effortless to troll.

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>Dog grooming for a tablet
I hope King Korea microwaves the fuck out of you americunts

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there's a big difference between the abstraction and exaggeration of reproductive features as is seen in venus idols, and big fat fucking round tubs of lard with disgusting pig faces— fully rendered.

Buy it but break off the head and glue something funny on it.

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So you can't use your tablet while it's docking, for 100$. Sounds like an easy choice, mate.

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>That service doesn't even exist.
It does exist, but only to holders of their elite credit card. Think American Express Black card, but for Apple instead.

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