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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62937250

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First for Lisp is the most powerful programming language

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show your daily git activity table sheet, nerds

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Please stop posting this boring slut.
Post a cuter anime gril.

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Second for Lisp is the most powerful programming language. The opinions of people who disagree with this are inherently invalid.

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What a shit taste

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You're fucked in the head if you don't think this is cute as hell.

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Define "powerful".

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I'm talking about expressive power. The more concepts and abstractions you're able to express within a language, the more powerful it is.

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Literally anything is cuter than lain.
Even the shit sitting in my toilet is cuter.

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Wouldn't Haskell be just as powerful?

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Lisp can makes traps not gay.

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not entirely sure but I believe that metaprogramming in Haskell is not as powerful as in Lisp

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That's true.

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>Wouldn't Haskell be just as powerful?
I don't think it supports meta-programming without compiler extensions, so that puts quite a cap on the number of things you can express.

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Is Lisp's performance compared to other languages good? Is Lisp faster than, say, Java and Go or is it about on par with Ruby and Python?

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Is SICP actually worth reading? It seems like the intent of the book is to learn the principles of programming rather than Scheme as a language. The /g/ wiki only has a couple meme lines about unusable info and anime girls.

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Common Lisp is one of the fastest dynamic languages. Significantly faster than Ruby or Python (not that they're hard to beat). Some Scheme implementations can compile binaries that rival C (Stalin comes to mind).

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It's great
It's not the best way to learn Scheme (if that's what you want) as it teaches you way more than necessary (about different subjects than the Scheme language), but it's definitely worth reading.

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Does Stalin still get developed anymore? I saw on wikipedia that the last stable release was 11 years ago.

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>Does Stalin still get developed anymore?
I don't know. I don't care that much about Scheme, or about squeezing every last cycle of performance out of a program. The 10% of the time when CL isn't fast enough to get the job done, I just re-implement the tight loops in C and call the relevant functions through the C FFI.

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I'm really enjoying Go. It has a lot of neat little features.

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Do you want to learn Scheme?
If no, then no.
That's literally all SICP is good for

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>t. retard
It's also good for teaching all the stuff brainlets like you are ignorant about, like algorithms, how to properly structure a program, and some basic theoretical computer science concepts.

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Theres better general books for all of those.
>proper program structure
wew lad

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>let me assert my subjective opinions
Nobody cares about them. It you had read the book, you would've known that it's not primarily about Scheme, but you're just another brainlet commenting on things it has no clue about; probably one that has never read any book,

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What's up with that creepy autism hamster?

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Is Java """fun"""

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Ive been through a fair bit of it because of people like you saying "oh don't worry it's general purpose, you don't even need to be using Scheme!"
Then i realized that was bullshit when most chapters spend 3/4ths of their time explaining the concept in scheme.

Now sure, you could skip through most of the book and just grab the concepts, but why would you? There's better book out there for general purpose learning.

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it's drawn by pike's wife i think.

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>most chapters spend 3/4ths of their time explaining the concept in scheme
What did you want instead? Pseudo-code? Java? The book explains Scheme and provides Scheme implementations, but it is not primarily about Scheme itself. Everything you learn besides Scheme (i.e. most of the content of the book) is applicable without Scheme. I don't know why it's so difficult for you to grasp.

>you could skip through most of the book and just grab the concepts
No, you can't, you literal retard, because most of the book is not about Scheme.

>There's better book out there for general purpose learning
>general purpose learning
Guess how I know you've never read any programming book at all. Either way, I don't care to discuss your subjective opinions. Your statement that you will learn nothing but Scheme is objectively false, and most people who have actually read the book think it's a good book.

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>SICP can teach you more than just Scheme!
>What do you mean you don't like Scheme, why are you reading it then?

>Guess how I know you've never read any programming book at all.
How's that?

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>i can't respond to your points so let me respond to my own schizophrenic delusions instead
Guess we're done here.

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I'm just curious why you think I've never read any programming books, desu.

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Question for /g/

How should I handle licensing for a hybrid SaaSd/desktop app? I'm using Cognito for my authentication.

My current ideas:
Update a custom attribute in Cognito, force a token refresh for desktop users.
Create two fields in my database, one with the Cognito user and second with a simple true/false for licensed.

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>general purpose learning
Either way, come back when you have some kind of argument. Protip: lying that most of the book is about Scheme or making vague statements that there are "better books" for "general purpose learning" (a made-up term that only shows your lack of understanding of how these books are typically structured) doesn't count.

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>lying that most of the book is about Scheme
you literally agreed with me m8.
>a made-up term
And you're calling me the baka.

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>lying some more when you get called out
Got any actual arguments? The fact is that the book is not about Scheme any more that Knuth's Art of Computer Programming is about MIX assembly. You're a literal and unironic retard.

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if you fucking idiots spent half the effort learning something as you do arguing with each other maybe you'd get past hello world.

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Finished my homework some 15 years ago, so I can afford to argue all I like. See you when you get past fizzbuzz.

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my hello world segfaults i dont know why

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Third for Lisp is the most powerful programming language. Full stop.

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Now if only it was actually faster than Java, than it'd actually be used by more than 4 people.

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Can you name the things it wasn't fast enough for in your undoubtedly plentiful experience, brainlet? Or are you just a memer?

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that's why less than 4 people use python, right?

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You really have to wonder why Python took off while Lisp failed.

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So you can't name the things that Lisp isn't fast enough for?

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Took an introduction course in c++ during the summer and made a shitty game.

It works on ubuntu, no problems but if I try to use it on manjaro or antergos it doesn't work



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Regex is definitely one.

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Is it possible to get matplotlib to display inline in a terminal like ipython+konsole? I've read it only works in a gui-notebook, but why then can w3m display graphics within konsole?

It's an enormous hassle when working in ipython to switch windows constantly. Unfortunately, I've only got one monitor.

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>Regex is definitely one.
What does that even mean, brainlet? Care to explain? What specific tasks are we talking about?

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C/C++ doesn't have a standard dependency management tool

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>he trusted the compiler to optimize his code

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you might as well just write your own language, lad.

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is haskell just a meme or what

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Yes and no.
It's been the foundation for a lot of concepts, and even powers better languages.
It has horrid syntax, rampant fragmentation, and bad design decisions.

Read up on dependent types and if you think they're something you're interested in. If so, then you can skip haskell for an agda or idris or f*

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Feel free to waste your time micro-optimizing C code for your fizzbuzz programs while other people are getting actual work done.

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>"is haskell a meme?"
>yes and no
>and that's just not good enough
>use agda or idris for a full yes

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Can you try that post again?
Remember to include complete sentences this time, lad.

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>i can't read
I don't get it. Is this place chock-full of autists, or is it always the same couple being autistic all over the place every day?

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Should I use opengl es2 or is es3 supported enough?

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>tfw your AVL tree starts working properly

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Haskell or any other aren't invalid because they lack proper dt's. It just depends on how useful you see them.

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should I move on to C++ if I already know the basic concepts of memory management in C?

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Why would I? The issue is with the compiler, it should be able to optimize all these without any problems.

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No, and you're not moving on going from C to sepples, you're regressing. Learn C well, then learn some other language. Not an OOP one, they cause you to think in an "OOP" way. Learn a functional one (don't expect to do anything useful with it though), or a regular imperative one (asm will teach you a lot)

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It depends, what are you looking to do?

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Because you're already in the mindset of being dissatisfied with the compiler. And then you took the time to re-implement your improvements. You're only going to keep doing it until you basically re-write the whole language. So you might as well save yourself the hassle and skip all that.

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What? I wrote some different versions of the same function, the bottom half is the compiler's output.

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>it should be able to optimize all these without any problems
Go ahead and fix it. I don't think anyone would object to having a better optimizer. It's probably not as easy as you think, though. For some reason, the optimizations you're looking for don't fall out of the general methods used by your compiler, so you'd have to come up with a more general method, which will presumably be fast enough to be practical and proven to always produce correct results under a set of realistic assumptions.

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The correct solution is to implement a CAS in the compiler, solving this specific problem would be easy but the class of problems should use a CAS to solve more efficiently

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Retard or false flagger? Can't tell anymore in these threads.

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Neither. OOP fries the brain and should be avoided, functional languages do teach good habits.

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>The correct solution is to implement X
Do it, then. What are you hoping to achieve by posting the same thing over and over? Are you trying to prove the obvious fact that optimizers aren't perfect and sometimes act strangely?

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He's just having a laugh, mate. Not everything is caused by stupidity or malice.

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The point is that it happens more often than sometimes, it happens nearly all of the time and the compiler isn't as smart as the smug retards on SO will tell you.

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>C++ is OOP


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I'm currently learning Haskell, but as you said, I couldn't find any practical use for it yet. I also tried to learn Common Lisp out of interest, and it went well for a couple of weeks, then I stopped for no reason. I'm just worried that I'm missing something from only caring about these "obscure / archaic" languages.

I'm not sure yet, it's all for academic purposes, although it would be nice to become employable someday.

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>X is ebul and you should never use it
>you should learn Y but Y is useless
>asserting things but then failing to back them up with any concrete logic or evidence
Typical /dpt/ poster or false-flagger? Literally impossible to tell.

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>more often than sometimes
>"it" happens nearly all of the time
>not as smart as X said
You're not communicating any objective or useful information.

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Sepples fries the brain in other ways too, it makes you abstract everything to hell and back when it's not really needed. And yes, it is object oriented.
It's only useful to write really high reliability code since you can easily test it and all that. But no, as long as you learn good software engineering principles those transfer to most languages.
I told you why sepples was bad. Haskell is mostly useless, but the skills you gain from learning is sure aren't. That sepples encourages bad design is no secret.
I showed you objective proof that it [missing trivial optimizations] happens more often [very often] than sometimes [direct quote]

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uh oh, that's from private repos, and another activity tab for public repos but it's even less frequent

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way to ruin a perfectly good language

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I know right, I don't even really like C but I always liked its simplicity and cleanliness but then there's those beasts.

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>i proved my assertion that X is bad by asserting that Y is bad
>missing "trivial optimizations" "more often than sometimes" is an informative statement that actually means something
I'm sorry, are you actually retarded?

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pretend they don't exist

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I program sporadically.

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It's a trivial optimization to recognize that x and y are the same in a statement that only executes if x and y are the same, yes. I clearly explained what I meant by "more often than sometimes". "sometimes" was a direct quote from you, where you implied that it rarely happened. I provided evidence that it was actually quite common, and as such it happens "more often than sometimes[rarely]".

As for the other one, I don't know what you're talking about.

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OOP is a good fit for the problem domain, though. That or an ADT-oriented functional language, which is just the other side of the same coin.

Anything else is inviting an unmaintainable mass of spaghetti code.

I'd like to know this as well.

>> No.62946741

>I clearly explained what I meant by "more often than sometimes"
No, you didn't, and it inherently doesn't mean anything, because "sometimes" doesn't mean anything.

>you implied that it rarely happened
No, I didn't.

>I provided evidence that it was actually quite common
No, you didn't. You provided evidence that it sometimes happens.

>As for the other one, I don't know what you're talking about
I'm talking about the fact that saying "OOP is bad because thinking in an OOP way is bad" is not an argument. It's just a couple of assertions based on circular reasoning. At this point I'm quite convinced that you are, indeed, mentally retarded. You don't understand the meaning of words like "explain", "prove", "evidence", "sometimes" etc.

>> No.62946757

To clarify, "sometimes" means "more often than never". Doesn't actually mean anything beyond that, and "more often than more often than never" doesn't give any concrete idea of how often something happens. You're welcome.

>> No.62946791

>because "sometimes" doesn't mean anything.
It was a direct quote from your post:
>optimizers aren't perfect and sometimes act strangely
>No, I didn't [imply that it rarely happened]
Your use of "perfect" and "the obvious fact" sure does imply it, yes.
>No, you didn't. You provided evidence that it [missing trivial optimizations] sometimes happens.
Sure, but it was a common operation. If it misses this, then what else is it missing?
>saying "OOP is bad because thinking in an OOP way is bad" is not an argument
>It's just a couple of assertions based on circular reasoning
Thinking in an OOP way if you're writing code in non-object oriented languages is bad since it lacks the needed constructs, I didn't mean that it'd be bad if you're only intending to write OOP for the rest of your life. but it does narrow your perspectives. Functional programming doesn't have this issue in the same way.
That's true, but in this case it was a direct quote from a context where it was heavily implied to mean "rarely".

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>We do not recommend using GLOB to collect a list of source files from your source tree. If no CMakeLists.txt file changes when a source is added or removed then the generated build system cannot know when to ask CMake to regenerate.

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what's the problem

>> No.62946885

Enjoy editing CMakeLists.txt thousands of times on top of
Enjoy editing calss.hh files thousands of times

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>in this case it was a direct quote from a context where it was heavily implied to mean "rarely".
It wasn't implied to mean anything beyond what it actually means: that it sometimes happens. One way or another, you have not demonstrated anything at all. Even if we take sometimes to mean "rarely", "more often than rarely" doesn't give anyone any concrete indication about how often something happens. Furthermore, you have not even provided any evidence that it happens "more often than rarely". The only evidence you have provided is that for some cherrypicked cases, some particular version of some particular compiler, under some particular optimization setting, produces somewhat suboptimal output under some circumstances. I don't know why you keep reposting it autisticlally, because it is literally worthless. NO useful conclusions can be drawn from it about how one should write programs.

>Thinking in an OOP way if you're writing code in non-object oriented languages is bad since it lacks the needed constructs
That's just another arbitrary assertion.

>I didn't mean that it'd be bad if you're only intending to write OOP for the rest of your life
Now you're backpedaling.

>it does narrow your perspectives
How exactly does being able to look at something from a particular perspective narrow your perspectives? You seem to be stuck under the delusion that if you learn what OOP is about, you have to apply it to anything all of them time, and you have no choice in the matter.

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Yet it doesn't have a standard socket library.

>> No.62946931

Why couldn't they work around it?
boolean, comp, imag or something similar. Anything would have been better.

>> No.62946936

SICP is overrated trash that MIT niggers have successfully brainwashed you into reading.

>> No.62946945

yeah right like it's a big fucking burden editing a single line of file every now and then when you're writing thousands of lines of code
if it bothers you that much, just make a quick python script to traverse your source tree and generate the output you need and rerun as needed

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why not just flat makefiles?

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Enjoy x20 more build times

Enjoy writing thousands of files into your add executables statement and determining if you already mentioned in it or not

>> No.62946985

Enjoy your lack of a proper package manager, C-niles.

>> No.62946989

how is make slow?
have you ever written a proper makefile?

>> No.62947001

>Enjoy writing thousands of files into your add executables statement and determining if you already mentioned in it or not
not thousands and not sure how the latter is an issue, I'll just add the files to the list as I add work on new ones

>> No.62947019

Have you ever written anything beyond fizzbuzz?

>> No.62947034

Do any serious projects written in Lisp exist?

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why yes, yes i have.

>> No.62947047

>It wasn't implied to mean anything
In conjunction with "aren't perfect", it does, just like you're implying these compilation results to be rare and unrepresentative by your use of "some particular".

>for some cherrypicked cases
They were the different ways of writing max(a, b) I could think of, which is a common operation.
>some particular version
The current version in the repositories (Debian), which is a reasonable benchmark.
>some particular compiler
GCC, the by far most popular compiler which in general tends to produce the fastest code (this might have changed, however)
>some particular optimization setting
-O3, the optimization setting that's supposed to give the best results. -O2 and below gave worse results.
>somewhat suboptimal output
More than that, branching is extremely expensive.
>some circumstances
What circumstances? The compiler is deterministic.

>NO useful conclusions can be drawn from it
That the compiler can't be trusted to perform trivial optimizations, and thus not more complicated ones, so abstractions commonly regarded as zero-cost might in fact not be.

>That's just another arbitrary assertion.
That non-OOP languages lack things like classes isn't arbitrary, it's objectively true.

>Now you're backpedaling.
I'm not, I said they cause you to think in an OOP way, taking this to mean that thinking in an OOP way is bad for writing OOP-style code is delusional.

>How exactly does being able to look at something from a particular perspective narrow your perspectives? You seem to be stuck under the delusion that if you learn what OOP is about, you have to apply it to anything all of them time, and you have no choice in the matter.
Right, this was my point from the beginning, that OOP fries the brain. It drowns out all other perspectives since it's conductive to how humans see things, but not to how computers actually work or what's good design. Learning OOP first makes it more likely that all they'll see is OOP, which does narrow th-

>> No.62947059

-eir perspectives. You don't have to apply it to everything, but it's probable that you will.

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This thing only prints zeros.
What do?

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in fact i have a 480k LoC project that only uses makefiles

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>just like you're implying these compilation results to be rare and unrepresentative by your use of "some particular"
Yes, just like that. I.e. not at all. You have genuine intellectual disabilities. Moving on.

>> No.62947083

>png with scrot -s
>this is the power of Linux
I am also very very sorry.

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This image seems familiar.

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You have to go back. >>>/bant/

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>> No.62947148

You too

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>That shitty class construction
>return; in constructor
>if if else if
>calling std::cerr 4 times to print 1 statement

>> No.62947164

You have to use multiprocessing.Lock and multiprocessing.Value

>> No.62947171

autoCAD, Emacs, and there have been some in the past (Viaweb and Interleaf come to mind)

>> No.62947177

the return is in a lambda silly

>> No.62947182

>manual memory management
>c style casts
>casts at all when not needed
>repeating ::cerr
>unsafe access in GetNextLine

>> No.62947204

>he prepends I to his class names
absolutely disgusting

>> No.62947222

hay i am using libuv, manual memory management not optional and RAII is a shit, fight me fag.
the handle's data member is a voidptr because libuv.

>> No.62947223

What is clang-format?

>> No.62947229

we on /bant/ miss you please come back

>> No.62947234

come home. aegument jew

>> No.62947241

In C, "arrays decay to pointers". What does this mean? Isn't arr[n] just another way of writing *(arr + n)?

>> No.62947242

it's pedantic project bloat, not needed if it's just me.

>> No.62947246

hola señor j00

>> No.62947255

>project bloat
It's not a project bloat, it should be an IDE plugin

>> No.62947261

Yes, but arrays are actually a separate type from pointers.

>> No.62947272

does emacs have a clang-format save hook?

>> No.62947302

Okay, I see, but how are they different? What difference is there between
char arr[50] = {0};

char* arr = alloca(50);
memset(arr, '\0', 50);

Or is it just so you can put them in structs and so on?

>> No.62947318

alright, any reason why you chose it over, say, boost.asio?

>> No.62947325

there is no difference here. the optimiser would make them the same

>> No.62947328

faster compile times due to lack of templates, also personal preference

>> No.62947332

But if I compiled at the lowest possible optimization level, what happens?

>> No.62947351

alloca and memset would have the overhead of a function call at runtime.

>> No.62947363

Okay, that's true, but is there any semantic difference other than that? How are arrays different from any other allocated chunk of memory?

>> No.62947364

>But if I compiled at the lowest possible optimization level, what happens?
You die.

>> No.62947378

>is there any semantic difference
void foo(int arr[10]) {

int main() {
int x;
foo(&x); // Type error
return 0;

>> No.62947379

Is cs50 a good class? I am talking of the online harvard class, of course. Is it too easy, or does it teach you a good amount?

>> No.62947391

alloca is not standard so it depends on the library implementation as to how that is handled.
The only practical difference between the 2 is array sizes are known at compile time (see >>62947378)

>> No.62947435

They're different by language standards, not once compiled they're completely the same

>> No.62947440

it's a good way to start

>> No.62947589
File: 27 KB, 181x220, 1461559421071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implementing haskell in Rust

>> No.62947621

>Enjoy x20 more build times
You know Makefiles can be do incremental rebuilds too?

>> No.62947636
File: 39 KB, 337x309, hayasaka_maan_you_re_hopeless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he do not use FORTH

>> No.62947638
File: 145 KB, 709x821, rustlet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rust is so useless the devs won't even use it to implement itself

>> No.62947652

No, they just don't see self-hosting as a priority, which is silly.

>> No.62947661

>which is silly.

>> No.62947682
File: 415 KB, 480x238, patrician.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it don't use Lustre

>> No.62947684

Because not being dependent on another language is a nice thing. And you can have a much better build system (assuming you're comparing it to a C backend)

>> No.62947685

Note this thread made about you >>>/bant/2555076

>> No.62947692

Newbie here. This week I started that How to Code from eDX, but it is painfully slow, is this shit useful?

What is the general opinion about this ossu? Should I continue to follow the curriculum? https://github.com/ossu/computer-science

>> No.62947718

>our language can totally replace C for non-trivial projects
>please don't mind the fact that we can't even replace C in our own toy compiler

>> No.62947733

Why does that matter? C is not implemented in the same language too.
Only kids worry about language purism.

>> No.62947740

For my operating systems class, we have to write an OS emulator (not an actual OS, but a virtual machine that implements the functionalities of an OS like process scheduling and memory virtualization).

The actual processes don't matter to the professor, but I'm writing an 8080 emulator and have got memory management down pretty well (just going to implement my own malloc)

However, when it comes to process scheduling, I thought I'd make a multilevel queue. How is the priority of a process determined? simply a flag set by the user?

>> No.62947802

>C is not implemented in the same language too.
Many C compilers are self-hosted.

>Why does that matter?
They advocate this toy language as a full C replacement, but can't even fully replace C in their toy own project. They advocate for "safe" programming with their useless toy features while using Rust's unsafe features all over the fucking place to get actual work done. Rust is a joke and anyone who falls for this meme is a braindead fizzbuzzer.

>> No.62947869


>> No.62947942

Just wait until you try Vulkan and forget to fill an arbitrary struct field you don't need.

>> No.62947970

>Many C compilers are self-hosted.
The ones that matter (GCC and Clang) are not C.

>language as a full C replacement
C has been replaced by C++ a long time ago. The places where C still resides are legacy codebases, such as monolith kernels, device drivers etc. C is a shell of its former self.

For example, there are places where FORTRAN still exists, and C has not been able to replace them. Those are legacy codebases, mostly.

Another example: during the advent of "desktop OS"es, C was really popular. GNOME applications and many userspace applications had been written in C in the 80/90's. However things started to change. C++ had brought some low cost abstractions that developers found helpful. Also, Java go released and server side applications started being written in Java (rarely in other languages, including C++)

Each prominent languages have their distinct advantages. C was really easy to understand, and abstract over hardware. C++ came as an improvement over C++.

Java made things easy with automatic memory management. However as the demand grew languages with GC fell short when performance was crucial. Thus C++ stayed on top of these languages for lower level/real time application development.

Rust also has a distinct feature. It has automatic memory management without GC. Which means there are many interested eyes looking at the language. Even if rust fails, the newer languages that are going to be created are going to be influenced by Rust, heavily.

Personally, Rust's biggest plus point for me is that it has a convenient built tool. It has abstractions of many higher level languages and yet it suffers from no overhead of GC.

The new developers are not going to be interested in using autotools or CMake. C++ can't fix the issue because it's already beyond help. No matter how much you dislike Rust, it's going to haunt you for the rest of your miserable life. Keep posting your memes and pretend that magically defames Rust in any way :)

>> No.62947991


>> No.62948031

>C++ is an improvement to C
Go back to your highschool cs class, buddy

>> No.62948042

Oh the irony.

>> No.62948048

I just bought a gaming pc, will it help motivate me to learn to code?

>> No.62948053
File: 60 KB, 500x495, 1497573605480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>C has been replaced by C++ a long time ago.
There's more C code in Rust than C++ code.

>Rust also has a distinct feature. It has automatic memory management without GC
The only distinct feature of Rust is lifetimes, and lifetimes are shit. Smart pointers and move semantics are not unique to Rust.

>No matter how much you dislike Rust, it's going to haunt you for the rest of your miserable life.
Do you think I'm a Mozilla developer or a rampant SJW or something?

>> No.62948065

Spotted the first year CS student

>> No.62948089

Depends what you mean.
Common Lisp:
Mirai, was used with Lord of the Rings for some animation.

For scheme there's
Carmack using racket as scripting language for VR.
lambdanative http://www.lambdanative.org/
Google App Inventor was made with kawa scheme.

Base of emacs is written in C.

>> No.62948100

if you are on linux and into game cheating scene then it may motivate you to learn how to code. otherwise fuck off to >>>/v/

>> No.62948101

>He actually thinks pointless object abstraction can be efficient
Yeah, no. maybe C++ will work fine for your Hello World but in the real world the only way to use C++ effectively is to basically ignore anything that isnt already present in C

>> No.62948111

Might do after you get bored of playing video games all day long.

>> No.62948115

Never saw a single stupid frogposter being able to construct a valid argument. Mostly these are underage kids that just found out about the edgy 4ch*n club

>There's more C code in Rust than C++ code.
This is because of libc, Rust FFIs to C

> and lifetimes are shit.
What a great argument

>move semantics are not unique to Rust.
C++'s move semantics does not make sense. std::move does not guarantee the invalidation of `moved from` object.

Now fuck off with your shitty 9gag tier frogs

>> No.62948132

I don't actually play any games... I just do schoolwork but I thought something cool might make me to want to actually learn how to hack.

>> No.62948135
File: 96 KB, 1286x864, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have to make an AI app that would help poor people
>no idea
>AI is actually dumber than it sounds
>I don't care about poor people

give me something I can make /g/

>> No.62948136

>in the real world the only way to use C++ effectively is to basically ignore anything that isnt already present in C
Yeah, prior to C++11 maybe. If you are going to claim otherwise I'll safely assume that you are a bad programmer who needs to be fired.

>> No.62948164

Why can't you just admit that Rust is shit and that almost nobody uses it? I honestly don't care if they start writing system kernels in Rust 10 years down the road or if C finally dies. You're arguing with your own demons in that regard. I'm merely pointing out that Rust is shit, and that so far it hasn't replaced C even in its own codebase, let alone everywhere else.

>> No.62948171

I just put the play speed on 2x in some part.

>> No.62948192

>lose arguments
>"Why can't you just admit that Rust is shit"
As I said, do or say whatever you fee like, kiddo.

>> No.62948197
File: 144 KB, 597x476, bantparty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come home, Jew.

>> No.62948210

>muh constexpr and lambdas!!
If you're a 1 man team, great, C++11 features will make things mildly easier. If you're not you're going to have to deal with object kiddies and you know it.
The worst thing about C++ is the people who use it and if you are going to claim otherwise I'll safely assume you've never got a job with them in the first place.

>> No.62948239

I'd personally come down and fire you if you are not using std::unique_ptr, std::move, STL containers and standard STL algorithms. Go re-invent wheels in your own basement.

>> No.62948246

Is the stuff after the code all memory addresses? I have never seen that, though I have never compiled anything more than hello world in ?C++?.

>> No.62948269
File: 197 KB, 294x256, mfw-this-shit-again.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you dismiss my retarded claims you lose the "argument"
What argument, brainlet? I wasn't "debating" you; just stating the facts:
1. Rust hasn't even replaced C in its own codebase, let alone everywhere else
2. Rust uses unsafe code all over the place to get real work done while advocating that others should use its toy safety features to do real work
Does this upset you?

>> No.62948412

>1. Rust hasn't even replaced C in its own codebase, let alone everywhere else
The Rust codebase is 95.6% Rust, which is very normal and pragmatic for any project. And as I said before, only stupid kids care about language purism. These types don't really care about programming in my experience.
>2. Rust uses unsafe code all over the place to get real work done while advocating that others should use its toy safety features to do real work
Rust is certainly more safe than C++. There is no way of denying it. If you are going to say that Rust is pointless because it has unsafe blocks you are only giving away your stupidity.
Unsafe blocks allow programs to safely interface with the rest of the project. Most of the times you would be avoiding unsafe blocks anyways.

But alas, kids of 4chan are too stupid to comprehend this. You are one of those "If you cannot guarantee 0% drug abuse, don't implement any drugs law" crowd.

So again, your posts make up nothing of value, as usual. Why don't you go back to doing what you do best: make dank memes, not like you have any other talent or anything.

>> No.62948413

Not the guy you were replying to but, Rust was never going to be able to do the right thing. On one side people want to get rid of C while on the other side people want it to be like C and be able to talk to C/Rust from Rust/C.

>> No.62948489

>gles2 doesn't support vaos
>gl3.3 doesn't work unless you use vao

>> No.62948496

Start using vulkan

>> No.62948504

>not portable

>> No.62948531

not in the slightest

>> No.62948537
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, 1508096036433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this needs an sicp edit

>> No.62948559

>the rust codebase still contains C, which is very normal and pragmatic
Thanks for confirming the fact that Rust can't even replace C in its own codebase, let alone everywhere else.

>Rust is certainly more safe than C++
Who cares? Where was I talking about C++?

>Most of the times you would be avoiding unsafe blocks anyways.
That's what Rustlets say, and yet Rust's codebase is full of them. You're not really doing a very good job of refuting anything I said.

>> No.62948564

>comfy library functions make up for flawed OO implementation
If C++ were to ever be a competent language it would have to axe object model bs entirely. It's useless, inefficient and almost always leads itself to bad design.
Removing that shit also keeps out java fizzbuzzers who abstract everything out the ass for no reason.
If you absolutely have to use objects for something it can be done without classes

>> No.62948587

What is the best resource for learning Vulkan?

>> No.62948606

>"If you cannot guarantee 0% drug abuse, don't implement any drugs law"
A more apt analogy is telling people that they should never do drugs, while having a drug den in your own house.

>> No.62948609

>Where was I talking about C++?
What language are you talking about? C?

>Rest of the blabbering
Dance harder. Your replies are getting shorter and shorter

>> No.62948630

>What language are you talking about? C?
I was talking about Rust and its inability to replace C even in its own codebase.

>Your replies are getting shorter and shorter
Because all I have to do is point out the fact that you have not refuted anything I say, while you keep sperging out trying to distort reality.

>> No.62948660

Wait it seems only android 7 and above have vulkan support so you would anyways have to support opengl. lol fuck vulkan.

>> No.62948700

Both libc and GCC/Clang aren't 100% C as well, what are you trying to imply here?

>> No.62948723
File: 59 KB, 1440x1080, 1508089150981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62948749

>X will replace Y!
But X can't even replace Y in its own codebase.
>But Y can't replace Z! Check mate, non-Rustlets!

>> No.62948782
File: 4 KB, 402x42, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come home, we miss you

>> No.62948864

X is already replaced. Calling it a project "Y(3.2%) project" is pretty weak of an argument. Also, Rust has libc, which means it'll never 100% Rust code base. Is this what keeps you going? Sad.

>> No.62948918
File: 194 KB, 500x700, 1503812377474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62948923

>X is already replaced
Even if I accept this delusional statement as factual, it's not getting replaced by Rust.

> Calling it a project "Y(3.2%) project" is pretty weak of an argument
That's not even a coherent sentence.

>rust will never replace C even in its own codebase
If you're literally just going to restate what I said, why are you even arguing?

>> No.62948936

I got a question regarding VBA and this is some beautiful tech horror story so read this one if you want to have a laugh.

Some retard before me made a script that took 7 hours to achieve a simple task on 4k lines of data (retrieving data via an API and putting them nicely in an excel form)

Consider the following :
you got a function that loops on 4k lines of data and store them into an nice object (basically a multidimensionality array). This function return the object containing those 4k lines of data.

Then in the main program instead of doing
object = get_data() and later doing a for each item in object
the retard that did this script wrote :

for each item in get_data()

How many iteration of for loops will be done in total ?

Obviously it should have be done in 8k iteration (4k to get the data, 4k to put them into the excel form)
But now since for each iteration he calls this function, it would be at least 16M iteration

But in the end since the function return an object with 4k items, how VBA react ? Does the for just goes on and only loop 4k times or does it runs on each returned objects, meaning the number of iteration will be 4k*4k*4k which would be 64B iteration (which seems way too much for me, but I got no idea about how VBA react and how much such a program would take to run)

Note : he done the same error 6 times so it would be 16M*6 or 64M*6 iteration for a program that shouldn't go above the 50k iterations

Hoping my english isn't too crap and you'll get it

>> No.62948949

What part of "libC" do you fail to understand? Do you go to special classes?

>> No.62948992

>implying providing same functions as in C standard library requires you to implement them in C
What the fucking are smoking dumb rust poster

>> No.62949023

>FFI to C
>Foreign function
>Rust is foreign to Rust
So this is the power of /g/ lmao

>> No.62949063

>implying it's all C FFI
Feel free to prove your claim.

>> No.62949069

C has very little to do with the ABI system supports even though System V's ABI is described using ANSI C doensn't mean you have to use C anywhere.
The FFI only needs to follow the correct calling convention and linking. You don't need C anywhere. It doesn't matter What language you compile from.

>> No.62949105
File: 45 KB, 1001x1001, socks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If C++ sucks so much, why is so much software written in it?

>> No.62949128

How can a project have code in multiple languages?

>> No.62949130

>The FFI only needs to follow the correct calling convention and linking.
That'd just be a shitty hack, really. Let libC be C, there is no point in reinventing C at all.

>> No.62949134

i can't tell if this is ironic or not.

>> No.62949145

>people buy into the java is slow meme
>people don't want to write C because no OOP
I think the main reason is the "performance" claim.

>> No.62949157

as long as the calling convention is the same there shouldn't be a problem linking language X and Y

>> No.62949169

I'm willing to bet there are more JS/Python software than C++ software

>> No.62949176

>he LITERALLY thinks a VM scripting language isn't slow
how's your fizzbuzz coming along?

>> No.62949185

Get a job

>> No.62949205

>If C++ sucks so much, why is so much software written in it?
>If COBOL sucks so much, why is so much software written in it?
>If PHP sucks so much, why are so many website backends written in it?
>If Javascript sucks so much, why is every web frontend written in it?
>If Javascript sucks so much, why is Node.js getting ever more popular? (It's not like anyone was forcing you to write your server in JS)
Etc. etc. ad infinitum. Any correspondence between that which happens to be the "industry standard" at a given time and that which has the most intrinsic merits is coincidental.

>> No.62949209

Depends on the target.
Your program could be written in any language but just load native libraries that provide some predefined functions.
If you target some vm like jvm it doesn't matter what language you compile the .class files from as long as you include possible .jar runtime files.
If you transpile to some language like C or js, you can usually inline.

>> No.62949217

We're talking about relevant software kid.

>> No.62949223


>> No.62949236
File: 33 KB, 576x507, 1508158138990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you sure told me dude. I'm sure you'll get hired showing off your amazing abstracted hello world some day

>> No.62949238

>there's more "relevant" software written in C++ given my arbitrary and unstated standard of relevance
>people will still argue with this retard's purely subjective claims

>> No.62949254

There is literally hardware that can execute java bytecode.
There's long startup time for java applications, profiling shows it's because the runtime has to load the standard library jar files.
After that it's fast. Sure you wouldn't rewrite shell commands in java for long running applications it doesn't matter.
You probably write in python or god forbid nodejs which will always be way slower than java.

>> No.62949258

Because they all do the job.

>> No.62949271

>he thinks web development is relevant

>> No.62949279
File: 106 KB, 593x578, 1485173668037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you sure told me dude. I'm sure you'll get hired showing off your amazing abstraction-less hello world some day

>> No.62949307

Doesn't take away the fact it has the huge overhead of a garbage collector, and takes all the worst elements of C++ and multiplies them by 10

>> No.62949314

Word of warning, don't give your email to product hunt for the book on how to get a job in tech. It's literally useless advice and "hurr be yourself" plus con artists opinions such as Jake Paul and (((Vaynerchuck)))

Here's the PDF link if you ever so desperately care


>> No.62949324

who the fuck even remotely believes this bullshit

>> No.62949352

Should you use SDL2 or some other for cross platform windows, like EGL?

>> No.62949381

>how to build a carrier in tech
got to uni
don't be a pajeet
literally thats it

>> No.62949389

SDL2 is fine, never had any problem.
Applications developed on Linux worked quite well on Windows too.

>> No.62949444

>they all do the job
That doesn't really refute my point, now, does it? A language can be a turd and still do the job and enjoy popularity. Popularity is clearly not a measure of a language's intrinsic merits.

>> No.62949447

>who the fuck even remotely believes this bullshit
Young college kids & SJWs/Silicon (V)alley

I made a psa here in case some naive anon comes here and asks about it.

>> No.62949448

>go to uni

>> No.62949464

>he thinks i care about weblets and their apps
>he completely fails to grasp the actual point

>> No.62949465

>go to uni

>> No.62949485
File: 15 KB, 300x300, reddit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doing the job is a pretty fucking good intrinsic merit if you ask me, you need to go back.

>> No.62949493

>makes no point
>hurr durr you can't grasp the point

>> No.62949502

>my nodejs program is just as efficient as if i wrote it in C!
i think you have to go back

>> No.62949510

Come on dude, the Silicon Valley itself knows it's bullshit, they just wanna sell that tree waste.

>> No.62949511

what's the problem with uni

>> No.62949523

Literally no point made.

>> No.62949535

pajeets, webdevs and code monkeys think they can write good code without it

>> No.62949539

In principle, none, but in most cases it just ends up being a waste of time and money. CS degrees in particular are a joke, they teach you useless stuff for 4 years.

>> No.62949548

>becoming indebted for life to learn how to fizzbuzz
just make your own projects. if they're good enough you'll get hired

>> No.62949559
File: 8 KB, 276x270, pajeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unironically believing you need a degree to be a good programmer

>> No.62949571

>>If PHP sucks so much, why are so many website backends written in it?
Extremely low barrier to entry leading to people who only know PHP.
>If Javascript sucks so much, why is every web frontend written in it?
It's the only option.
>If Javascript sucks so much, why is Node.js getting ever more popular? (It's not like anyone was forcing you to write your server in JS)
There are those who only know JS (or PHP)

>> No.62949582

it's not enough for something to 'do the job', it has to do the job well

>> No.62949584
File: 640 KB, 1920x1080, screenshot-2017-10-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks college graduates can fizzbuzz

>> No.62949601

>becoming indebted
living in a third word country like the usa

>> No.62949610

The time I lose when running the program is replaced by the time I gain from writing in a non shit language

>> No.62949616

Garbage collectors are fast if you have enough RAM. RAM is dirt cheap these days.
C++ sucks because it is needlessly overcomplicated and inconsistent. Java is neither.
Form an original opinion, cretin.

>> No.62949620

blow it out your ass.
it's still a huge waste of time even if you have the money for it

>> No.62949621

>Doing the job is a pretty fucking good intrinsic merit
You can get the job done in almost any language. Doesn't change the fact that a lot of them are shit, and that includes many of the "industry standard" ones.

>> No.62949636
File: 23 KB, 601x508, 1483899992908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off scandinavia

>> No.62949653

>fails at basic reading comprehension
>hurrrrrrrr uhhh i don't see a p-point
Reminder that your subjective and unstated standard of relevance is irrelevant, brainlet.

>> No.62949670

cout << "Enter the number: ";
int number;
cin >> number;

cout << "Enter names: ";
string names;

getline(cin, names);

>> No.62949676

>there are reasons for using shitty languages that have nothing to do with technical merits
Yes, that was the entire point.

>> No.62949678

No. C++ sucks because it causes people to make retarded, inefficient abstractions where none is needed, and Java takes this much further than C++.
>Garbage collectors are fast
It's so obvious you've never had to write anything low level or you wouldn't make such an asinine statement.
nice bait, (You)

>> No.62949679

>loses argument
>reverts to name calling

>> No.62949696

You've never had to write anything low level either, LARPing NEET.

>> No.62949703

nu/g/ at it's finest

>> No.62949715

>loses argument
>reverts to name calling

>> No.62949727

>deerrrrrrr i totally won this argument
Reminder that your subjective and unstated standard of relevance is irrelevant, brainlet.

>> No.62949748

>nu/g/ at it's finest
You should escort them back to where you all came from.

>> No.62949750

why is this a thing

var myObject = {
// define a getter for `a`
get a() {
return 2;

myObject.a = 3;

myObject.a; // 2

>> No.62949759

You are the same kid, aren't you? Shouldn't you be doing your homework?

>> No.62949762

got no arguments so you revert to correcting grammar, nice

>> No.62949779
File: 4 KB, 490x74, n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

try harder

>> No.62949798

I know that trick too

>> No.62949817

You're literally retarded. No, that was not an argument. It was just an observation.

>> No.62949842

believe whatever you want, faggot. it doesn't make you right

>> No.62949851

Does there is such emulation library that would let me write program using vulkan API but it would work also in every platform that only support opengl 2 and higher?

>> No.62949980

Writing a CLI program for a video platform.

>> No.62950026

Your argument was the importance of college education, yet you clearly lack basic English grammar education. Correcting your error was not irrelevant.

>> No.62950044

>he still argues with a clear troll

>> No.62950060

Pasting the same sentence again isn't that difficult.

>> No.62950103
File: 22 KB, 700x500, 1507837861665.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come home buddy

>> No.62950127

>joining research
>help with internships
>employers come to campus to fish talent
etc etc

Not even a sweedcuck

>> No.62950202

Those are all social-related stuff if you think about it, nothing you mentioned includes stuff that actually boosts your technical knowledge.

>> No.62950258

>employers come to campus to fish talent

Literally where.
The only "networking" most people get is getting drunk at parties. And this happens even in the Ivy League.

>> No.62950396

What's a use-case for metaprogramming?

>> No.62950435

>What's a use-case for metaprogramming?
Introducing domain-specific syntactic forms and language extensions.

>> No.62950449

You are supposed to just list the files into a variable. Nothing wrong with that. You have to do the exact same thing in automake. Build system is first-class as well, not a one-and-done thing.

>package manager
CMake is proper you dipshit it's part of the software lifecycle toolchain and necessary for TDD, continuous integration and continuous deployment.
Bullshit pip npm cuck module system is far from "proper."

>> No.62950457

>CMake is proper
>t. C-nile
Opinion discarded.

>> No.62950622

My dude I use CMake to cross-compile large C++ projects to different platforms and do nightly builds. You are probably just butthurt that what your professor is teaching you is for illustrative purposes only and not applicable in the real world.

>> No.62950641

>I use CMake to cross-compile large C++ projects
>t. pluslet
Opinion picked up from the trash bin and sent straight to the incinerator.

>> No.62950646

only sepplesfags use cmake

>> No.62951110

Is C89 compliance a meme?

>> No.62951129

>When you consider the differences and advantages between Vulkan® and OpenGL®, Vulkan® basically complements OpenGL® by addressing specific users who want to have a quite low-level API with a much better abstraction of the modern hardware giving a lot of control, predictability, and high performance at much greater efficiency. On the other hand, OpenGL® is a much higher-level API that does many things on your behalf inside the driver with less burden on you. It continues to be the API of choice for a wide range of developers who want to have the shortest path to a functionally correct application.

Why the fuck are all this niggers caring only about performance? Or will they do same with vulkan that they did with opengl that they will just release new version soon which breaks all the compatibility? It doesn't matter how well it performs on fucking specific device when you still have to write wrappers to support the lowest common denominator.
Fuck vulkan.

>> No.62951166

Looking into R and Python for data mining tweets and wondering what the f I am doing and why I decided on a programming project for my MSc.

>> No.62951268

What is the Lisp equivalent of a flatmap?

>> No.62951360

What do you mean by "a flatmap" exactly?
I get some search results about scala and the flatmap function, and I believe the equivalent Lisp to that would be mapcan.

>> No.62951361

Absolutely. What compiler are you possibly targeting that doesn't support C99 or C11?
Even le visual meme has partial C99 support, but you shouldn't be targeting that garbage anyway.

>> No.62951388

what compiler supports the entirety of c99?

>> No.62951399

GCC and Clang have both supported it for ages.

>> No.62951427

GCC only has partial support for meme99. C11 is just better anyway

>> No.62951438
File: 1.24 MB, 2802x474, Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.11.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Currently going through "Expert C Programming" as I'm taking a pretty low-level C class.
I'm finding it to be really well written and am enjoying it immensely.

Related question: Anyone know how to download the ANSI C Rationale with scp? I tried ftp and scp (in pic related) but it doesn't seem to be working

>> No.62951449

Wait, Go has features?

>> No.62951453

I'm parsing a JSON that looks something like this:
"items": [{
"id": 1,
"media": [{
"id": 1
}, {
"id": 2
}, {
"id": 2,
"media": [{
"id": 3
}, {
"id": 4

What I want is to create a list of all media ids.

>> No.62951472

you should probably use Python for that. I love R but working with text parsing/scraping in it isn't nearly as comfy as it is in Python

>> No.62951477

Mostly pertaining to coroutines I guess.

>> No.62951480

New thread:


>> No.62951656

Partial how? What doesn't it support?

>> No.62951747

Just google for it.
C89 rationale
C99 rationale

>> No.62953515

New to /g/ but Im fighting with project Euler problems.

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