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Time to buy a comfy Mac. Time to say goodbye to problems. Time for a premium computing experience.

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why are apple shills so comfy?

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I bought one. Ended up installing Debian on it for the premium computing experience you're talking about.

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What has to go wrong in someone's life that they end up like pic related and make threads like these 20x a day:

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That comfortable feeling comes from everything just working.

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Comfy af desu

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Here's your (You) for all the work you've put into collecting these threads. Thanks anon.

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My fucking hero

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Autism probably.

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Thanks for your serial number.

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>will be "obsolete" soon (even though everything still runs perfectly)
>only macbook with user replaceable parts
If I install debian on this thing do you think I can squeeze a few more years out of it? I don't want to have to buy an all in one toy.

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No it isn't.
Also nobody believes you're buying one, or that they should buy one. You've already got one, and you want to be more normal by changing us.

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>They claim to be comfy
>They aren't even using the comfiest Mac
Why would that thing be obsolete? Hell, I don't even consider my iBook obsolete.

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Macshit is obsolete before it ever leaves the factory.

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Way more than few more years. I'm running Debian on an old Vista laptop with 2gb of RAM and it's smooth as fuck.

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I mean apple giving it software updates.
That's good to know.

I actually have one of the 15 inch toy models but it died like 6 months out of warranty and I have no idea how to fix it because everything is on like three boards.

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What computer are you using, Jizzdeep?

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I mean apple giving it software updates.
Expect a couple extra OS revisions to work unofficially. It's all good until Apple removes the old graphics kexts.

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>desktop icons

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Much easier just to run macOS in a VM these days.

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i both love and hate my mac.

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I see you have a G4

I have an old Pismo G3, and I see you managed to get linux on yours, which distro did you use? I would like to get more life out of it if I could.

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Somebody has a 2007 MBP on craigslist in my area hoping to trade it for something more current (another MBP) and expecting it to be a straight trade, I laughed pretty hard at that one.

Wouldn't mind having that old school original MBP (the 17" model) for the 1680x1050 IPS panel in it but, it's worth like $50 nowadays AFAIC so when I offered the $50 the guy got all pissed and didn't seem to understand he's trying to trade a truly obsolete piece of technology for something that's not obsolete and not offering any cash on his side of the deal.

Good for a laugh, certainly. I told him I have a Dell Latitude E6400 that can run macOS High Sierra just fine aka a Hackintosh and he had no fucking clue what I meant.

Oh well, some folks will just never learn nothing new.

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>owning macshit
Good for a laugh, certainly.

Oh well, some folks will just never learn nothing new.

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I'm using Debian unstable, but since ppc isn't a supported arch anymore I had to install an old version, change the sources.list to include the Debian ports repos and dist-upgrade to it. Works a charm now.
A Pismo G3 might be a bit of a stretch for anything other than very basic computing, though. I don't even know if Debian will work at all on it, I tried installing it on a beige PowerMac G3 from the same era and had no luck.

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