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>itt: technology confessions

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ill start
i actually really enjoy devops
watching fully automated build and deployment pipelines makes my dick hard

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I once borked a win95 install by deleting the partition then not creating a new one before restarting. fdisk didn't recognize the disk, so I went out and paid for redhat, then discovered the horrors of the winmodem

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I don't care what os I use.

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I use "muh bleeding edge" Arch, but have the mindset of "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". So I almost never updates.

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I fell for the Thinkpad meme.

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I did this with an arch install on my x220, got it all set up and comfy then didn't update for probably over a year, then I finally did and was not at all surprised to finally experience the "pacman rekz ur shit" meme

probably could have sorted it out somehow but it was just easier to do a fresh install

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I use windows 8.1

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My condolences

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I'm even to lazy to set it up comfy. I pretty much only have installed Xterm, Thunar and Firefox. I don't even have a image viewer, just open images in Firefox.

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I do to, nothing to feel ashamed of, better than 10 faster than 7.

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I use ubuntu
I game on windows

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I refuse to stop using google products out of convenience even thought i hate them

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I am not affected by current WPA2 exploits because I still use WEP

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i stole a lot of electronics part from my university's recycle project to help orphans. they are supposed to paid by its weight, actually what i stole doesnt matter much

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i actually like window 10

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I have no money to buy /g/ related stuff yet I shitpost on /g/ all the time.

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I have this too, but now it refuses to install any packages because Arch maintainers don't get a big enough allowance from their mothers to buy enough hard drives to keep older packages in their repos. So every time I try to install anything I get a 404 from every single mirror.

Arch would have been the master race of distros if they allowed using old packages and upgrading to an arbitrary snapshot instead of always the latest release, but they don't, so instead it's just hobbyist trash and a wasted effort.

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i never actually used linux in everyday use just on server stuff

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i hate thinkpads

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I only post on /g/ to try and seduce a nerdy boyfriend

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>So every time I try to install anything I get a 404 from every single mirror.
This is actually the reason I update. Whenever I need to install something it doesn't work, but after updating it does.

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What do you like then?

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You're pushing it

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my macbook :-)

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Any good examples of automated deployments out there? Like people saying "hey I wanted to X and here's the steps I took to get it done?" I'm trying to find good cases to study.

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I wanted to use Arch, but I was having trouble with nvidea drivers when trying to install the gui, so I ended up installing ubuntu. I'm now using 17.10 with no regrets.

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Why, 10 is shit, and 8 is a bit faster than 7 I think. At least with SSDs and stuff isn't it?

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I fucked up my arch instillation when preparing the partitions, wiki got kind of fuzzy on what to do, so did the same
Its to comfy to retry arch

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3 4

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I'm bluepill as fuck when it comes to technology and you would all laugh at me

I just came to this board to learn about bitcoin

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I was borderline tech-illiterate prior to browsing 4chan. The site's attitude of "fuck you, figure it out yourself" was tremendously helpful to my personal development and I'm far more willing to experiment with dumb shit than I was before. Feels good

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i bought an a10-7800 because i was a dumb poor kid and now i'm buying ryzen and all of my friends are making fun of me because of my previous amd mistake

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I'm installing win10 on a dual core atom netbook

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9gag tier post.Win 8.1 tier

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i have 4 computers that are still waiting to have their software setup completed for their purposes (nas, cold storage/backups, coding at home, torrentbox/hot storage). they've been sitting there for a long time, oldest one is a haswell... i never have any time for them. i feel like not having backups set up and being a bit sloppy with security will end up biting me in the ass soon

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I don't actually hate Indians

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t. pajeet

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I don't have backups of 70% of my stuff.

After what looked like a failure of my backup hard drive (not updated) I bought a second hard drive to have multiple copies, but it's still sitting in its box after months

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I use a Macbook Pro.
Not by choice, but still

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Me too

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I use an old thinkpad but I actually really like macos and want to get a macbook when I can afford one.

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I set up a dedicated vpn server on my home network and generated a single client key: so i can shitpost when I'm not home since TMobile from my market is banned.

Though, I did it a day before the WPA exploit went public, so now I leave myself connected to my vpn even when I'm on WiFi away from home

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I unplug my thumb stick without using "Remove safely" option.

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Why not just look up what laptops work for hackintosh and save yourself a shitload of money? There's plenty of Thinkpad models that will run MacOS just fine.

Unless you really meant that you don't just like the OS but the whole design aesthetic, in which case go for it! (I hate Macs, but I don't have autism so I recognize that you can like what I don't like)

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I recently started using ranger and love it but i kind of want to use midnight commander just because of the name.

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>oldest one is a haswell
2017 MBA

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I'm neutral on the actual laptops' aesthetic, but I do really like their screens and audio.

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Not him, but I actually preferred the overall user experience of 8.1 over 7, because the flat design looked better than the glossy shit, and over 10, because 10 is just hot garbage. I've switched to 10 though, since I only use windows for gayming.

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We're using pirated Windows and Windows Server all over the place at my office. Don't give a fuck. Used the savings to put a kegerator in the break room.

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Seeing HTML, CSS, JS, PHP on the same screen atill confuses me greatly.

I am a senior web developer with 6 years of experience

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1. I've literally never done a serious backup of my data. Yes, I know I can lose it all in a second (in fact, lost all my data that was on a 3(?)TB external one time, which was painful). But laziness + "won't happen again" syndrome + apathy makes it difficult to motivate me.

2. I still use a 1600x900, 20inch monitor as my sole screen, which I got like 7-8 years ago. On one hand, it's crappy as fuck (seriously, adjusting the settings via its buttons makes me want to die), but on the other hand, it does all I need it to do and gives me a reason not to consume more hard-drive space by downloading 1080+ videos.

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I back up some of my most important stuff to DVD. But not just any DVD. I buy the M-Discs that last up to 500 years. I keep 2 copies. One at home and another in a safety deposit box. I plan on upgrading to Blu-ray soon.

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I use an AMD cpu and gpu

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I would actually like using MacOS if the shills weren't so annoying and flamboyant. I'm looking into Hackintosh Isos so I can install MacOS on the free space I have on my spare hard drive.

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this sounded vaguely familiar but my memory was "expensive!", seems pretty reasonable these days though, hmm, might look into that for myself

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that's nothing, when I was dumb I asked someone to build me a pc and they gave me a system with the a6-5400k and 4gb of ram. then I upgraded to an x4-860k which was even more dumb.

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i legit sad thinking of all the cool future technology i will never see cause ill be dead

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I use Windows 10, but I pretend to be a hardcore Linux user and bash on all Windows users for being illiterate retards to deal with my own insecurities and retardation, I bought a Thinkpad in which I installed Arch and Gentoo in dual boot just to show off on the screenfetch thread, of course I installed them following tutorials step by stem and it took me about a month to install each and rice it appropriately. I also play dumb gaymes all day and eat whatever mom cooks, I actually have some neetbux from actually pretending to be retarded and got a pension, I just need to go to a special center for people with issues once a week a couple of hours, and I get 700 bucks per month I spend on computer parts and gaymes.

Living the dream.

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I might delete my antergos partition today and only use windows 10
I just don't have the space on my X230's SSD and I wanted to have full disk encryption and install on it and I am just too lazy

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- Pretty sure that most of free software is garbage but now feel uncomfortable using botnet. Fuck you, Stallman.
- Was shilling for org mode, even though I'd never used it. Only later I've learned that it's almost useless (as Emacs itself).
- Was shilling hard for brokenSUSE before learning that it is one of the worst distros.

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just stop being an idiot who trusts what the hipsterfags say and use linux mint like a normie

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Close, I use Ubuntu with Xfce (Xubuntu had some weird issues). Still want to use a cooler distro but it looks like literally every distro except Ubuntu based one has some serous drawbacks or just borderline broken.

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I feel like Stallman has been a net negative on the free software since he hasn't done shit since the 80's involving making software and constantly gets into autistic arguments about how this and that isn't free software, instead of maintaining his fucking software, like even Theo de Raddt, love or hate him, has actually done. If Stallman was less autistic, I'm pretty sure there would be less of a stigma around free software in general

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i had a medion laptop once

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I use to be good, but then I switched to linux, got comfy, and forgot everything I knew. I can now barely use linux, cant remember how to code for shit, and am basically ridding the reputation I built in my teens. I waste my days on 4chan and youtube now. Its been so long since Ive done anything productive that Im starting to forget how to even use my own computer. some times its like living through technological regression where a complex automated thing breaks down and nobody knows how to fix it.

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I use to be good, but then I switched to linux, got comfy, and forgot everything I knew. I can now barely use windows, cant remember how to code for shit, and am basically ridding the reputation I built in my teens. I waste my days on 4chan and youtube now. Its been so long since Ive done anything productive that Im starting to forget how to even use my own computer. some times its like living through technological regression where a complex automated thing breaks down and nobody knows how to fix it.

edit: accidentally typed linux twice instead of windows.

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I use chrome, and I love my ipad

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When I was young and was already internet addicted I physically broke the modem speaker because I couldn't figure out how to turn it off through software.

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I bash all applefags, but I'm using a macmini with windows installed.

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i have to watch this 3 part youtube video everytime I install i3wm to write a decent config file.

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I own machines with linux, windows and osx and chromeos. Mostly take my linux laptop or a macbook to work, shitpost on chromebook sometimes and use a windows desktop to game and do also work at home. I feel a mix of disgust and pitty for the faggots that pledge allegiance to one or another when you can actually have whatever the fuck you want.

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So do I. On my laptop.

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/bst/ is my porn

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I've been putting off converting my iBook G4 for over a year now because i dont want to deal with that shit right now.

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I've learned three programming languages and I've developed nothing.

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I have ~18 TB of data all on NTFS formatted external drives. None of it has a backup and I'm running out of space. I should probably just bite the bullet and buy a Dell R710 and migrate all of my data to ZFS formatted drives one day.

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When i was a kid, i would turn off my MSX computer on every friday 13 afraid of the virus, even knowing that the system had no internal battery/clock.

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I have a 15TB RAID5 array I can't afford to back up.
I have Arch, Windows 8.1 and OS X installed on the same ThinkPad.

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WEP doesn't even need an exploit. You are automatically asking for it

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>I have Arch, Windows 8.1 and OS X installed on the same ThinkPad.
For what purpose?

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Not him but i had the same setup because i was bored. Each one was on its own drive too because fuck GRUB and other bootloaders.

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After using Linux for years on many devices I came back to Windows 10 at full Botnet mode, logged into a Account and all that
And I couldn't be happier desu

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I never owned an apple product and probably never will, however, Apple is a major part of my stock portfolio.

That's right, I pay apple to shill their shit that I will never buy, but will gladly take those sweet dividends.

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Planned obsolescence vs repair.

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I came from /v/.

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i came from your mom sucking my clit

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I enabled ufw on my Amazon instance without allowing port 22.

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I could be a much better hacker than I am, but I'm lazy unmotivated and undisciplined. Its nice knowing I've got the brains for it, but its sad knowing that I don't have the chops.

Most hackers seem to have a hair up their ass about one thing or another, I'm too apolitical to go breaking into servers to do god knows what.

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well, as long as shes happy.

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honestly, this is /g/ as fuck anon. don't let the /v/ idiots get to you. planned obsolescence is the name of the game in tech right now, actually holding on to your shit instead of getting a shiny new toy every 6 months is much more noble desu.

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I award this response with 3 cringe points for the following reasons:

>Saying that you're a hacker
>Smart but lazy cliché
>Overall feeling of superiority


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Yeah, well.
Just cause its a cliche' doesn't mean its not true.

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It just miss:
>wicked sense of humor

1 (one) fedora for you.

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>>itt: technology confessions
I love my Acer laptop

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I like gnome so much more than aqua I'm too embarrassed to show up at work with Linux on my MacBook

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my grandfather uses linux more than i do

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I can't figure out the UI on a mac for shit.

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I use windows 10 as a daily driver, I hate working on my macbook

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