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ask the hand

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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?

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Steve hasn't written a single line of code in his life. Wozniak did all the hard work, Steve is just good at networking.

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/thread, also saged

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He wasn't a programmer and never wrote any lines of code in his entire life.

He was a marketing genius though.

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>Steve hasn't written a single line of code in his life.
that's not true. he was an *awful* programmer, but what do you hope to gain by taking the extra step into fiction? you just lose credibility.

jobs was a really good businessman. i don't even know who would've given you the impression that he was a programming/engineering genius. i've literally never heard anyone ever suggest that.

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he was a bad Jeff Bezos

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No, he literally did nothing. He got the job at Atari because he bullshitted his way through

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Steve was good at aesthetics. That's it. He jumped into a field where no one cared because that's the type of thing art majors waste their time on while CS people spend it writing code and being productive

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Neither. He's dead.

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>Wozniak did all the hard work, Steve is just good at networking
Oh look its a neckbeard in his first year of compsci.

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He was a business genius. Contrary to fa/g/got's beliefs, he did understand electronics and programming. He used his knowledge to create something he wanted, and his knowledge helped him push people to be their best. That said, he was still an asshole.

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>an engineer
all he has is a hs diploma.

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And here we are 40 years later and still, not a single company can reproduce something that looked like it was signed off by Jobs. I thought it was easy?

He was more of a genius and visionary than everyone in your bloodline combined.

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