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Screw you /g/. You guys keep brainwashing me about the thinkpad meme and making me wanna sell my macbook for an x1 carbon REEEEE

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could you post a blurrier image, please? it's not like i actually want to see shit or something.

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what about a W500 instead?

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I'll take a better one next time anon. I was laughing the entire time I took it.

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plug that plug into your "girlfriends" plug

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I could have sworn seeing this exact same computer being used to spread buyers regret FUD

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Nigga are you an AYYLmao

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Sold my rMBP13 for an X1.

An rMBP with OS X "just werks" and was 90% of the laptop + OS that I wanted but the X1C5 with Arch is 99.9% perfect. However, you have to be willing to put in work to get everything working exactly the way you want.

I got the 1440p screen so my effective resolution is only 1280x720, which is slightly less than the effective 1280x800 of the rMBP. It's not a problem for me because I mostly use my laptop to write software so I spend all of my time in terminal emulators. 1080p might be better for the additional screen real estate but you may miss the "Retina" font rendering.

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daily grinder, bulit in the error of Steve Job

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>the nazi wolfgirl from r/The_Donald
>tail buttplug

TRSodomite detected.

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Post wallpaper plz

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this is the 2000s MacBook, right? how does this hold up? I'm planning on buying the 2011 one.

my mom owns the Air. pretty nice. a little too thin, though; feels like I can drop it anytime.

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Yes, 2009
64 bit processor but only upgradeable to 4Gb of memory in this model
HDD easily upgradeable to 512 SSD

How does it hold up? - Pretty fucking well, I can't see any reason to upgrade. This thing is a beast, i've used and abused it as far as loptops go (using it in the rain, dropping it onto hard tile floors etc (i'm a beast)) It's more or less unbreakable. If you can get a deal on it you can' really go wrong.

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Not him but I will tell you from my experience that all MacBooks are plasticshit trash. They develop cracks no matter how well you care for them. Get a 2012 MBP or Air instead.

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lose weight fatty

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do people who use tiling wms just stare at htop and other ncurses interfaces all day or something? because thats the only thing i ever fucking see in screenshots

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Anyone with an anime wallpaper needs to commit suicide immediately, for they are socially unsalvageable.

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People who actually do fucking work and need to monitor the performance of said work. What the fuck do you do all day anon? fap to chineese cartoons?

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no u

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>You guys keep
Literally nobody gives a shit about you, if you want to use inferior hardware and software because you're 90 IQ vegetable artist then do use it and stop fucking spamming. sage

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Apple shills are really getting to me. I want a 2017 MBP so bad.

Sage is not a downvote.

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>> him

as a fucking crazy mother fucker who has dropped my macbook from 5+feet, have used it out in the rain for extend periods, have abused the macbook more than any reasonable person would do, I would say the mac book is pretty damn tough and hasn't really suffered much in the way of cosmetic damage . In fact it's probably one of the most robust laptops i've ever owned.

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I still wonder why the hands presenting laptops got deleted
it was so memeworthy

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the fuck you even sayin' retard

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And I worked in a high school where these were widely deployed. They barely lasted a year. The fucking PoS iBooks were more robust. Besides that, there's no reason for anybody looking to buy a Mac to buy one more than five years old.

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Of course not, it's a reminder for others so they know what to write in the options field when responding to retarded threads such as yours.

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Also, why the hell are you using it under such extreme conditions?

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fuck off macfag. thinkpad meisterrrassse

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wp what? are you gay? fsck off

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wallpaper, please Sir

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I use it under extreme circumstance because drugs, alcohol and personality disorders + I have money so i could easily buy a new one, but why the fuck would I want to when I have tough mother fucking duel core fast as fuck laptop.

also fuck you you're a fucking nigger school op.

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>nazi wolfgirl from r/The_Donald
You never go full retard, kid.

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Quality shitpost.

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chubby ass hand. eat some fucking fruit and salad faggot .

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>x1 carbon isn't a chinkpad
Good meem lamaoa

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Doesn't even have to be a Thinkpad. Literally anything is better than that tin can water boiler.

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>using it in the rain
how does that happen?

I'm a little hesitant since the aluminum ones heat up like a bitch. I imagine the plastic MacBooks won't support newer OS's, though...

my friend's selling me his 2011 MBP for $70. worth a cop or should I look elsewhere?

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For $70 it's not a bad deal. Just don't be surprised when you can't run something that's still supported. It might be worth dual-booting loonix or Windows on it.

As far as the MBPs are concerned, anything non-retina should be easy to change the thermal paste on. Using high-quality paste should help the heat issue, at least that's what I've seen.

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> he fell for the GUI meme
Pleb. Next thing you're going to tell me you need more than 124k of RAM.

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You fell for the numpad meme.

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>four (4) laptops
fo(u)r what purpose?

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>mfw this thread

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I own five (5) Laptops

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> he doesn't need to calculate his fat stacks
Swerve faggot.

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hey that's my old pic when I had mavericks xD

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Where did you get these stickers for the palm rest?

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some trippy shit.

yeah his rig's got Windows 7 on it.
I don't know why he thinks it's slow; it handled apps just fine when I used it for a week, minus the heat.

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whoa, 4 pieces of shit and 1500 dollars, i'm so jealous!

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i own 1, also 1 desktop, 1 tv, 1 shitty android phone, 1 car, 1 house, see the pattern?

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>he counted the money
lmao you jealous son

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>tail buttplug

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rMB vs x1 carbon tablet
MBP vs x1 carbon notebook

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Does your Keurig make a weird noise right as it's finishing making your coffee too?

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That's the sound of it ejaculating the cream into your latte.

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I'm used to its noises so I don't think it makes any weird ones. It does make a noise of sucking up water for the next patch right after you're done, though.

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>Tfw I'll never achieve this aesthetic

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>Mac Book Pro
>For professionals
>101 Celsius


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Where did you buy that butt plug?

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Yeah that noise is annoying when your trying to make coffee at 3am without alearting everyone

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Oh my god, it is like a nightmare come true.

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This, my anons. is how civilization ends. Not with a bang, but with a laughing with tears emoji.

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Buy more crts

I don't ever wake up that early so it's not an issue for me~

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Make it the old fashioned way then. Literally does the exact same thing as that $300 glorified electronic water pouring machine.

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No. You're not getting my "wp". Now fsck off.

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I got mine for $50 at Target ;D

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This is really the best way to make your own coffee. With attention, and a little tlc.

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post screenfetch

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you don't have a wife or kids that have their own machines? you're a lonely faggot?

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wallpaper, please Sir

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>In fact it's probably one of the most robust laptops i've ever owned.
>not the most robust but one of the most robust
>not really one of the most robust but only from the ones I've owned and I've owned like, two
>I'm even erasing all that by saying "probably", meaning I'm not sure if it was one of the most robust from my own laptops
This fact means absolutely nothing. Why do people do this? Are you afraid of being wrong so it's safer to not say anything meaningful?

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.t butthurt virgin poorfag

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>Old fashioned way
>Coffee pods

Just make some regular moka coffee.

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can't get enough of these pics.

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I can't, I'm away from home on my X200.

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Is that Windows 95?

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Of course not, and it should be even more apparent now that I've ditched infinality and had to switch back to shitty aliased fonts, since Freetype alone can't be assed to render my fonts how I want without modifying the source code.

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It's a theme called Chicago 95 if I recall properly.

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No this is a custom theme I made myself, chicago 95 doesn't do it exact justice.

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Post it
It's perfect

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where are your palm lines? ayy lmao

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Nigger ashamed of his race

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Kill yourself redditshit

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wow, nice reference. Your references are out of control, everybody here knows that .

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Only the retarded ones who want to fit in do. Everyone else uses normal X11 programs but minimizes them for muh hacker screenshots and to bait retards, as mentioned before

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simultaneous shitposting

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I have the 2010 model with 8Gb ram and ssd. 2010 = intertial scrolling + sound output from the displayport unlike the 2009.

Also unlike the 2009 model the other anon has mine broke by a single drop of alcohol which sorted out the keyboard. I had to replace the entire bottom half of the laptop (motherboard and and screen transplant essentially).

Other than that i agree, it runs perfectly, 320M can play 60fps 1080p or regular 1440p youtube. Is pretty quick. Animations on the desktop are choppy sometimes. 7/10 its ok.

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As someone who has owned both ThinkPads and Macbooks: DON'T. What the fuck are you thinking?

ThinkPads have objective terrible screens. They are audibly loud, and the battery life on them is just a meme. You MIGHT get 24 hours with a battery slice and 10% brightness with an SSD on an X230, but you sure as fuck aren't going to get that kind of life in normal usage.

Just stick with the Macbook, you'll be far happier as you are now.

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I just hate how you can't repair them easily as thinkpads anon

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The X1 carbon isn't easy to repair.

>> No.62901768

easier than a mac. for a battery replacement all you need to do is unsnap it. with mac = oh good luck un-gluing this piece of crap

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Can you find something better to do in your life

>> No.62901806

How do you do your coffee

>> No.62901841

What makes more sense, buying a shitty laptop you can replace the battery easily on, or a better laptop where you need to spend 30 minutes getting the battery out?

How many times are you going to replace the battery? Once? Twice maybe? I can deal with ungluing a battery if it means literally every other part of the laptop is more usable.

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I use one of those refillable things and stuff a bunch of coffee grounds into it. K cups aren't worth the money.

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sempai, please notice me
i've been looking for you for weeks

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soooo muuuch woooooooooorrrk thooo

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Very fine, thanks!
Do you want my PC-98 pack?

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What does it contain?

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>actually blurring your hand in fear of CIA niggers

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awoo can u post nudes for me please im horny

>> No.62903377

I did that about a year ago. It was a mistake. Don't give into the hivemind.

>> No.62903412

what happened anon?

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>Those old 17" MBPs
Fuck yea

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Does the pro keyboard have a big impact on batt?

>> No.62903479


Bought a Thinkpad t460. Screen was absolute garbage and displayed purple colors as dark blue, which really fucking sucks when watching anime with girls that have purple hair. Also the battery only lasted 4-5hours.

Never again.

>> No.62903495

ok and what about the x1 carbon gen 5? yay or nay?

>> No.62903510


It's the same shit.

>> No.62903520

I dunno, how would you want to see its content?

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>being a mactoddler subhuman

>> No.62903637

>Caring what other people use.

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>Needing 124k of RAM

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>wants an x1 carbon
yeah go for it retard

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fuck off techlet

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where's the hand meme?

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Probably fapping with both hands

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Fuck off woman

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This is a very good point. Completely underrated.
It's the exact reason I elected to go with a MacBook.

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Have they improved the sound hardware in the Thinkpads? My T420 has horrible analog sound quality compared to my Mac.

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