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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated - blame /csg/)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Honor 7X hands-on review

Samsung brings two new camera sensors: 12MP 1.28µm with Dual Pixel and 24MP 0.9µm

Just in: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 hands-on

First Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) renders show a shrunken down Galaxy S8 sans the curved display

Jony Ive: The iPhone X marks "a new chapter" in design, but Apple has more big ideas in store

Galaxy S9 may come with air quality warning system as Samsung patents environmental sensor

LG V30 Unboxing and First Impressions - Retail Version

old >>62841507

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I'm looking for a new android phone (obviously)

My budget is around £200 - £300

Currently have a lenovo P2 which I love but the camera really sucks.

I want something with a good camera that can run quick and not lag. Preferably without bloat. Have alright battery and large memory or expandable memory if the internal is small.

Any ideas /g/?

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I am looking for a case for my redmeme note 4. Would something like this protect it?


The phone looks nice by the way. I'd suggest it. But the speaker is shitty compared to LG G3.

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What launchers do you nerds use these days? nova still gud?

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I've never updated my nova since forever (2015?). It is still good.

Or use the stock LOS one. It looks okay too. No folders or fancy settings tho.

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Does anyone know why my LG V30 keeps fucking deleting the photos I download from my Google Drive? I uploaded them from my old phone, they're there on Drive, and download just fine. They're even there in the file explorer. Then the next day they're completely gone, from the file explorer too.

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I still use nova. just werks, lightweight, and I can use the old ice cream sandwich animations

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Trying to flash a custom rom on my Redmeme 4x, do I need to upgrade to MIUI 9.0 before I can flash a nougat rom? atm I'm on MIUI 8.0 Marshmallow.

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Which is better: get a flagship phone that will see support at least for a couple of more years or get a midrange that will get at least supported a year?

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Does newer Android versions run faster or is it similar to iOS slowing shit down on older devices?

I mean going up one or two versions, not jumping from something like Froyo to Nougat.

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Moto G5S+ or Mi A1. both have pretty good cameras.

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depends on the device. some get faster because OS optimizations + good hardware while others get slower (old hardware+additional bloat)

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getting last years flagship is the best choice. you still have good hardware, you got a year or more of software support left, and the prices aren't insanely high.

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And they usually have big dev communities

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>using a launcher
>not just using a taskbar
It's literally the best option.

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I'm torn between Nokia 8 and Moto G5s plus that's why I am pondering which to get. A Nokia 8 is equivalent to G5s plus for the price.

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New unlocked BB standard KeyOne for €460. Yes or no? People have recommended me to wait for Black edition because faulty pieces (lifting screen) of standard edition might still be round and because according to them the standard BB KeyOne will be abandoned soon.

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About bloatware. Does it really slow down a device if you never use it or downright disable it?

It's just a bunch of apps they throw in after all, I've never seen Samsung bloat running in the background demanding this and that. It seems to mostly take up a few dozen or hundred mb in the storage.

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Phone with a backside bezelless (apart from camera) 6 inch e-ink screen when?
I'm tired of carrying both with me, but reading on a phablet is too shit.

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Get a good chinkshit that will have 3 years of support.
Anyway support is meme unless you are retarded enough to do banking on a phone or have some seriously confidential messages/calls. Nobody will bother with listening on your calls to mum.

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>galaxy a5 (2017)
>moto g5s+
>mi a1
which would you get and why? I realize a5 has the worst specs to price ratio, but 5.2" is basically the biggest screen I can use comfortably
is there maybe something better in this price range?

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Should I get the Redmi Note 4 or wait for the 5?

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Reminder that iOS 11 is complete dog shit and should be avoided until a .1 release

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Can you mention what you've experienced? I don't have an Iphone but the iOS development is of interest to me.

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Is the Note 8 worth it?

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>sister says she wants an iphone for her birthday
>says she's kidding
Isn't this reverse psychology or something? What do I do?

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Noticeably worse battery life and random freezing/crashing that never occurred on 10. They also removed the 3D Touch multitasking (supposed to be back eventually but still sucks it’s gone), and fucking Bluetooth/WiFi toggles in control center don’t actually turn them off. It’s a complete fuck up and I’m pissed that I updated because those kikes stop signing for iOS 10 so there’s no way to downgrade

t. iPhone 6s

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For those of you with the V30 and LG phones in general.

Is the OS hard to de-bloat or is it pretty much stock android? I like the hardware but am worried about the software.

Also seeing that G6 and V20 are compatible with LineageOS what are the chances of the V30 getting an official release sometime soon?

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Get her an iPhone. She doesn't want to be pushy and straight up ask you to buy something expensive.

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So it is reverse psychology?

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Are you retarded?

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Is that a rhetorical question?

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It's no psychology at all.

She just doesn't want you to feel bad if you can't afford it.
She's your sister dude, she loves you.

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Are you retarded?

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No, you need to be on developer rom and unlock the bootloader.

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Is that a rhetorical question?

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first thing i install after root

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LG V30 has some display issues (uneven color and banding).

You can notice it best on low brightness at night.
It seems like the backlights are not evenly dimmed.

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so this..... is the power.... of AMOLED

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>sister wants a Samshit phone
>tell her there are better ones for cheaper
>insists she wants the Samshit because "it's a good brand"
I finally understand the Applefag mentality.

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been avoiding ios 11, went to answer door came back and phone was updating.

Battery life went to shit going from 10.3.3 to 11.0.2
Can't even downgrade since apple stopped letting people downgrade from 11. God damn it apple.

IPhone se btw. Shit was fine on 10.3.3, but 11 just fucked it up. Battery will go from 100% to 67% doing nothing with screen off and wifi and Bluetooth off from settings.

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And iFags will continue to tout iOS getting these "updates" for longer as an advantage over Android.

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Thoughts on Alcatel Idol 4S? i want a new phone with 1440p and expandable storage. also looking at the axon 7. Should i get one of these or go for a some even cheaper chink shit. i want bang for buck

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Samsung is a good brand you chinkshit Xiaomemer.

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>i want a new phone with 1440p
There's literally no difference from 1080p and it only kills your battery faster.

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Which taskbar app is that?

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Back when I still had an iphone 4 it was just the same. Every update the phone got slower and battery life suffered.

They put out these "updates" to urge you to buy new phones, nothing else.

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Redmeme Note 5 fucking when
i NEED it

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my eyes are super good and can tell the difference xd

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I bought a Xiaomi Mi 5 about half a year ago. I previously used a Sony Z2 for 3-4 years, it still works and it's good but I wanted something with a fingerprint sensor and a better chip/screen. Very, very pleased with the Mi. I installed Resurrection Remix on it after trying a few different ROMs and it's been just great.

Very good phone, pretty much everything about it is just great. Very cheap as well, at around 220 USD for the 64GB variant. I tried some Chinese brands before and had bad experiences, but Xiaomi feel like they have good production methods, the build quality feels rock solid, no problems at all.

Of the best things about it is that it's so light, 129 grams. This is something that is underrated among phones I feel, it being light is definitely very nice for quality of life. Also the fingerprint sensor is really good, once I set it up it's been really convenient for unlocking the phone with just a touch.

Only real drawbacks is 1) It's not water/dust proof, and 2) It doesn't support some network in my country (Sweden) but I haven't felt the loss at all. Also you have to go through Xiaomi's procedure to unlock the bootloader, so that was a bit annoying, but not hard to do or anything.

I'd probably buy the new Mi Max 2 if I wasn't saving up for other tech, it looks incredible, very nice extra phone to have for video watching/movies/multitasking. Plus cheap of course.

Would recommend!

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So fucking pissed off about the battery life now. Was perfectly fine before but now I’m charging pretty much constantly when using

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File: 98 KB, 1500x750, honor_7x_body_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They did it

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Now that it's been out for a while and people have gotten to see it, how is the Pixel 2?

Is it worth replacing my Galaxy S7 with in the future?

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Me too lad.

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great phones for 2014

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Bezels are good if they're made useful, i.e. Samsung using bezels on their phones for the Back and App drawer capacitive buttons.

>> No.62858281

when the FUCK are we finally gonna get rid of fucking top and bottom bezels?

like how fucking hard can it be god damn it phones are still ugly as SHIT

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I need a second phone. I don't want to mix my family contacts and close friends with tinder hookups etc. etc. So I need a phone that can use whatsapp, tinder and similar apps.

Is there something not too big (max. s4/iphone 6 size) and aesthetic for less than 100 yurobux? New or used, idc.

>> No.62858368

Both of the new pixels look like shit. Also,
>no headphone jack

>> No.62858389

muh innovation

the biggest innovation is that you can take most new phones with you into the shower.
this is gonna revolutionize sexting to levels never seen before.

>> No.62858398

coming back to android after a six year break
what are some essential apps I should have?
Also got any tips on configuration, there's so many options it's giving me a headache.

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What the fuck is up with this dual camera meme. I barely even use one. I'd so rather save 50 bucks on a phone than this.

>> No.62858438

YMusic (YouTube music player found on Aptoide)
Hacker’s Keyboard
MK Explorer

>> No.62858463

F-droid and a file explorer.
yalp store if you want some os without google.

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I am still on 10.3.2. I shouldn't update right? I am just worried I will miss some security update

>> No.62858549

Might as well buy a crappy phone without camera.

To most people the camera is the most important aspect of a phone.
What else would you use a phone for if not taking selfies and posting your lunch on instagram?

>> No.62858553

Probably some xiaomi or huawei model, cheap one. Samsung has some cheap ones too that are good, but maybe not cheap enough.

>> No.62858591

is the V20 going to get 8.0? Thinking about buying one but the ATT variant has a locked bootloader.

>> No.62858615

Absolutely do not upgrade right now. Maybe they’ll fix it will 11.1 release, but 11 sucks now and provides no extra features worth updating for

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are there any phones that are only 4" screens?

what is the fetish with little girls wearing bug eye glasses and carrying around tablets as phones. looks so fucking goofy.

i dont need a phone to watch a movie or play a game like a fucking normie so why do i need a big unnecessary screen? i have a fucking $5000 sound system with my 4k plasma tv.. i don't need to listen to some low quality transcode over tin can speakers.

SO are there any fucking good phones that aren't for complete NEETs and retards. 4 inch screen, 4gb of ram with fast processor?

and before U fucks say im a manlet or handlet, im actually 6"3 and wear a size 13 shoe (us) and my hands are very large I can play F chord on my many guitars

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K thanks
>xiamoi or huawei
Can you or somebody recommend me a specific model?

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Iphone SE

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nobody reply to this guy until he posts a video with timestamp of him playing an f chord on at least two of his "many" guitars.

i don't fucking believe you, this dude probably has tiny ass hands

>> No.62858735

why do you need 4gigs of ram with a 4" screen you faglet

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Ok so here's the deal
I want someone to recommend me a phone that 1ups the Xperia Z3 on most if not all of the following points:
>thickness: ~7.3mm
>display: atleast 1080p + amoled
>battery: over 3000mAh
>storage: at least 32gb
>optionals/bonus: usb-c, water proof

The only option that I found myself was is pic related,but according to /g/ battery life sucks!

Can anyone help?

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he probably just wants a phone that's tiny enough so his dick fits the screen lmao

>> No.62858782

the only problem with the battery life on the 6p is that many of the phones shipped with defective batteries that cause early shutoff

>> No.62858798

recommendations for a sub 150€ phone?
gf is looking for a cheap reliable one
good storage and fairly good camera would be preferable
nor that it matters here, but Yoigo

>> No.62858819

If, in the case that I'd buy a defective model, a simple battery replacement would solve that issue?

>> No.62858832

it's got bootloop issues too. don't get a 6p

>> No.62858854

its built by huawey
dont expect quality

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>> No.62858975

Moto G5+ Mini after one month: so far, so awesome. Running AOSPEX + Magisk + V4A and this phone fucking FLIES. Zero lag, incredible battery life (10+ hours SoT), feels great in hand, the display is really nice though I do keep it in night light mode almost 24/7, the audio is fantastic with V4A, even on the external speaker. Has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and expandable storage, but a fixed battery. The battery life is so good that as long as you run a Magisk module to have it stop charging even if you leave it plugged in after it's full to prolong the battery longevity, it really shouldn't be an issue unless you intend to keep the phone for the next 10 years. Also it's never gotten hot, not when charging, watching videos, etc.

The ONLY complaint that I have right now is that the camera options are totally shit until there's a really good 8.0 release. Google Camera HDR+ doesn't work, ISO adjustments result in solid black pictures, etc. From what I understand that's all been fixed in the LOS Oreo beta, but it's too buggy for me so I'm waiting for a more solid release, preferably AOSPEX Oreo. Don't get me wrong, it'll still take some decent pictures... It's just that it feels like taking pictures with a 5 year old phone in higher resolution because of not being able to fine tune as you're taking them.

Otherwise, this phone feels like what a flagship device ought to be, at a very budget friendly price. I give it 8/10 (9/10 once there's an 8.0 ROM this stable for better camera support)

>> No.62858981

Just got a Pixel XL. Any anons here have it? What case/cover do you use

>> No.62858991

G5+ mini review* not a mini phone lol

>> No.62859054

are there any apps that still use google voice to make calls? i've been doing free wifi calling since late 2009 and its been fine. when google announced they were killing it off, grooveip and the few other apps that did it updated to use other services so i just kept a backup of 1.4.8 and used that since it still functioned with gv just fine.

today i tried installing it on a 5.0.1 phone and the audio is broken which seems to be a bug they fixed in a later version which no longer supports gv. any advice would be welcome

>> No.62859056

I have a pretty old Nexus 5 that's starting to show it's age.
What phone should I get for these use cases:

-Listen to music
-Read manga or novels
-Route planner
-Use apps like whatsapp to chat

I use 総合書店honto for reading manga which isn't available in my local app store, so I have to be able to install apps manually.
Not sure if apple phones even allow that.

>> No.62859111

S8+ or Note8?

>> No.62859183

Note 8 if you want to keep your phone for a while. S8+ has 4GB of RAM compared to Note 8's 6.

>> No.62859204


>> No.62859274

I had that in mind, but the battery on the note pushes me to the +.

>> No.62859284


>> No.62859302

It's literally the same shit. N8 is more optimized.

>> No.62859325

literally anything

>If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

>> No.62859389

united european republic
doesn't matter
see above + I dislike bloat
< 600€ would be nice

>> No.62859480

But when should the price of the Note suffer a drop?

>> No.62859505

Nokia 8, Moto G5 Plus / G5S Plus if you want something cheaper but still very decent.

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File: 91 KB, 650x650, _c3880a316bc07499cc976826c5ee9e29.images.650x650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I just ordered Leeco 2 x520
What ROM should I throw on it, will LineageOS for Le 2 (s2) will work or is it a different phone?
I have no experience whatsoever with custom ROMs


>> No.62859666

>all these other alternatives have muh credits

fuck. is there anything that works for calling/texting and is actually free? i hate this old htc phone i have but at least its on 4.3 and still works free.

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File: 168 KB, 799x1200, 1507217902640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just ordered a standard S8 (exynos). How badly have I fucked up?

>> No.62859712

LineageOS works and is probably a decent choice

>> No.62859716

mi a1 for a cheap, close to stock (like n5) experience. op5 if you want a cheap high end phone.

>> No.62859734

I wish the old Pixel wasn't still $500+

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File: 19 KB, 640x400, Nokia 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright /g/uys. I think about buying a Nokia 6 smartphone. I really like the design and the fact that it's stock Android. I have been using AOSP for the past 6 years and that's the most important feature I look for in a mobile. Any better ideas in the same price range? I'm in Europe.

>> No.62859754

Not at all if you don't care much about root, but there should be root down the line. Exynos has way better standby battery than Snapdragon.

>> No.62859770

Can't you root it though

>> No.62859772

I personally got the 5x(a1 with the chink rom) but still waiting on delivery.if you have the patience to await for delivery , go for the a1 , if not ,just get moto.

>> No.62859815


>> No.62859844

Mi A1

>> No.62859866

I was looking a bit into their specs.
Anything wrong with Galaxy A5 2017? It seems pretty close to these phones but only has 3GB ram.

>> No.62859905

overpriced garbage

>> No.62859919

Looking for a phone to replace my lg g4 on AT&T.

What i care about:
>Battery life
>Enough power to snappily run basic apps
>minimal bloat
>Passable build quality

What i don't care about
>muh 500000x2754929 res screen (1080p led is fine)

>> No.62859950
File: 126 KB, 576x568, thiccachu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

exact opposite effect for me.
my battery life was shit before and since I updated to 11 it's better than ever.

don't take this as evidence, just throwing in my 2 cents.

>> No.62859969

It's fine if you don't mind Touchwiz (which is a bit bloated compared to stock android)

>> No.62859972


>> No.62860041

Thanks I will look into it. Sadly it isn't available directly in my country according to the release map by Xiaomi.

>> No.62860108

No. LG bootloop, go with Redmi Note 4, install LOS.

>> No.62860120

G5+ is a Motorola phone, dummy

>> No.62860136

Nova is still nice and snappy.

>> No.62860167

Not for 1000 freedom dollars.

>> No.62860186

My sister is almost the same way. Mine claims that Samsungs have the best cameras and shit.

>> No.62860213

how's the camera though?

>> No.62860255


I would use it, no lie but there are 2 problems for me with this app:

It crashes whenever I attempt to do anything more than just watch a video (crashes when rotating, crashes when changing from full screen to a smaller window)

I have attempted to send feedback and logs to the developer but the only replies I've received are the automated mailer daemon replies telling me that the email could not be delivered.

>> No.62860344

Take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

>> No.62860537


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File: 87 KB, 213x322, 1481991382360.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello Dear People,

I am looking for a phone. I have broken so many, of them remain none.
I need it with a wireless charger, hard to break, and with LineageOS support.
It has to have the MicroSD slot, and a headphone jack, which many new phones have begun to lack.
I have a budget of 499 euros, not too high nor too low. so, tell me, what's the best you have

>> No.62860698

S7 or S7 Edge, that's pretty much it

>> No.62860819

>muh innovation
Well, a 5.5 inches bezelles phone is easier to fit in your pocket or hold in your hand than a 5.5 inches normal phone.
Conversely you can get a phone with same outer dimension but a bigger screen.

>> No.62860827

any real reason to upgrade from v20 to v30?

>> No.62860834

Hardly an innovation, more like the most obvious thing ever. I've been waiting for bezelles since my first touchscreen device.

>> No.62860851
File: 54 KB, 633x607, 1490660858806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good phone with a long battery life and a nice screen? I'm currently using a Zenfone 2 ad it can barely make it through the day.

>> No.62860853

If you bought a real phone like Xiaomi you can have two user profiles.

>> No.62860854

What phone do you have? Works fine on my Nexus 7

Maybe try OG YouTube? Never used it before but I know it’s highly recommended around here

>> No.62860913

Xiaomi Mi A1

>> No.62860964

never buy an alcatel they are complete shit, I had the idol 4 and it lasted 2 months tops. Just go for like a note 5 or something they are way better

>> No.62860980

iphone SE

>> No.62861004

Damn son you got some big ass feet

>> No.62861198

>5.5" max, the smaller the better but 5 - 5.2" is perfectly fine
>I never play videogames or run a million apps at once so I guess CPU and RAM aren't a top priority
>camera should be at least decent
>battery life is a priority
>water resistance and good viewing angles are a plus
>400 euro budget
I feel like galaxy A5 2017 is for me, what do you think?

>> No.62861298

You can

>> No.62861465

Is now the time to jump on a LG V20?
I've currently got a Nexus 5X but a V20 at $300 looks very tempting.

>> No.62861554

so... consensus on the pixel 2?

>> No.62861585

LG V20 VS. LG G6

or should I just wait for the V30?
Don't need a powerhouse. Just a good phone with decent camera and screen

>> No.62861659

The v20 is an outstanding value right now, the g6 doesn't offer a lot over it other than the water resistance primarily.

>> No.62861672

Give me a Samshit equivalent or slightly better than the G5 Plus

>> No.62861676

how much should you pay for a v20 now in canada?

>> No.62861684

A5 2017

>> No.62861740

I have a Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with Resurrection Remix 5.8.4.

I looked at the logs for Google Cam with HDR+ and it seems to crash due to some shit related to signatures or something...

>> No.62861775

Mi 6 is about 5.15" in size...

>> No.62861889

That's a 2-3 months wait, the Redmi Note series comes out at the start of the year, and a few months more for the Snapdragon version

>> No.62861911

is the Google Pixel XL 128GB worth it for $650 (CAD)?

Is there a better phone for the price out right now?

Not sure I want to pay over 700

>> No.62861922

Just order it from Aliexpress or ebay. Chances are there's a local reseller so you don't have to wait a month for it to ship.

>> No.62861937

How is the Lenovo K8 Note?
Does it use the same Android version as Motorola?

>> No.62861962

If you buy a big battery phone without quick charge you're gonna have a bad time

Had my k6000 on charge for 7 hours it's not even 100% yet

>> No.62862022

How do these work?
Ive never seen one

>> No.62862141

I'll just get the Note 4. I'm pretty sure the Note 5 might have worse battery life.

>> No.62862206

>Linking to a Flossy Carter vid
KEK. I like him though

>> No.62862312

How is Sailfish? If anyone here even has experience with it.

I just noticed there's a build of it for my old Moto G4 and I'm curious.

>> No.62862394
File: 67 KB, 600x336, Cellphonz-gone-with-the-wind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im going to mexico soon and my current smart phone is way too nice for me to risk getting jacked. I need a inexpensive smart phone recommendation

I use att and I now use a pixel, so my smart phone sim size is nano

please let me know what you guys think'

hopefully something small with a camera

>> No.62862427

Charge overnight you idiot. Also if you charge daily it won't have to charge the whole battery. Anyway my 4000mAh takes less than 4 hours and it's charging at a bog standard 2A 5V.

>> No.62862441

>smart phone sim size is nano

>> No.62862479

Moto E4

>> No.62862506

I just bought a Moto G5S Plus, 32gb for $230

>doesnt feel super cheap
>screen looks fine
>very little bloat, close to stock android
>fast especially running nova launcher
>fingerprint reader works surprisingly well, more accurate and faster than my Galaxy S6

It feels like its close to par with my Galaxy S6.
S6 has a higher resolution screen, but as it stands with 2 years of use, I dont think it looks that much better.
The S6 camera is a bit better in low light
In good lighting I cant tell much of a difference. (I use auto mode and dont change camera settings FWIW, not a photographer).

I bought a V30 and returned it (had fucked up screen, decided im not paying that much for a phone anymore). Just decided I always disable all gimmicky features, majority of the built in apps, only use for shitposting/google maps/texts and calls no need for a flagship.

Im pretty happy with it, and being free from Verizon feels so fucking good.

>> No.62862557

I'm living at México, I have a expensive phone (v20) I've never been jacked and I use my phone at the street and metro

>> No.62862577

Best decision I've me is switching to lg v20 got mine for 220 usd from eBay about two weeks ago

>> No.62862626

Just realize that its massive, really fucking tall
I have a V20 for 2 weeks and returned it.
It didnt fit my hand very well, and when I held it horizontally you would accidentally touch the second screen a lot which would switch to other apps when you didnt want to.

Also realize that you lose stock functionality of the 2nd screen when you put a Rom on it, and the camera quality turns to shit with a custom rom.
It seems like a pretty good phone though

>> No.62862665

God damn it, I really want the G5S+ but it's still not being sold at good prices here in Mexico.
I can get a new G5+ for $266 USD (cheapest there is) right now but the G5S+ is still $400 USD on overpriced retail stores. Still not up at Amazon or other sites, and for that price, I could just get a Z2 play instead from Amazon.

>> No.62862717



>> No.62862729

why would you go to mexico lmao

>> No.62862741


i will be staying and interacting with people in the worst areas of cdmx and am also white

rather not take the chance

>> No.62862754

buy a dollar starter and reuse the outer rim to make your sim work, get a new sim from your carrier for free (tell them you need it for new phone), DYI something
many solutions for this non-problem

>> No.62862756


none ya fucking business

>> No.62862771


i have to change it sometimes on the fly

no time for that

>> No.62862796

reusing the outer rim takes me a second or two
inconsequential when compared to the time it takes to remove the back/open the tray

>> No.62862818


i see what you mean

>> No.62863082

is the google pixel XL still the best under $700 phone out right now?

>> No.62863089


>> No.62863097


>> No.62863127

Hey everyone, currently sick of my LG G5 and it's had a short life. I've always enjoyed Google's Nexus line, loving the Nexus 5 and enjoy the 5x.

I'm in the US and on T-Mobiles network and am looking for a phone that has good rear/front facing camera, doesn't burn my hand, and if all possible similar to the Nexus line of phones. Depending if I can lease through TMobile budget isn't an issue.

>> No.62863166

When did the back button get put on the left?

I started with the droid 2, back in the froyo days they had the back button 3rd button to the right. So it was still to the right of the middle
Then I had several samsungs with the hardware buttons all on the right

Now without hardware buttons the onscreen buttons, the return button is on the left. Its taking a lot of getting used to

>> No.62863213

I'm not a fan of samsung firmware
still better?

>> No.62863246

Depends on what you want. Both phones are about as good as you can get right now, especially at that price point.

>> No.62863403

I want a good screen, on a snappy phone with a good camera
pixel can be had for 650, s8 for 800+
Canada btw

>> No.62863492

Can I get a recommendation. I'm in the US with Cricket. I want something with good storage and battery life. I currently have a moto-e 2nd gen which has terrible storage. I was thinking of a price range around $150, max $200. I'm not too picky about phone size, screen resolution, or anything like that. Also I would prefer Android but I am too afraid to go for a chink phone.

TLDR: I'm looking for a cheap, non-chinkphone Android that is as high quality as possible.

>> No.62863506

Just go for the pixel then
USA prices on amazon right now are 675 for XL pixel, 650 for S8
Wouldnt make the jump to 800, especially if you have an aversion to Samsung skins

>> No.62863533

>tfw just paid 200 for an s8
I love contracts

>> No.62863541

G5s Plus

Pushing your budget, but If you have an EDU account, you can get it for $200 on motorolas website. If you buy it for 230 at bestbuys website, there is some sort of Cricket get a $50 refill card or something.

>> No.62863545

how much do you pay per month though :^)

>> No.62863555

Contracts dont make your phones cheaper, it just makes you pay it off in small chunks

>> No.62863568

>how much do you pay per month though :^)

Almost the whole price of a chinkphone

>> No.62863570


why even upgrade iOS ? my 6s is on 9.2.1 with a jailbreak and i am perfectly happy... ill prob stay here for the life of the phone

welp if anything should happen to it ...

>> No.62863572

as much as I did before

the monthly fee would be the same without the phone

>> No.62863582

>the monthly fee would be the same without the phone

AKA, my phones price is already baked into my plan
Go ahead and tell us how much you pay per month

>> No.62863609

better hope your s8 doesn't brick or crack because then you'll be stuck with shit and still paying off the phone

>> No.62863612

Back button has always been on the left since at least the nexus one. The galaxy nexus was the first with the modern layout though I think.

>> No.62863645

20 bucks a month, there's an insurance in there too, I can throw the fucking thing against a wall if I wanted and get a new one

if you pay your phone in full, you're a cukk and that's that

>> No.62863650

>better hope your s8 doesn't brick or crack because then you'll be stuck with shit and still paying off the phone

Nah, you just pay $11 a month insurance, and if your phone breaks you just pay a $200 deductible and get a piece of shit refurbished phone.

>> No.62863661

>20 bucks a month, there's an insurance in there too

Thats a reasonable line charge
So how much does your mom pay for the actual service and data pool then?

>> No.62863675

>if you pay your phone in full, you're a cukk and that's that

Why would you want to buy a carrier locked phone?

>> No.62863715
File: 32 KB, 616x347, pixel2-vs-galaxy-s8-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is EVERY phone copying the look of the S8? I know the G6 was the first to so rounded corners, but it seems all of the newest flagship are modeled after the S8. For whatever reason, they all look atrocious in comparison.

>> No.62863716

moto-e 4th gen has microSD card storage and is pretty cheap

>> No.62863748

because S8 is the most popular phone of 2017. also they all pale in comparison because Samsung has the best OLED fab in the world

>> No.62863755

> but it seems all of the newest flagship are modeled after the S8

Rounding the edges and slowly removing the bezels is about the only thing you can really do nowadays to make a new phone look more "modern".

What other drastic design changes could you actually do?
Its not that they are copying the S8, more like the S8 was just the first to do the only thing you can really do to make these phones look new and special.

>> No.62863769

Lmao if you think insurance works that way. Trust me. The deductible for an S8 is currently $250

>> No.62863770

>buy insurance for phone
>shit breaks on the 8th month
>life too hectic to transfer service/repair
>file claim a week before insurance ends
>tell them the truth

Fucking asurion

>> No.62863836

curved screens and rounded edges make the phone feel modern. I mean just hold a note 8 in your hand and compare it to a nexus 5. the note 8 feels like the future of smartphones in comparison.

>> No.62863868

>tfw still rocking a nexus 5
am I last century?

>> No.62863872

>no one discussing xz1 compact

>> No.62863884

Fuck anon sorry that happened. Don't let them blue ball you though. Unless they have circumstantial proof that you're committing fraud they have to take it.And keep calling them. I swear every Asurion call rep is different. I had three reps tell me that I'd have to wait 3-5 days for a replacement phone but then the fourth told me they could send a replacement right away.

Another experience: I noticed burn in lines on my phone last night and called Asurion today about it. Brand new phone arriving tomorrow for no cost because it was a mechanical error.

>> No.62863886

oneplus 5 or google pixel XL?

>> No.62863891

This is exactly why companies are rounding edges, cutting bezels, pushing garbage VR horse shit.

Its because there isnt actually a need to update your phones, so long as the hardware doesnt fail.
I know someone who is still using an S4, and it actually runs way better than you think it would

>> No.62863906

Oneplus 5 jelly screen effect would be too much for me

>> No.62863919

>buying sony phones

>> No.62863976

isn't that not really a thing?
i don't use twitter anyways

>> No.62864003

>isn't that not really a thing?

OxygenOS spying on you is absolutely a thing though

>> No.62864020

There's an app I want for a promotion that isn't on the US store.

How can I install it? Do I have to switch a bunch of shit on my phone?

>> No.62864086

but every phone OS is spying on you

>> No.62864105

>google spys on you
>so its ok that oneplus records every single thing you do inside of every app and then sends it to the chinese government too


>> No.62864121

yeah what are you gonna do about it you little bitch

>> No.62864131

I really like my OPO but it's starting to shit the bed, was looking at OP5 but now I'm reading they're basically a giant data miner. What do you guys recommend that's the closest to OP5 or better in terms of performance/price?

>> No.62864139

>not use GAPPS
>not use oxygenOS

That was real hard

>> No.62864151

Switch play store locale using app settings

>> No.62864155

>Its because there isnt actually a need to update your phones
actually phone makers and carriers are now going out of their way to cripple your older phones to make you upgrade. apple does it all the time with iOS and carriers like AT&T make sure that you can't root or unlock your phones bootloader so once you stop receiving updates you're stuck.

>> No.62864181

Bitchin, I'll check it out. Thanks man.

>> No.62864184

yeah but i don't do anything suspicious
why should I care?

i hate this /g/ botnet meme

>> No.62864206

Samsung does this shit all the time to get the best performance you need to use the earliest factory image.

If you buy a carrier branded Samsung phones and move to another carrier you won't get updates at all because updates are controlled by the original carrier.

Samsung phones are the embodiment of anti-android.

>> No.62864209

is it worth updating my redmeme to oreo now?

>> No.62864219

Do you give out your email and password to any trustworthy person who asks for it?

>> No.62864220

How do I completely removw files from android internal storage? I've deleted some files but they appear again as broken files when I install a new file manager

>> No.62864234

if they're trusthworthy yeah

>> No.62864244

what's a good phone with a large-ish screen? it's for someone older, moto g5+?

>> No.62864259

eh, I went from lolipop to nougat on my S6 and it feels faster. they toned down the touchwizz bloat as updates went on. but the carrier locked updates and bootloader stuff is indeed bullshit and anti-android.

>> No.62864271

what phones are /g/ approved and the best buy between $150-$300 right now?

>> No.62864287

So the next time a pastor, or a police officer, or your teacher, or you counselor, or your principal/dean, or your accountant, or your doctor, or your lawyer, or any number of trustworthy people asks you for it, youll just hand it right over?

Let me guess, you dont have curtains in your house and you dont lock the doors either?

>> No.62864299

My S6 bootlooped after getting the lastest verizon update about a month ago

>> No.62864335
File: 29 KB, 640x519, 1498766945766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sd card corrupted itself

>> No.62864344

Had that happen, which is why I stopped giving a shit if my phone had SD slot or not

>> No.62864364

Half of those arent even trustworthy

>> No.62864375

sad to hear

now that USB OTGs exist, I don't care whether a phone has or doesn't have a sd card slot. Just stick it in.

>> No.62864409

>its hard to decide who is actually trustworthy and who isnt, even if they hold some sort authority

Yet somehow giant faceless corporations and foreign governments are trustworthy enough to spy on my phone, which is exponentially more intimate than your stupid email address.

The vast majority of people arent doing anything suspicious or wrong, doesnt mean its an ok thing to just let anyone spy on you and your life.

>> No.62864460

i don't trust those people with my personal information, so no

>> No.62864479

The concerning part isn't the spying but how they handle the collected data. I do banking and occasionally enter my ssn using my phone and I don't want that shit leaking out. I would never buy a oneplus or some shit phone from AliExpress.

>> No.62864497

Im glad you trust china more than your doctor

>> No.62864522

yet you still trust scummy american phone companies?
they're all equally bad

>> No.62864555

>but how they handle the collected data

The big problem is, once its collected its collected. And just because one person uses the data in a benign way doesnt mean it will always be treated like that.

>yet you still trust scummy american phone companies?

No I dont
Even if I did, the logic of "One person is spying on me, so its ok if another one does" is baffling."

>> No.62864645

my screen got lose.
get the black and prepare for a learning curve to use the keyboard.

>> No.62864674

Buy the Passport and use it till Black goes down in price

>> No.62864795

>now that USB OTGs exist, I don't care whether a phone has or doesn't have a sd card slot. Just stick it in
Because having a usb a to c dongle and a fucking flash drive sticking out of your phone is so convenient

>> No.62864842

did you get lost in the comment chain>>62863755
>Its not that they are copying the S8, more like the S8 was just the first
No, more like shitsung is copying chinkphones (xiaomi)

>> No.62864873

Chances of the Honor 9i coming out with a global version anytime soon? It looks pretty damn good but I might just go for the A1 since it looks decent enough.

>> No.62864913

>Chinkshit innovating anything, ever

>> No.62864964

Since the A1 uses Google One, would it still send tracking shit to China? I mean, I don't even fucking know who doesn't anymore.

>> No.62864997

How good has your experience with oreo been, /g/? the upgrade is noticeable or is just 0.02s faster app loading.. I want dem battery gains but still no oreo on my phone..

>> No.62865103

Why the fuck would I use Wifi calling if im still going to get charged per text and per minute from my GSM provider?

My home internet is capped, and my calling is capped. Id get hit twice as hard for no reason

>> No.62865300
File: 101 KB, 500x480, 1504226013741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>xposed finally gets made for nougat
>oreo gets released

>> No.62865515

Why are these threads infested with Samsung shills lately?

>> No.62865636

Because samsung is by far the most popular android phone maker out there

>> No.62865649

Get a micro SD card and a $5 micro sd otg. There's some phones out there with cases that have the otg build in and you just slide the SD card inside the case.

>> No.62865673
File: 105 KB, 800x565, 1404867938086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huawei Honor V9 looks a fantastic upgrade from my dying slow Nexus 6, should I bite in or go for something better than Huawei?

>> No.62865713

Going to buy a Moto E4 I think, just want it as a cheap backup/beater phone mainly. Don't care about camera or specs. Anything else I should consider?

>> No.62865808

If Samsung just put stock Android on their flagship phones they'd be the best phones on the market.

>> No.62865809
File: 70 KB, 560x752, pig_anime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Good battery life, and custom rom support.
>$250 USD is my maximum but I'd prefer if it was $200 USD or lower
>5.2 inches or below if possible

>> No.62865833


>> No.62865837

G5 plus

>> No.62865848

I'd also like to note that I'm willing to buy a chink phone.

>> No.62866342
File: 37 KB, 191x226, 1357442919442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nokia 9 has no headphone jack
Why aren't phones good anymore?

>> No.62866467

Are bluetooth headphones good or just a meme?

>> No.62866498

Been using my 64 gb Moto g5s+. Best phone I've owned. Love it

>> No.62866954

should i snag an s7 for around 225 for are there better phones out for that value? (no apple pls)

>> No.62866973

No, they are trash

>> No.62866984

Because holding a collosal 6.3" phonlet with both hands makes me look tiny and adorable to intelligent Chad nerds.

>> No.62867059

>razer coming out with gaymen phone
Can't wait

>> No.62867105

So are screen protectors/tempered glasses memes?
I'm talking specifically for the redmi note 4x. I read it has no screen protection at all. Should I buy such "protection"?

>> No.62867126


>> No.62867169

>tech journalists still using the term "iPhone killer"
If it isn't Samsung, it's not.

>> No.62867230

Does anyone know when the regular moto x4 will be released in the usa?

>> No.62867254

2016 flagships.

HTC 10

>> No.62867255
File: 1.69 MB, 1204x679, Animal RIghts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw hype to have first flagship again since Galaxy s2 was "last year"
>LG G4
>Verizon branded
>Used with AT&T, Data only
>hot as fuck and battery life worse than a wired mouse

Besides that, pitiful deal-breaker. I love the phone. Everything else is my style to a T. Especially for a phone I use like >>62858312

I want to replace it with something less shit. I know nothing about anymore than Mid-low Samsung junk. Let's say I have $200, give or take.

>Pic is screen grab from animal protest video taken on LG G4

>> No.62867281

Just got my Pixel XL. Man... it makes my Note 4 feels like a laggy piece of shit.

>> No.62867285

Oh shit, important detail. it HAS to take, micro sim or larger, I don't want to cut this card and I can't get another one.

>> No.62867344
File: 653 KB, 473x522, Screenshot_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nokia 6 ($200) or Galaxy S5 ($90)

What should I go for?

>> No.62867369

Xiaomi mi max 2 for god-like battery life
Xiaomi redmi note 4 for a bit worse than god-like battery life

>> No.62867396

Nokia 6 is shit compared to the g5 plus which is around the same price

>> No.62867445

Which g5 are we talking about

>> No.62867471

G5 plus or the more expensive G5S plus

>> No.62867498

Thanks of plenty, anon. Gees though, 6.44"? I'm not afraid to admit that that is a little big for my hands (and pockets) but I think I could get used to it. I guess I'll start researching Xiaomi. I'll need to replace my Galaxy On5 workhorse, too, sooner or later. So I'll have to find something and 5 inches or less to not drop while I am trying to do stuff in IRL and on some shitty app at the same time.

Anything I should avoid? Just have faith in research and reviews?

>> No.62867559

I hate that these phones have MicroUSB. What is this, 2011?

>> No.62867561

how fucking new

>> No.62867704

Redmi 4a or 4x to replace on5

>> No.62867815

Blu Pure XR

>> No.62867829

Is the LG V20 a good phone?

>> No.62867844

its shit

>> No.62867854

What makes it shit?

>> No.62867874


>> No.62868268

How to capture fastboot oem unlock token?

Official Mi unlock tool uses a seperate fastboot binary in its directory for unlocking the bootloader. It gets the unlock token from the mothership and passes it to fastboot binary.

I think a wrapper around fastboot could capture the token. Could somebody write a wrapper for fastboot to capture the token? A wrapper that output all interaction with its binary should do it. Something like the ssh honeypots.

>> No.62868310

>Can't downgrade because Flashtool doesn't have update script
>Can't upgrade because Flashtool doesn't have update script
>Forced to use Sony's bloatware tool to reflash a botched OTA update

>> No.62868368

I think I may be able to do this with a debugger provided mi unlock tool doesn't have any anti debugging properties. But it would be really easy and universal with a simple wrapper around fastboot binary.

>> No.62868380

My god honor 7x looks sexy as fuck

Please be good

>> No.62868626

Alright I've been an iCuck for years and want to switch. I've used a Samsung S5 at work and it's alright. Really only looking for something that lets me customise the phone so I can have cute anime girls everywhere; don't plan on using the phone for much other than phone, text and email.

Currently looking at these: Nokia 6, Sony Xperia XA1 and Samsung J7 (Prime or Pro).

doesn't matter
>wanted features
phone, text, email, ability to customise look and have cute anime girls everywhere, ability to not use/disable finger print & voice control bullshit
under $500 ausfag dollars

>> No.62868660

Redmi note 4 or mi max 2

>> No.62868705

My Honor 8 is perfect.

>> No.62868854

The one thing I know is that the Mi Unlock tool uses. NET.4.0 so you may be able to use that against it.

>> No.62869097

Anyone can shed some info on me, not too tech-savvy on smartphones
Is there any chance that my LG G4 will get official OTA Nougat ?
>Build number MRA58K
>Software version V20g-EUR-XX
It's been a fucking year since nougat released and LG has promised b4 that G4 will get it, but just recently it dropped security updates on it
Still have warranty which I'm not going to risk since the fucking bootloop could happen any moment so I haven't rooted the device

>> No.62869138

How's the V30?

>> No.62869204

I'm using a s6 since december 2015 and it's my first Amoled. When should i expect burnt pixels? I'm surprised i don't have any yet since i use it a lot

>> No.62869210
File: 62 KB, 640x360, 772d3f081331aaf57d8bd1449ef6e8e5_1920_1080_640_360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62869230

Which model do you have?

>> No.62869253

H815, forgot to mention

>> No.62869258

Xperia L1 or Xperia XA?
Does anyone have any experience with either?
All I want is a cheap Sony phone and there isn't much variety around here

>> No.62869263

The EMEA one

>> No.62869494
File: 129 KB, 314x278, question mark 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've reactivated my old Galaxy S2 with a Prepaid card, so that I don't give out my real number to students/parents for school trips.

But coming from a Galaxy S8, the S2 feels slow as shit. Does Lineage OS improve the speed to be more bearable? Had CyanogenMod installed on it once, but returned to stock since it had an insane battery draw for whatever reason.

>> No.62869637

Nothing is going to make a 6 year old phone feel fast

>> No.62869722

Of course, but would it be an improvement?

>> No.62869898

It's been out since August

>> No.62869974

This seems like something that voids warranty, I was wondering if OTA update is coming anytime soon, but I assume since the upgrade is live, it should be only a matter of time, not WILL there be an OTA

>> No.62870078

>>>62869898 (You)
>This seems like something that voids warranty, I was wondering if OTA update is coming anytime soon, but I assume since the upgrade is live, it should be only a matter of time, not WILL there be an OTA
Ota is coming out by the end of the year according to lg support

>> No.62870113

Thanks for the info lad, will wait for a bit more or at least until warranty ends

>> No.62870141

I stuck with a Galaxy S1 for 4 years, it was usable up until Android 4.3. Jellybean 4.2.2 was smooth enough for daily use, and easily smoother than the stock Gingerbread it ended up with at the end of its support lifecycle. I ended up ditching it because the internal flash died (bug with ICS/JB kernel cause the firmware to fuck up and lock itself out. It'd reset after a couple of months of being fully drained), and running /data off a SD made it a lot slower.

Try CyanAOSP. It was the smoothest 4.2.2 ROM for the S1, and the dev released an S2 version as well. Kitkat though, but surely the improved CPU/RAM should compensate for it. Else CM10.2

>> No.62870241

I wish other manufacturers would follow Sony's example regarding stock ROM and AOSP. They have a dedicated AOSP repo that actually compile and produce a fully working build to showcase what they're working on, and their stock ROM is close enough to stock Android that I don't even have to flash Lineage. Recent Sense build is alright, but MIUI/Touchwiz are awful. Their stock ROM are always 4-5 times the size of Lineage

>> No.62870536

new thread





>> No.62870695

Worth getting a Pixel 2 XL if I'm currently using an S8+?

Nothing wrong with my phone, just loved the Nexus I had before.

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