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>see a cake in bakery
>go home
>look for information on the internet about the same cake how to cook it
>make a 100% identical cake and eat it

are people this retard?

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>Go to top-tier restaurant
>Go into kitchen
>Force 3-star chef to reveal his best recipe
>Somehow also consume it for free for eternity whenever you fell like it

That's the more accurate metaphor and you are retarded

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With physical things you are paying for the materials and the work put in. With digital things you are only paying for the work it took to make the thing.

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For digital thing I payed for my PC parts and electricity

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t. two retards

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>____ _______

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you might be the most retarded op of all time congratulations

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Thats paying to run and maintain your own equipment, thats the price everyone pays despite pirating or not.

>pirating is not theft
No it's piracy. Theft if intellectual property, not physical property.

Although I do think piracy is wrong, I think it's the fault of both the companies that make the movies, and peopl pirating. Should their be an option to meet in the middle, where the movie companies make money off ad revenue rather than only direct sales? This wouldn't work with gaymes, but it's a viable solution to movie piracy. If all movies were available for free, at the expense of ads, movie piracy would drop dramatically.

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>if all web sites were available for free but with ads, adblock usage would drop dramatically

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Not everyone uses adblock
And there would be ways to prevent adblock from working.
If ads were hosted on the same website as the movies, you couldn't adblock it

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I honestly hope you're trolling and not actually that stupid.

Apart from completely missing my point, you also fail to realize how trivial it is to rip the movie, strip ads from it, and upload to p2p for people to enjoy it ad-free.

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Its more like you found source code for cake and compiled it by yourself

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then tell my why devices which capable of storing data are taxed even more by government just in case you going to store pirated stuff on that?

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I actually do this all the time.
Fuck playing 15+ dollars for a fucking pizza i can do for less than 3.

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>see a cake in a bakery
>pull out a magical cake-replication raygun and use it on the cake
>go home
>beam the copy of the cake onto a table

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> Work your ass off for a decade learning math, CS, algorithms and calculus.
> Slave away for years to get experience needed to work on complicated software.
> Some chink decides that hes not going to pay for your labor and just uses your work without paying anything
> You and your company is pretty angry, so you implement more advanced security, which, alas, lowers the performance of your product.
> People are angry at you for protecting the product of your labor
> Le post-scarcity arguments and "it's just a copy, your "car" is still there, lol"
> 99% of people who stole your software can't even write "hello world" in c++. If they actually were the kind of people who can write it themselves, at least it wouldn't be so sad.
> They even have the audacity to complain about certain bugs and lack of features in a stolen product

Daily reminder that you won't be a glorious commissar if your shitty Utopia comes into existence.

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nigger what? what fucking tax did you just invent in your stupidity?

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I belive hes talking aboyt the swedish copy tax(yes its a thing in sweden).
I belive other european countries have something similar.

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This image always makes me feel disgusted. That thing should be put to sleep.

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Thank you for confirming that owo posters should all be gassed.

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Fuck niggers?

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i would feel justified in placing pirated stuff on such a storage device, as i've already paid the tax designed to account for it

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Artijus tax

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Does he have no skull?

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Explain to me the issue of pirating something that's purposely made scarce for no reason, like windows 7 or windows 8. If Microsoft wanted money for these products, why don't they make them anymore?

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Well, it's still illegal in Sweden. tax was supposed to be for private copying, when it was legal to rip a cd and share witg friends and family. Torrenting is illegal now but tax remains...
Can be easily cirumvented by order online from outside sweden but inside eu.
Buying stuff in sweden from swedish shops is what super cucks do now. Since we also have a new electronic enviromental tax based on the weight of the component, not kidding.

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(((Intellectual propety)))

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back to /v/ you stupid nigger

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This. Also applies to books/music/art/whatever ... literally any digital data is free game now.

We all do this to a greater/lesser extent, but what kind of retard thinks that digital piracy != theft. Granted, they don't LOSE the data, but the consequence of digital piracy is that their data never belonged to them in the first place; it's part of the commons now.

Unfortunately OP will never know the consequences of piracy as he'll never create anything worth stealing. Sad.

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how cucked can one country get... i hope Fingolia isn't heading in that direction anytime soon, it's my last hope in northern europe, along with Estonia.

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>another retarded piracy thread
Are you people just running out of stupid topics to pointlessly and autistically waste time one? Fuck off back to /b/ already.

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Heh heh

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Your analogy is still wrong, he's a better one

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your cake wasn't intended for resale or profit

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Cry all you want, nothing will change. Acktuarry, it's only getting worse (better) lmao. We're finally entering a "earn money for something people want you to continue making" kinda market, rather than "you can't even sample this, hand over 6x the sum of its parts. If you don't like it, tough."

Music industry mafia scum fucks can only die faster, and musicians that are good are still making bank, some without a label at all.

People who complain about "piracy" in the completely open copy/share internet world are either moralfag larpers, some daddy's money prince, or just some old fuck whose losing his grip on some media gatekeeper scheme.

Don't forget to subscribe to my patreon for more quality posts and disable your adblocker on my blogs :^)

(please don't steal this photo)

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Software piracy is not the same as any other media.
1. You don't have to rely on selling to consumers, there are better alternatives.
2. The pirated product is almost always worse than the original.
When the friendly Russians breaks the DRM and packages the software, you can't control if he didn't do anything else with the application.

Movies, TV, books etc is almost always better when pirated.
I was at someone's house where we saw a blueray. Holy shit that stuff is insufferable. Why can't you just press play when you paid a ton of money for the thing?
It was even worse than DVD's.
TV on major channels are filled with advertisements every 10 minutes or so and you can't even buy the TV show most places.

Software sold by a company is usually easy to get for the consumer.
It could be easier but it is mostly webdevs who do the store, so that will never be a good experience.

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The store linked me to a torrent last time I requested a win7 iso.

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I am friends with everyone on the private tracker I use.
What is the problem?

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Is the cake copyrighted?

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>go on 4chan
>us food analogy for your shit argument

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>>Force 3-star chef
Utter shiet tier argument.
>i beat him up, then called him nazi, then i sat down and screeched bloody hell
In the restaurant you buy the skills, the ingredient and the special equipment.
Nobody forbids you to learn how to taste properly and recognise ingredients. You can always buy something, taste it, go home and try to replicate it.
If you are a good cook, it would be close or identical, if you are not, then you will go back to the restaurant and pay for it.
If restaurants serve food that can be replicated by some random pirate who never boiled an egg before, then they should switch careers

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Same guy here. Let me tell you a story.
In 2001 i bought hom&m3, aoe2+expansion, aom later on, dII, warcraft3, desperados and a shitload of other games from that era.
After 2003/04 I switched completely to pirating.
Why? Buying a 60 jewros (almost 70$) gaym, then you were forced to download a shitload of data to fix broken gaym, then whenever there was a problem you were wondering if it's a bug or a feature, so you were googling more than gayming.
Said, fuck this.
I pirate every gaym I play. Then if the game's good, e.g. gta series, or oblivion or skyrim or fallout 3 and New vegas, i pick the goty edition a few years later and play it from the start.
Last time I bought a game on release was with diii(although I had been playing wow and buying expansion up till wotlk) and have never gotten any game on launch since then.
Gayming companies can do their thing, release beta games for 59.95, then ask 14.95 for a new char or a new area in the game, but all they will ever get from me is only a 12.95$, when their game is finished(goty edition), and IF it is worth playing.
You generous fucks, can keep paying the bastards to deliver bad games, but all you do is rewarding shit products. I never though it would be a waste to buy aoeII+expansion for 80euros 15 years ago, but if aoe4 comes out, i'd consider spending 5 bucks because there's a chance that i'll need to wai 1year and buy 2 dlcs to make it playable.

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Sorry, online friends are not real friends according to the swedish government.

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Lurk moar newfag

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> imagine being at computer

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I've pirated porn, mainly to see my favorite sluts in 4K. ALL DEM PIXELS!

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It is mandatory in eu.

The fucking riaa equivalent of Poland tried to put that tax on smartphones, Pc components, laptops - because, due to old law, they deemed them similar to the vhs recorders in functionality..

Fuck them.

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record companies think /way/ too highly of themselves

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>comparing backwards engineering a program with guides to downloading it rrom a torrent site

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>It is mandatory in eu
what? i'm gonna need some sauce

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If I want to pirate Adobe Photoshop, I'm not going to look up it's source code, then painstakingly copy every single character till I get the finished product. I go to piratebay and click "add magnet."

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That's a shitty comparison.
Stealing your favorite album is not the same as remaking the album from scratch at home with your bedroom studio, you thief.

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uploading pirated content is wrong
downloading is not

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>3-star chef
That's literally McDonalds tier.

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Copyright is a form of monopoly.

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Not in the EU i believe. Used to order Verbatims from the NL where they were much cheaper then in Sweden.

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lots of piracy threads lately, buncha butthurt faggots ey. cry it up faggots im gonna keep pirating forever

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Pirating is a great way to have free marketing.

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>Be honest to god gamedev
>Poor people pirate my game
>Get free exposure
>More actual people buy it
>Product is good enough that even if 80% of people using it pirated it (as of right now) i'd still be rolling in money for the rest of my life
>Anecdotal evidence sucks, shame that every single studie on the subject agrees that sales are only positively affected by sales
>Mfw some troll keeps getting people to reply every single day.

You guys aren't that into reading actual science and statistics huh?

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Its an EU law. Nothing inherent to sweden. Albeit the swedish implementation is god awful

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Piracy is a smear word, please avoid it.

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>get paid your wage for work
>sales don't matter for you

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>With digital things you are only paying for the work it took to make the thing

yfw anti-piracy shills have been forced to accept the Labour Theory of Value

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>indie game dev
>actually making a profit
tell us more about how much money you're making, mr gayme d3v

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>be me, anon but from the 5th plane of reality
>"oh look, people are stealing my shit"
>literally make bait, distribute on piracy sites, bait has IP tracking software
>find their locations
>doxx them to send a message.
that wasn't so hard, was it?

If you aren't so savage you could go:
>program code to detect when pirated
>let them know you are watching them
>haunt them until they delete the application.

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