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>someone posts a question or experience about using their Windows or Linux pc
>reasonable discussion

>someone posts a question or experience about using their Mac

Why is this? Why does owning a Mac instill such rage in some people on /g/? Is it because most people on /g/ are poor and would need to save for several months to own a Mac?

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recorded CPU temperatures of almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

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You can’t afford a Mac.

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can't afford to give a shit about a mac

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what if I have an older model that doesn't throttle

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Windows has a purpose for normies. Buying Apple is for people that spend $200 on skinny jeans.

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What's the point in creating this thread on a technology board? It's not /fa/ or /lgbt/, we discuss here operating system kernels, IPC, hardware interruptions, memory mapping, high performance computing, artificial intelligence and sometimes the superiority of clever Jews or the white race.

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I can afford better

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You can’t afford a Mac.

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You can't afford a mac

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You can’t afford a Mac.

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can't afford to give you a (you)

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You can't afford a Mac

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/g/ is for:

>le gahnoo slash leenox versus le windoze
>le n/v/idya versus le ayymd
>le gayest desktop thread
>my language is better than yours
>poorfag generals

majority of people on /g/ are probably young compsci undergrads or hobbyist neets, don't even try to make it look better than it actually is.

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Lol poorfag

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You can't afford a thinkpad

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You can’t afford a Mac.

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It's the whole form over function thing. It enrages the autists. Throttling is just icing on the cake.

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You can't afford a Big Mac

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The answer is to hackintosh. The main rule is not to try to hackintosh existing hardware; instead you need to buy your parts with macOS in mind. Some motherboards are perfect, others are a nightmare. Use a USB DAC instead of struggling with sound drivers. When you take this low-friction approach, the justwerks factor is almost as high as actual macs and with much more flexibility.

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>Someone posts a question or experience about using Windows
>Fucking botnet please leave >>>/v/ fucking pajeets proprietary shit enjoy your forced "updates" you cuck shill shill shill wannacry

>Someone posts a question or experience about using Linux
>Fucking freetard FREEDUMBs lol ricefags no games or photoshop unstable shit RMS worshipping faggot basement dweller lol you might as well not use an internet connection you have held broken packages

>someone posts a question or experience about using mac
>hurr mac fag I hate you go have anal sex fucking idiot install gentoo

Fixed for you.

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literally this is why people can't have normal discussions about macs. Once someone criticizes mac(os), this shit comes up.

Go fuck yourself iToddlers

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This man speaks the truth. I can't afford a Mac to be fucking up every time I wanna get something done. I need reliably.

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Thanks for showing why we can't have Mac discussions.

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And windows is reliable lmao?

As a professional dev, I have many stories where Windows took a complete shit on my development environment and work. Can you say the same about macOS?

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Not for windows, but Mac for sure. I tried to run an exe and it wouldn't work on Mac. Halted everything until I installed Windows.

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The current state of /g/-video games and shit.

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