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I have an iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2017, and Apple Watch series 2, but no Mac. Should I get an iMac? I’m looking to get a new computer soon.

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Make a Hackintosh for 1/5th the price and then use the remaining money to buy some rope.

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>buy some rope

I have a six figure income at 22 and a girlfriend, why would I kill myself?

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>Worst case scenario you won't use it that much.

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Because you're a pathetic sack of shit, and you wouldn't know what to do with either of those things.

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You seem to be mad anon, tell me what is bothering you so much

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>not having airpods

Literally the only apple product worth owning

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lol pathetic. I have a seven figure income and two girlfriends at 21

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Buy it I too have money and my life in order. I just want to put it on my desk so people see it when they walk in my apartment. I'm sure you'll find a use for it.

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>why would I kill myself?
Because you're obviously a liar, or a loser, or all of the above. There are no "sucesses" here.

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At this point I'm the other way around: I'm increasingly disappointed in iOS, but OSX is so nice it keeps me using an iPhone (so everything plays/syncs nicely).

How crappy/not is pairing a Mac with Android?

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I want these a lot, but HOLY CHRIST that's a lot of money for something that's bound to break in a year at the very most.

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I've had them since release and have encountered literally 0 issues so that's literally incorrect.

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This. Successful people do not come to 4chan.

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I can feel the projection from here

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more like pathetic NEET loser that makes obvious ebin trole bait threads

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Bruh are u really need it? You have iPad already.


True he already have both iPhone and iPad for daily why do you need more?

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it sucks, you have to use unpolished and slow sync software

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Computers are deprecated technology.

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get a macbook to travel with and hook it up to monitor when you are home

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They are either in your ears or in the charging case 100% of the time. When could they possibly break?

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Earbuds never last too long. Even if you never get them wet or lose them the drivers eventually wear out and they'll get quieter and quieter.

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airpods can survive up to 1 foot of water

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If you can afford it which you probably can't faggot

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I still use the EarPods from my iPhone 5S faggot, what are you talking about?

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I wouldn’t count on it, but there have been stories of the AirPods surviving a trip through the washing machine. I’ve heard the case is less waterproof the AirPods themselves.

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Don't sell yourselves short.

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>the drivers eventually wear out and they'll get quieter and quieter.

/g/ in a nutshell

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My brother dropped his into a bucket ~1 foot tall full of soapy water while washing his car. That's how I know. Left them out on the table to dry and they worked fine after.

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Only if you're getting the 5k version.

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Get the 27” 5k now, the iMac Pro when it comes out in December, and then switch to the new Mac Pro whenever it gets released.

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iMac is a way better experience than iPad, can't beat the mouse/trackpad + physical keyboard, with a huge display. tired of this iPad meme

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just euthanize me

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>has memewatch but not 5k iMac
Nigga, what are you doing with your life? It's on of their best products and dirt cheap for what it offers.

The battery life blows. If it were better they'd be actually a ridiculously great deal but having to worry about charging your headphones is ass.

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Battery life is fine. You can easily skip a night or two of charging even with heavy use.

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Most reviews talk about 5-6h, which is beyond horrible and hardly half a day.

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no, you should leave the Apple ecosystem entirely. You're wasting a lot of money. you can get a similar specs machine for less and install Elementary OS to have something that feels more mac like.

I really hope you're just a troll. I'm sick of seeing all these ignorant people acting as apologists for proprietary software.

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Nice try, /v/irgins.

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>Elementary OS

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