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Is the iMac the most premium computing experience?

>that OS
>that 5k display
>that all in one design

It just feels way better and more luxurious than any PC I’ve used.

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It sure is the gayest.

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>t. average consumer with no computer knowledge

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recorded CPU temperatures of almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

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For that price I can get.... Two 4k Monitor system,... And it will run games also.

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How much do ishels get payed?

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its actually the best for 4k video editing because noone else puts out 5k screens (1k more means you can see all 4k when toolbars and shit are up

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>1 rupee has been deposited into your account

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have fun with your overheating hardware anon

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Dell does, with better color accuracy too.

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>Dell 8k monitors

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too much and too expensive

price compared to imac?

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I like MacOS but their hardware is horribly overpriced for what it's worth.

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lmfao no right click, enjoy not being able to delete your shitty resume

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nice meme

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>that OS

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>What is Ctrl+Click?
>What is Delete Key?
I'm not defending OPs post, because it's retarded, but what is wrong with you?

>inb4 'el oh el u tük le bate'
Kill yourself.

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