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wtf is this shit?

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The future

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me on the bike

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Target rich environment.

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botnet irl

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Person of Interest: Irl

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Chink masterrace


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The Machine

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Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to catch (political dissidents)criminals at a beer festival.
We can't have terrorists and threats to community harmony, like pic related, getting away again, now can we?

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Looks like security cam footage.

Maybe you should try getting out more.

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In almost every store all the cameras feed into some marketing software that tells u where ppl stand how long they stand there fore to gauge product interest and customer line up turnaround time and all this other shit. This is just the bigger version of that.

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OpenCV with random text next to people and vehicles

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The new ubisoft killer app, Eat Dogs™

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I've got you in my sights

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Literally person of interest.

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>vertical video
not even gonna click on that shit :)

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The text is saying if the object is a vehicle or not, if yes, the type and colour of the vehicle; if no, the age, sex, and the clothing of the pedestrian.

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that is quite frightening

> every vehicle's license plate is matched and tracked
> every face is matched to a cloud database and its GPS position registered
> this GPS position is matched with any cell phone records at that position

Elon Musk's idea of automated killing drones with laser isn't that far fetched. do you think they'd miss ANY human a> with computer target recognition like OP b> with a laser

pic related. how can they miss a human if they can hit a mosquito mid-flight?

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This is the future you chose.

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Its the machine silly! Make sure your number isn't on its list :^)

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B-but anon, I already did my best to stop it. 失敗した失敗した失敗した失敗した

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That is actually fucking scary. However, (and I'm not doubting this happening) laser tech would need to evolve further to be able to kill humans.

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I think its called "sensevideo"

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It just needs to blind you, and you will be interrogated and executed on the ambulance after calling it.

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It obviously already can but it needs to work out the power consumption issues and ofc the size of the units for portability

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>Hitting a mozzy mid flight

Where can I get this magic tech?

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Lol you don't need the laser to physically kill somebody. You use the laser to mark them, then use conventional weapons to kill the marker.

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Damn. I expected to see guro(the original /g/ content) and got some fancy botnet.

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It's to track "terrorists"

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Something that has been around for years now. Chinks aren't the first ones to show this stuff off.

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The future my friend.

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pattern recognition

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The rat attack the eyeballs, but it have to deal with the balls down there first.

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It's the nightmare future of Sweden, among other places. They are currently implementing a national camera network backed by a national facial recognition and license plate reading system. This severely limits where you can go without being tracked and registered in a big database.

The regime claims this is to "fight crime". Sweden's line between dissidents and criminals is pretty blurred since saying the wrong thing about immigration or other subjects makes you a criminal.

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I'm pretty sure you have no idea what that means.

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>Fire away coward!

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OP has not read pic related.

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reminded me of this

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looks like aimbot

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Shut up botnet

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Source for the video?

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They just want to keep you save! Thanks to this system you have never have to fear anyone breaking the rules again. Try not to hurt your head thinking about this again, look - your favourite show of fishcenter is on air. Today might be your lucky day and youll finally win a chance to call in live

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Pol is always right

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Machine vision

Just go to your uni and ask one of the cs grad students there 10 times out of 10 he is asian and can tell you how this is programmed

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Welcome to Communist China. I remember that the CCP installed shitloads of cameras everywhere, especially in Urban cities and a lot in Azerbaijan. Even personal wireless ones are being monitored by them.

They make the NSA look like fucking Amateurs at this point, like this is some Watch Dog shit.

Then again, this could always be edited.

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Put on a burqa/niqab and you're good. I'm not even trolling, muslim-friendliness may turn out to be a great thing after all.

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At work we're just getting started with electronic surveilance. We bought 160 Dahua cameras last week and the plan is to hit 700 cameras in 2 years. For now we're just doing dumb surveilance but the dahua dude showed us some fancy shit like face recognition and automatically following people/cars based on some rules.

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The Machine a best.

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Wow, UK is doing it too

No right to privacy outdoors tho amirite haha

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No, you don't. Not in a public space anyway, that's why you don't get arrested if you record people in a public street.

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Wow, it even shows you their sex.

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inb4 fags complain that the botnet don't assign them their made up genders

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The machine was good, but samaritan's evil.

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>wtf is this shit?
The Future AKA the present

Man that lorry just went full-on killdozer mode, I feel for the cyclist because he just gets WHAMED by a street light.

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Why not? Vertical video fits on screens better.

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That, OP, is comfy to the max, feels good to know that a person like me who's never done any harm and does his best to make society better can be safe from the scoundrel that roam the streets my taxes pay

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>that guy that almost made it but got scorpioned by the lightpole.

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Nigga what? What fucking screen is taller than it is wide?

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shit just noticed, that shit must've fucking hurt, why didn't the fucktard hear the fucking noise that an accident like that makes, and then dodge to the side instead of trying to outrun it like the retards in prometheus?

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Its real time objec detection (is one of the sofwareYOLO)
you can do it with a decent gpu at 30 fps ++

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Automation is unnecessary in such a task, it's not like it would be a highly involved mass volume system, and if it was is easily mitigated by hiding. Warfighting, while enhanced by machines and the involvement of technology is a fundamentally human task, as such it won't be automation but remote operation that will perform tasks such as these.

When you need a supermassive and indiscriminate culling of the organic population automation will heed that call. Otherwise humans will use machines as they have.

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Post more examples of this please

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a smart phone when holding it normally, you fucking dingus.

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You are being watched.
The government has a secret system,
A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
It was designed to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything...

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>tfw watchdogs becomes real

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It doesn't see me, I'm their friend, literally watched from their facilities as my wife's son brought two male (male) friends home and practice sodomy on my wife's boyfriend's bed, now thinking of turning the kid into my trap

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If anyone has the webm of the dude just killing muslims and other degenerates I'd appreciate

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I recognize that reference

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>the absolute state of China

And then people here are screeching for intel processors

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>stand behind a poll
>fool the system

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What's wrong little anime girl? doesn't that itch?

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I think its time to learn hunting and farming.

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unironically kys mobileshitter

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Because people under the influence of fear and adrenaline are composed and reasonable.

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kill all cia niggers

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I realise most aren't, but every fucking time I run into a nigger walking towards me I just fucking sprint without even thinking twice, also when I bike somewhere I always have the paranoia that everyone's out to get me, which can be considered retarded, but I have yet to be robbed of my bike or or ran over by a car, and I've been in fucked up situations

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Oh hi Terry

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>unironically saying this when the desktop market is the one committing seppuku

This graph doesn't even count smart phone apps, which sidestep the regular web.

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Insert this graph into my peehole

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there's one that is a complete montage and not this edgy catter to christianity shit

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What is this

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Sorry kid it's not 2013 anymore. We are in a real fight against degeneracy. If you aren't an actual conservative you need to stop coming to 4chan.

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I don't hold political or religious (or non-religious) values at all, I just feel like it'd be someone else thinking for me if I just go along with the wave, which is no different from libtards who are the epithome of hipocrisy (swear they are progressive, and yet will threaten and kill anyone who doesn't hold their beliefs)

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we need to round up everyone who films vertically into gas chambers.

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But anon how will I get awesome videos to play on my portrait monitor as a comfy background if no one films them?

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kill yourself

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How can they even tell who is who like all chinese look the same damn

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why do you think it exists in china but not in white countries? Automation is easy when it is done from the get-go

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Not just vertical video.

Vertical phone recording of horizontal screen. (the absolute state of millennials)

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>exists in china but not in white countries?

Dude, here in the Netherlands we have hidden cameras in billboards that automatically log the gender/age/etc. of people looking at the ads.

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damn wtf

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Well that's OK. I'm more worried about government doing this. Private companies cannot do much with that information.

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I'm sure the government does a lot more.

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oh anon, you are so naive... are you actually implying that the governments aren't run by companies/corporations under the table? Not that I'm a tinfoil hat wearer, but it's very logical that people with power would want more power, and to make sure they have no opponents whom would take their power from them.
Got pics? Not that I'm doubting, just would be cool to see. Also, weirdly makes me comfy to know that senpai is watching over me, hopefully

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holy fuck the tinfoil hat meme must die, almost every year our governments are proven to be doing egregiously terrible things and yet people still spout the tinfoil hat meme even when it's not particularly hard to believe.

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>Got pics?

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I also had a pic of the type of data it logs, but I can't find it anymore.

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I didn't mean it in a harmful way, I know for a fact that we are indeed traced down, and if they find you to be an enemy they won't think twice. I know this so well that every time I type stupid shit or watch some fucked up porn I'm like "well someones having fun recording this" and I enter this parallel universe where this info is sold to my next employer, and he'll just outright deny me the job, as will every single one after. Might be a paranoia, might not be, but I sure as fuck am not gonna stop being myself because someone might be watching, I'm super fucking weird irl, almost like a tourettes dude, but I'm okay with it. The point is, if we live our entire lives afraid, might as well just an hero.
Might be for the train central to control who's there, all train centrals have cameras in portugal, they don't even hide it, I guess they kinda "hid" it so that it wouldn't cause concern at all

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I have the same train of thought and I'm slowly starting to think that that paranoid belief will eventually become reality, and it's largely because so many people seem to want to shut down and ostracize people who are concerned about the path we're going down with phrases like tinfoil hat. People seem to care more about peer acceptance than their future with regards to things like this.

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The Machine is real.

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Is that actually worth watching? I like some of the concepts it deals with but from what I've seen it looks really stupid.

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>Might be for the train central to control who's there, all train centrals have cameras in portugal

They have normal cameras for that.

And it's not some guesswork I'm doing.
This was a pretty big story when they were discovered and the train company has admitted they were for logging and promised to disable them.

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oh, I'm sorry for my unknowledgeable blabbering then, well, the most we can "do" is hopefully vote for the right people that will uphold our privacy values, if the vote truly does matter in this sense, or else we're just doomed to live in this planet at this day and age

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to be fair mobile browsing seems to include laptops, which also carry a screen wider than it is tall

>> No.62584235

object recognition in real time video
it has some problems displaying info tho
it's also on a fixed camera, the context has been filled already

>> No.62584260

This looks so cool, how can I work for them

>> No.62584271

they'll call you if they're interested, not the other way around

>> No.62584279

First two seasons are amazing.

>> No.62584308

Looks like a shitty aimbot

>> No.62584336

AFAIK intel has a camera software that recognizes a lot of human features and actions.
Too lazy to search but it is there, and gives away if someone is staring at something, how much time and the number of people who did it.

>> No.62584337

Scary thing is the american security state will be buying this soon. Hell they probably developed this shit in the first place. They're prepping for mass civil unrest.

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The only way to avoid it is to use high end silicone masks. Otherwise they can get your identity even from partials.

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No it doesn't.

>> No.62584404

>implying they don't use it already
friendo don't be too scared, no one on /g/, or the rest of 4chan, matters enough to be targetted by the powers that be, do you really think that they want there to be no, however small, amount of chaos on the streets? How else do you justify police, safety related jobs, and the military? Chaos needs to exist for them to be in power, so they'll keep it from ceasing to exist, which is what grants us our lifestyles

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weird, how is browsing from a mobile device (laptop) not mobile browsing?

>> No.62584771

How can that happened? China is really a weird country

>> No.62584788

can happen literally anywhere, just happens to have been recorded on china

>> No.62584812

SQL injection tshirts when?

>> No.62584856

Isn't that the chinese version of Watchdog?

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rf id being scanned you shit smeared mongolid

>> No.62584896

Similar to the shit used by some cars' radar system.

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>If you aren't an actual conservative you need to stop coming to 4chan.

Imagine someone saying this on 4chan in 2007.

>> No.62585449

Best series ever, and I've seen plenty.
Just wished they haven't ended it so suddenly

>> No.62585490

Is this assuming genders?

>> No.62585497

Chinks are no different from insects.

>> No.62585643

So much bs

If we had such advanced tech why couldn't we use a drone to snipe Kim jung-un when he's out in the open air

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it's rating them on their loyalty to the ruling party

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they almost always unironically misgender me

>> No.62586098

Truly high quality books. Never read something like that until now. Would recommend it to anyone who is more interested in scifi or tech

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> Asians highest average IQ.
> don't know how to install breaks on trucks.

>> No.62586972

This is new to you?

>> No.62587416

Looks like he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes, he definitely is accelerating so it's not just a brake failure.

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>"""""global warming"""""

>> No.62588157

That guy on the cycle was super unlucky.

>> No.62588166

I don't know if laugh or cry.

>> No.62588189

Something similar happened in the US a few years ago too.



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File: 124 KB, 1280x718, Person.Of.Interest.S04E18.720p.5.1Ch.Web-DL.ReEnc-DeeJayAhmed.mkv_20150910_171403.640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw no hacker gf

>> No.62588225

they just plugged openCV (made by guess who) into one of their traffic cameras. not that impressive

>> No.62588471


lmao that cyclist got deleted

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>tfw you realize that by solving CAPTCHAs, almost everyone here is contributing to this.

>> No.62588528

>not intentionally getting the captchas wrong to confuse the botnet

>> No.62588585

Guys it's fake. All that really happened was the big truck crashing into the pole which hit the guy on the bike.

Was a pretty excellent vid I don't really see the need to soup it up.

>> No.62588594

our impending doom

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good boy

>> No.62588701

I didn't quite like the ending, but regardless it's totally worth it.

>> No.62588817

Because the laptop uses a desktop OS. Also laptops are not mobile. No one walks around the street using laptops. That's what tablets and phones are for. Laptops sit on a table or lap, immobile.

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make/buy some privacy stickers, don your burqa, and cover that shit

>> No.62588917

because assassinating him wouldn't be good for us at all

>> No.62588933

i use legacy captcha, there's usually one of the two words you can totally keymash. one is the control, the other is the machine learning

>> No.62588949

>You thought you've escaped the Grim Reaper
>Literally swatted you with his gigantic "pole scythe"

>> No.62588952

>laptops are not mobile
The shift in the last decade truly is for worst

>> No.62588960



>> No.62588984

>that cover
oy vey

>> No.62588986

Mass deployment when? We need to holocaust those pesky bloodsuckers

>> No.62588998

Source vid:

>> No.62589004



>> No.62589047

video of my new esp

>> No.62589662


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It is the proto-God.

You should feel special, you will be among the last humans to have known the privacy of your own thoughts.

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File: 244 KB, 800x1000, the_botnet___starring_rms_by_spritanium-d33jsso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>No one walks around the street using laptops.
I do sometimes.

>> No.62590078

The show started out ok and had promising topics, but they fucked it up the moment they gave the machine human characteristics.

>> No.62590130

So whats the difference between this and a normal surveillance camera? That this sistem can match immediatly something? I dont think is much worse than the usual.

>> No.62590223

>You live long enough to experience real life Cyberpunk
>Augment is already possible
Botnet or not, I'm hype.

>> No.62590291

The object detection is not very impressive but the recognition is

It is listing attributes like gender, type of clothes and type of vehicle

>> No.62590303

but waths the point? I assume is good for generating archives because instead of doing all that work manually u got an automated process, but apart from that i dont see many differences with the current situation

>> No.62590327

You know in CSI or Bourne when they say they "got a hit on X on the corner of Y"

This is that

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Why not assassination drones like the hunter-seeker from Dune but much smaller, that can inject an untraceable quantity of a heart-attack inducing drug.

>> No.62590469

Wouldn't you rather go out like that in an instant than to wither and die, incontinent and in constant pain?

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>> No.62590780

You understand that the bible verses are there for comedic effect, right?

>> No.62590828

People like him are very well aware of this and make sure they are very much NOT out in the open. There is also extensive use of body doubles, rescheduling meeting at last minute and saturating channels with fake info.

And they are good at it; otherwise they would have been dead a long time ago.

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>> No.62592231


>> No.62592324

I was just thinking it would be hilarious to see a bunch of people dress up in drag to fuck with the systems

>> No.62592360

I feel like I should carry post-it notes and put them over lenses like these for giggles

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This is now an asian driving bread

>> No.62593791

We are doomed

>> No.62593879

Computer vision system.

Self-driving cars already all do this.

Application is now spreading to surveillance.

>> No.62593907

Trapwire. Most traffic cams in the US have an advance form of this for real time tagging and tracking.

>> No.62593938
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Isn't trapwire 10+ years old? I guess the feds made some upgrades since then.

People just don't know how much they are tagged and tracked in real life.

>> No.62593977

It's a CV surveillance system made by a Chinese start-up called SenseTime.


They had a big demo at Nvidia GDC this year, and it appeared to be much more advanced and accurate than existing solutions in this area.

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>> No.62594266

You would be surprised how many fucktards on bikes also wear headphones, completely blocking out all traffic sounds.

>> No.62594334

More like the present

>> No.62594447

yeah...haha..just to mess up the system..haha

>> No.62594665

Joke's on them, I haven't ventured beyond my driveway in years.

>> No.62594711

>not wearing a burka
hahaha retards

>> No.62594727

More keks than starved communists

>> No.62594914

>he hit the nerve gas
I fucking knew it!

>> No.62595438

Chinese cartoons

>> No.62595561

Pedestrian identified
Civil Status:
Phone Number:
Blood Type:
Health status:
Mood (AI estimated):
Social media profiles:
Places where spent most time:
Most frequented people:
Most visited websites:
Phone data size: Do you wish to retrieve this data?
Registered vehicles:
Political Orientation (AI estimated):
Attended schools:
Criminal Records:
Do you wish you retreive family or friends profiles?

>> No.62595574

Do you really thing that just killing the rocket man will be enought to solve the problem?

>> No.62595712
File: 559 KB, 1372x1920, 45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you aren't an actual conservative you need to stop coming to 4chan.

4chan was created for porn
Most to /g/ spend their time ricing and masturbating to vietnamese caricatures
You are the fucking newfag who do not belong here.
We don't need SJW , alt-right faggots or anyother kind of retarded biggot like you

>> No.62595745


subtle, I like it

>> No.62596710


Why would someone draw an abomination?

>> No.62596762
File: 549 KB, 650x639, 1505351551989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking kek

>> No.62597327

>It's Overwatch, don't you see the score board on the top.
>There bug fixing.

>> No.62597342

Did they get you name right?

>> No.62597379

fuck these hating trolls, its the best batman show ever done.

>> No.62597457

Man, I really love everything Cyberpunk. Movies, Books, Cartoons, Videogames. All of it. I just didn't expect I'd live long enough to actually live in one.

>> No.62597541

you'd never be able to put a powerful enough laser on a drone. bullets are very cheap and very good at killing people.

lasers are fairly terrible as weapons, really. railguns are the next step assuming they can be miniaturized and powered better.

>> No.62598047


>> No.62598066

>Pull an ISIS: Suggested

>> No.62598745

>I have no idea how easy eyes are to burn out

>> No.62598930

hope you practiced your parkour, faggot.

>> No.62599133
File: 51 KB, 728x665, 1503739951508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw borders

>> No.62599367

>wtf is this shit?
Modern China

>> No.62599401

>We are in a real fight against degeneracy.
Don't we all like traps?

>> No.62599497

That's /pol/'s deep dark secret

>> No.62599529

Remember when 4chan would have rather bombed the scientologist than the muslim?

>> No.62599535

some pajeet probably just grabbed a cutting-edge object detection neural network model online and fed frames from the camera into it.

>> No.62599554

Kek'd very hard

>> No.62599605

I was thinking the same thing. Since being conservative became counter culture, 4chan started being conservative. But you have at least to wonder how sad our world is if being true to traditional values and running away from degeneracy became counter culture

>> No.62599619

Christian terrorism huh

>> No.62599912

that poor bastard almost made it out alive

>> No.62600931

>I have no idea how easy it is to shield the eyes

>> No.62601146

More like
>scorpioned by the lightpole
>then set on fire
>THEN run over the truck
I suppose he didn't want to veer left bcause of traffic and had nowhere to go right... goddamn

>> No.62601154


>> No.62601186
File: 81 KB, 1920x1080, harold finch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing you should worry about.

>> No.62601387

can't believe bongs and canadians live like this.


>> No.62601388
File: 167 KB, 1024x887, SJW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ummm your hiding skills doesn't work well

>> No.62602915

> he doesn't plan his route in advance to avoid cameras and tracking
Never gonna make it

>> No.62603160
File: 33 KB, 400x400, dbe89d4bf11bf677aac581335b9ef26a.400x400x1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62603183
File: 147 KB, 249x386, 1494223888461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62603185

haha the facial part is terrible, they can't tell chinese apart

>> No.62603192

what game

>> No.62603214

what CSI episode is this

>> No.62603222

hope everyone has been practicing the living in squalor, dodging drone fire and corporation bootlicking.

>> No.62603233

wait this is literally just counting cyclists/pedestrians/cars

>> No.62603237

nice bait, but go fuck yourself

>> No.62603240

>The realization of fully sentient AI sex bots will also lead to perfected orwellian surveillance

Truly a devil's bargain isn't it

>> No.62603252

o shit
>tfw you have sex with your sexbot and your search bar starts autofilling with your fetishes

>> No.62603266

For anyone interested in more books like this, check out the "Nexus" trilogy.

>> No.62603296

What are you talking about? We have (actual) nazis parading the streets. The nordic resistance movement is doing just fine. Though their political rival, the major anti-immigration party, called them terrorists now. Our security service disagrees though.
It's a fair point. You'd still be tracked by your personal tracking device (phone) though. And you could easily have that tracking assist. A little anyway.

>> No.62603386

tensorflow and opencv with object detection

>> No.62603399

take a wild guess

>> No.62603520

counter strike?

>> No.62603613


>> No.62603660

Overwatch or TF2

>> No.62603706

no idea how you got overwatch but no not tf2
there's really only 1 other mainstream source game that people cheat in, so..

>> No.62603716


>> No.62603726

>no idea how you got overwatch
I don't know, it's really popular. I wasn't the first guy you responded to, just had a guess for the fun of it

>> No.62603857

>implying """nazis""" are the problem
Fuck off, Mohammed.

>> No.62603918

Mr Reese, we got a number

>> No.62603984
File: 35 KB, 362x362, bwoah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not putting tons of word "iconic"

shame on you, anon.

>> No.62604426

Asian street meat

>> No.62605158

not saying that chart includes this or anything, but laptops using mobile os`s are a thing. just sayin

>> No.62605194

>the age, sex, and the clothing of the pedestrian.
Would have a very hard time in San Francisco.

>> No.62605305

>But you have at least to wonder how sad our world is if being true to traditional values and running away from degeneracy became counter culture
>true to traditional values
Half of the 'conservative' posters on /pol/ hate women because they can't get laid. How are they supposed to start a traditional family?
4chan is just edgy alternative rightwingers who believe in all kinds of conspiracy theories. There are very few actual conservatives here.

>> No.62605316

It's already been posted in the thread. Here>>62578522
Anyway, those billboards have been disabled for now. Hope they remove them.

>> No.62605350

>4chan started being conservative

more like 4chan got wind of something more degenerate than itself and got jelly

>> No.62605422

>killing people because car insurance

>> No.62605514

Is that a mod or is that real text from the game?

>> No.62605559

things are seriously going too far

>tensorflow AND opencv with object detection
mutually exclusive

>> No.62605570

Wtf i just thought of doing picrelated yesterday

>> No.62607405

>Scary thing is the american security state will be buying this soon
What is iPhone X? It is literally scaning your face. But don't worry Tim Cuck promised that everything is processed on device ;^)

>> No.62607512

Welcome to the new age

>> No.62607541

It's how your sexbot sees the world.

>> No.62608925
File: 598 KB, 1280x720, greer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing out of the ordinary

>> No.62609235
File: 411 KB, 1920x1080, zcdz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.62609311

No actually you're the one presuming that. I was completely neutral.
I do think they are a major problem but I never implied it.
I think if you find the bare mention of nazis to be painting them in a bad light you might want to reconsider if you actually see them as the good guys.

>> No.62609339
File: 68 KB, 900x900, 1502901536692.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The antichrist

>> No.62609385

The Bible quotes are not from the game. The stuff shown in game is all there.
It's a bit weird. They have tons of those that are intended to be embarrassing and then they throw in 'Muslim', 'advocate for gay rights' etc. Reflects differently on the game company than I thought they intended.

>> No.62609591

It's called Northern Lights

>> No.62609606

>>tfw no hacker gf
tfw no hacker akimbo gun-wielding gf

>> No.62609644

Camera analytics. The tech is progressing fast.

I do this for a living. ama.

>> No.62610244

a hero that we don't deserve

>> No.62610409

He is already dead

>> No.62610531

Er, a mix between Person of Interest and Psycho-Pass?

>> No.62610573

No it doesn't, you fucking troglodyte.

>> No.62610645

Why though

>> No.62610966

A camera system that monitors people and cars to decide when to activate and deactivate traffic lights
Why they have one in china though, I have no idea, since everyone just runs over people anyway

>> No.62611284

for a fucking split second

>> No.62612015
File: 2.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-25-12-38-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this retarded

Here is a full screen screenshot of OP's video

>> No.62614014


W-would you guys settle for a hacker akimbo gun wielding bf?

>> No.62614117
File: 23 KB, 421x425, 1403749446812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scary especially when western countries probably do it as well but won't make it public.

>> No.62615787

no mr God in china

>> No.62615969

Instead of using cheap bullet to hit any part of the body, you want to use expensive light thing to shoot at 2 fucking marbles.

>> No.62616176

my company is building similar stuff, it's nothing special

>> No.62616625

these are two of the best things you can do
any amount helps, no matter how small

>> No.62617002
File: 117 KB, 800x600, 800px-Rape_wallet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have a feeling they're ahead of us; I visited beijing last winter, in most parking lots we went to all we did was drive in, when we left they knew how much we owed; I haven't seen that here in canada yet

>> No.62617072

It's just another term for CIA honeypot.

>> No.62617075

holy fuck, it's like a bad action b-movie

>> No.62617215

Don't worry it's just for you protection. That's all.

>> No.62617453

It's a parody of the ISIS video style.

>> No.62617690

>tfw mfw hikikomori so long im not in any database

>> No.62617787

it's image identification applied real-time to a video feed

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