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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"

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Nice, yeah I do the same.

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>under the false pretence
But what if it isn't false? What if I'm actively being fucked with by the CIA?

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stop making this thread


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I'm a primarily windows bound user that uses tons of non-foss. Just saying that before you mock me.
But i find most foss I use to be great. I've written some patches, which arguably is a downside but given proprietary alternatives it's often i simply can't fix my problems with the software I use.

Of course there's foss that is just incredibly inconvenient to contribute to. They have the same user experience as proprietary software pretty much.

I don't think most people who use foss does it for privacy reasons but rather convenience reasons. They just have different demands from their software than you do.

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He just shitposts while he's in the bathroom. Report and move on.

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Punch him when he gets out of there for me.

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