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>be me, a long time PC user
>always thought macs were overpriced, garbage etc.
>went to a buddy’s house the other day and he has an iMac
>its not even the newest one but notice how much better it looks than my PC. Great display, great OS etc.
>start messing around on it and i enjoy it much more than my PC and it has much better performance for every day tasks
>mfw i ordered a brand new 5k iMac

Why did you lie to me /g/?

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If it's the OS you like more you could always Hackintosh for a fraction of the price.

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Nice blogpost, fruitshagger

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It’s not just the OS.

Also, if I buy the base level 5k iMac for 1.7k, i think its gonna be pretty similar priced if I buy a 5k display for a hackintosh

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>friend letting you snoop around or even go near their computer
Calling bullshit

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And then you have a 5k screen with mediocre hardware attached that can't act as a monitor.

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>went to a buddy’s house the other day and he has an iMac
Did you two fuck? If so, this explains your sudden change of heart.

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recorded CPU temperatures of almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

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