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>5k display
>superior OS

Face it, you'd buy one if you could afford it

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even people who like OSX won't buy a fucking imac and use hackintosh instead

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Who makes 5k content anyway?
Who the fuck buy tech for "aesthetic"
Sounds like some stupid hipster bullshit
>Superior OS
In what environment? Kikerosoft is good in business and Linux is good for everything else. What are Macs even for? And don't say music.

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>being so fucking dumb you don't understand the reason for a 5K screen

4K native playback with editing controls you fucking dumb poorfag mongoloid.

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Nah, there are 4k Panels around with better quality for cheaper. No point in OSX as windows 7 does all I need right now.

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FUCK you got me

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>using computer for productivity and not just using two monitors

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Why would you get a 4K panel instead of 5K?

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Why would you get 5k instead of 4k?

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Because I do not need a 5k panel for my viewing distance and don't need the additional space that resolution provides?

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For editing 4K video you mong

>get a better 4K panel
>get a shitty cheap monitor to put editing controls on
>more powerful machine with better thermals

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Thanks for ignoring my original post and continuing your retarded ad hominem attacks. May I direct you here?

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Try reading the entirety of my post, I told the other guy to do that. I was just saying that's why you would want a 5K display.

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>huge bezels
>no proper sound system
>it throttles to shit
>boring design (same old shit)
>gay-ass OS

Yeah, nah.

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No OLED no buy. 5K is wasted on that IPS garbage.

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pick one.

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What has to go wrong in someone's life that they end up like pic related and make threads like these 20x a day:

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>huge bezels
>boring design (same old shit)

This. Also you can't use the iMac as a standalone monitor if you want to connect another device to it like a video game console.

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>editing 4k video on an imac

you're going to need a Mac Pro for 4k editing

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Even then, processor in Mac Pro is superslow, compared to power you can buy if you know how to stick processor into socket, but mac users obviously have some problem with inserting correct things on correct places.

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to bad apple doesn't use any of their 'pro' software anymore so there is no reason to get a mac over a pc when you can just buy a 5k display for the pc.

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because while and apparently there is only 1 5k display, is good, its not fucking work good, meaning as close to 100 adobe rgb possible.

There are people who still use crts for color accuracy reasons.

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>you'd buy one if you could afford it


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>wanting a shitty 16:9 display
3:2 masterrace

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> no target mode
> hardware will age quickly and there's no use for that 5K IPS
It looks sleek but I don't see how I can use it after 10 years.

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I could buy a dozen and change. Still won't.

imac pro is tempting but I think I'll wait and see what the mac pro's replacement is like

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that image has literally a fucking reflection in it, you cant make this shit up. How can mac faggs ever recover from an ancient requested feature that most modern desktop already have

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>16:9 display
Macs are 16:10, retard

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No they are 8:5

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Not a fan of all in ones. I'd gladly take a max spec MacBook pro though

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iMacs haven't been for 6 or 7 years now. I've seen 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160 and 5120x2880 recently. All 16:9.

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I didn't got the 3DO, so not getting a mac either.
By the price of those things, i probably can make myself a supercomputing cluster that do the shit i need faster.

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While I agree these threads are annoying as fuck, what kind of autist cares enough to go and find all the thread numbers like this.

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The kind that want a purge?

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The iMac is 16:9, the MacBooks are 16:10.

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What piece of shit integrated graphics does this thing have again? Also high framerate and HDR are way more important than resolution past 1440p.

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The only reason I will not buy one is I cannot also use it as an external monitor for my PC. (yes you can with the old ones but ever since they added Retina to them they removed that feature)

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I'd love to get a newer iMac, sadly Apple hasn't made made a 16:10 in years.

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>gay-ass OS
MacOS is what BSDfags WISHED they were using.

Memes aside though, it's actually pretty good as a laptop OS. Linux is much better on the desktop though

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>3:2 masterrace
unironically true
Really glad it's not just apple anymore moving away from the shitty 16:9 meme

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>For editing 4K video you mong
Proof you're retarded.

Everyone doing so just uses 2 4k monitors and either a high end pc or at least a mac pro.

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Oh look THIS thread again. You are a sad, pathetic cunt.

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>5K display

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>huge and nasty lower bezel
>a pain to use with other monitors
I'd rather way for a new Mac Pro.

>Linux is good for everything else
It's even useless for a basic home pc. People don't want to be forced using shitty freetard alternatives and deal with a nasty UI, that makes W10 look consistent and pretty.

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Didnt Dell release 5K Screens in 2015?

Apple is shit face it

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That were the price of the entire iMac.

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can't wait to see Temple OS running on this bad boy.

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>Still has fat ugly bezels
>Still uses retarded ass design
>Still uses gay keyboard
>Still uses awful excuse of a trackpad
>Still using shitty OS
Faggot, only retarded hipsters who think they're indie but they're not buy this shit.

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>13.5 million pixels
>much better looking than an imac
Face it, you'd buy one if you could afford it.

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recorded CPU temperatures of almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

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>5k display

I bet it's fun to watch the horribly cooled Pro 580 immolate itself trying to process anything in 5k, but I honestly doubt it's $2000 worth of fun.

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Isn't the screen 6-bit + FCR?

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They made me use these things at school and I fucking hated it.

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oh look another paid apple thread.

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> uses an hybrid HDD instead of an SSD

ew, why would they do that?

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Cost per TB. Putting an SSD in there can go two ways - the small storage one or the expensive one.
The iMac uses a shit ass hybrid drive as well unless you pay them extra for an SSD.

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>caring about the """desktop""" at all
state of nu-/g/

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