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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"

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>it's a retard doesn't understand that endless tuning, tweaking, configuring and switching services for some seemingly valid and important reason is the only thing that keeps an average /g/entooman away from facing the reality of his own creative and professional impotence and general pointlessness episode

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Aside from games, I can't think of a single legitimate reason for me to use Windows. All of the software tools I use run on Linux just fine.

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Stop posting on bot threads

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Do bots take shits?

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You're a faggot. Why do you insist on shitting up the board with your garbage thread every single day? Seriously, get a life and grow up.
>but I only make it when I shit
Who gives a fuck? you're acting like a fucking child. please kill yourself

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linux literally "just werks"

Its only a pain in the ass on proprietary gaming model PCs and Laptops without driver support.

Otherwise you just install programs and dont get bloaty spyware and "upgrades."

Basically windows and apple are like regressive neo liberalism which is constantly subverted by collectivist authoritarians while linux is decentralized and libertarian. Notice how open source developers have developed more robust methods of production and profit.

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