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The 5k iMac is actually a pretty good deal.

>All in one desktop
>extremely quiet
>much less cords compared to a normal PC
>5k display, more or less unmatched in any PC for a similar price range

Sure its pricey but its a premium product and you get what you pay for.

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iPad on a stick. I'll pass.

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>muh premiumz
You get what you pay for son. Now on your knees fagit. This dick ain't gon suck itself

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>Sure its pricey but its a premium product and you get what you pay for.

And your GPU will die within 3-4 years and turn it into a paper weight, LIKE ALL IMACS

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What the fuck is so expensive? If you are a gamer you can build a high-end machine for that money that will BTFO any mac

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sage'd and reported for shilling

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you are 100% correct.

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>"As soon as we started the test on the iMac, the CPU clock rate fell to 3 GHz"

>"The sensors recordedCPU temperaturesof almost 100 °C (212 °F)"

>"our test device'scasedid not grow exceptionally warm."

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>it's actually a pretty good deal
>Sure its pricey

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Its not a good deal at all and its not even a good 10-bit IPS its just a shit IPS

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It's not even 8-bit. Just 6-bit + FCR.

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Oh look, it's this thread again.

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Is it a good deal with the student discount, free Beats that can be sold for $200 and no taxes?

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>pretty good deal

With a 7700k, Pro 580, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD it costs the equivalent of $4700 where I live.
I can build a PC with these specs, a decent case and a high end 5k display for $2700-2800 with the difference that it won't thermal throttle and the GPU won't melt down after two years, and I can put a HDD (or two, or five) inside for storage. If I bought a 4k or 1440p display instead of 5k memes and spent the rest on better components, it will positively rape the iMac in every type of task while remaining >40% cheaper.

The dogshit basic configuration costs $3200 and the difference in price to building a PC with the same specs is about the same.
The only thing the iMac has going for it is the lack of a "case," but since you're using it as a desktop and aren't moving it around, then a box under the table shouldn't be too much of a concern, unless you're living on 3 square meters in a slum apartment together with twenty other people, in which case buying expensive consumer electronics shouldn't be your first priority to begin with.

This has to be bait, like all of the Apple "shill" threads lately.

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The only thing this piece of shit beats in terms of price/perf is the iPhone X

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> If you are a gamer
If you are a gamer you should be on /v/.

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yeah, its not that expensive, considering what you get..

the problem is, I'like to be able tu replace/upgrde single parts.

if something breaks in this shit, the only thing you can do is take it to the applestore with tons of cash in your pockets...

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>yeah, its not that expensive, considering what you get..
It's twice as expensive than buying the actual components and building them into a PC case. The panel, resolution aside, is absolutely terrible. Fuck off.

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