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Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.
I get this error while booting from USB.
Other info:

Windows 10.
AMD Phenom II X4 955.
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB.
Western Digital WDC WD5000LPVX-22V0TT0.


I did some research but couldn't solve it.

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Linux isn't difficult to install, you're just dumb.

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Remove you GPU and use integrated for the time being.

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Looks like your GPU is causing a ruckus.
Interestingly, you left that out of the OP.

I wonder if that was on purpose.

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>Looks like your GPU is causing a ruckus.
Thanks, I forgot to add it:
>4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.
How do I solve this?

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Try to install the Nvidia driver and see if it works.

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>Remove you GPU and use integrated for the time being.
I want to use Ubuntu in in dual boot with Windows.
That would not be practical.

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>Try to install the Nvidia driver and see if it works.
You mean update?
I'm on Windows now and the card works well.

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>4095 MB
You fucking wish kek

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No, I mean install it on Ubuntu. Your picture shows that the Nouveau driver fails to start.

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Stop violating the region

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>have problem with linux
>meme replies
>replies calling you stupid
>"yeah bro just part and parcel of using linux just remove your video card"

this is why noone uses gahnoo/loonix

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boot with nomodeset, then after install replace nouveau with the proprietary nvidia drivers.

This is an nVidia bug.

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Boot with nomodeset option, install the nvidia proprietary driver.

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Nigger just install ubuntu with your integrated graphics and then fix your driver issue from there. How are you supposed to install nvidia drivers if you cant even install the OS

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I used Rufus
to create a bootable USB flash drive.
When I restart my computer to boot from the USB, this is what the screen shows.
Ubuntu is not installed.

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>he doesn't know
>No, I mean install it on Ubuntu. Your picture shows that the Nouveau driver fails to start.

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This is good advice, dumbass. Remove going, boot and install Ubuntu, go into your newly installed Ubuntu and get the nouveau drivers, restart with you plugged in.

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Use something else to create a bootable USB. Nothing strange with you GPU... But just make sure you have proprietary drivers (I believe you will have a easier time installing Linux Mint)

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Was there an option menu before it happens?

How did you download the .iso? There is a possibility it's corrupted.

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Depends on many factors
Either weird hardware combinations, unknown parts or sometimes bad luck.
This isn't exclusive to Linux of course, but especially given the little financial backing it's difficult to at least somewhat damage control a normal installation process for billions of hardware combinations

Once they don't have to deal with stuff like this anymore, it turns out way better. For example Raspbian installs flawlessly

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couldnt you just plug the video cable into the integrated port instead of the card?

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I would just install a distro without Xorg if I got such problem.

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>boot with nomodeset
>Boot with nomodeset option
I will do this if I can't find any other solution.
>Use something else to create a bootable USB.
What should I use?
>Was there an option menu before it happens?
I will check this.
>How did you download the .iso? There is a possibility it's corrupted.
From Ubuntu website.

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No point in using Linux if you are going to install the proprietary drivers. I suggest going back to Windows.

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I really doubt the iso is corrupt. File corruption is such a rarity today that I'd only suspect it as a last resort. However, since it takes like 5 seconds to verify, it's better to rule out first

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>How to boot with nomodeset

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Linux is not difficult to install on most hardware but Nvidia's graphics hardware can be. Nvidia is notorious for not supporting open source projects. They do not provide developers or even any documentation to help the kernel project support their hardware. The only open source driver is nouveau which works somewhat on older cards but on newer ones it can be completely broken.

In order to use Nvidia graphics you have to install the proprietary drivers from Nvidia themselves.

In the future consider using AMD for Linux support, or just use Intel's integrated graphics

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It's your GPU.

When you select your boot options, press tab and edit the command line. At the end put nomodeset

Should boot up after that

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Am i allowed to use Linux to dual boot with Win7?

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>linux doesn't automatically boot from integrated gpu if dedicated gpu fails to load
No wonder FOSS is shit

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Would wearing gloves prevent you from dying if you are working with poisonous gases?

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That's a bad idea. Rufus is only useful for making a single Windows USB. UNetBootin works better for Linux distros and multibooting. I always had issues with rufus for no apparent reason.

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I have Win7 debotnetted and use ext4 on all Linux partitions... Win7 only has access to the gayms partition.

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I installed like 10 different distros and everything worked with rufus.

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>using NoVidya on Linux
Buy AMD, at least their drivers work.

>worries about proprietary drivers on proprietary hardware

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I once had a problem with rufus (about a couple of releases ago)
it had something to do with the syslinux version of it. I used an older version and was able to boot from the USB. also tried the
may or may not apply to you

I've had more consisten results using universal USB installer

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False sense of security is more dangerous than having no security at all

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>buying nvidia

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well that's not true do, also if the kernel can run from a dedicated gpu from the get go then better, you don't want to install software with 10fps...

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Well... its still better than running solo Windows, no?

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Thanks, it worked.
Now, which option would be the best if I already have reserved a partition for Ubuntu and want to install it there with Ubuntu taking care of any other partitioning?
>Install Ubuntu alongside them.
>Erase disk and install Ubuntu.
>Something else.

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Something else, then select the partition you prepared and set it up as ext4. That should do the trick.

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I couldn't boot using Unebootin.

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If you install Wine you can double click into games on your w7 partition. That's how I play Warcraft and WoW on Linux.

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Why do so many people recommend that shit anyways. I've been using Universal USB Installer for years without ever getting a faulty USB stick.

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You will end up moving back to Windows anyway after learning that Linux is a waste of time to get working.

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>If you install Wine you can double click into games on your w7 partition
WOW, really? Its THAT easy? I never used Wine. Installed Linux just recently.

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Which one is the device for boot loader installation, the SSD on which I run Windows or the HDD?

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If you're too retarded to install Ubuntu, turn the fuck back now and never look at Linux again.

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Wine came preinstalled on Zorin Linux but it should behave the same on every distro. It doesn't work on my laptop for some reason but it works on my PC. Not sure if Wine usually misbehaves on laptops or if there's another issue.

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The issue is that you're fucking retarded.

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Is there any sound or visuals degradations? I only want to play some simple visual novels.

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I was having a non trivial issue for a novice.
Now I'm on mobile and just want to get I done.

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Depends on what program. Some things work perfectly, other things are a pain to get running, and even then, they might have issues.

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install gentoo

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Doesn't really matter. Would recommend the one you install the OS to.

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you need a root (/) partition at the very least
swap and home are optional
whichever drive you select for the bootloader, grub will probably go there and let you choose which OS to boot

remember after you restart when the install is done, you'll still have to boot with the "nomodeset" option until you install the proprietary drivers for your GPU

someone can correct me if something is off

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Use a newer version

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Thank you guys.
I used this
for reference and seems like it's installing nicely.

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Don't fall for the meme you fucking idiot, just run Ubuntu in a virtual machine if you want to try this shit. If your PC ain't a toaster you'll notice literally no performance loss. On VMware at least.

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I'd wait with the celebration until you got the drivers up, but it should work.

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>/g/ can't even install ubuntu

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(You) too.

Works fine. Wc3 and wotlk aren't demanding games, so visual novels should play just as well.

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My specifications in OP.
I tried Oracle VirtualBox but there's lag when typing.
Ok, installation done but the dual boot is not working, Windows starts normally.
I will reinstall again this time placing the boot loader on the SSD.

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You deserve it.
Never had a problem with Intel or AMD graphics.

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You could always disable the dedicated GPU from the BIOS you stupid niggers

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Maybe install the non-free NVIDIA drivers. You could switch to your integrated graphics if you have one.

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Nvidia Driver fucks up, either boot without nvidia drivers being loaded up or remove the card for install and put it in after.

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>I will reinstall again this time placing the boot loader on the SSD.
if you have a boot menu(motherboard), try booting from the drive you installed it to

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You mean just use Linux and put windows in a VM, and set up a KVM if you need muh gayms.

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I reinstalled and it worked.
Then installed the nVidia drivers and everything seems OK.

Thank you for your time guys I love everyone of you.

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another reason to not use systemd
thanks for ruining an OS that used to justwerk, Poettering

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>can't install Ubuntu

you know, posts like this just further confirm my suspicion that windows users are the niggers of the tech world. dumber than mac users.

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Whoa, rude.

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more like the
>it just werks
meme about linux distros is time and time again debunked

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His GPU isn't causing a ruckus. Buggy drivers that comes with ubuntu is causing a ruckus.

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Having to install something means it doesn't work.
Windows users,folks.

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>installer fails to boot on everyday hardware
great OS you got there

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OP is solved but hategasm has not been achieved.

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>literally too dumb to install Ubuntu
hilarious. winniggers don't belong anywhere near a board about technology discussion. Stick to /v/ or some shit.

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>no arguments
you can take the penguin dick out of your mouth and admit it's still not user-friendly enough.

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>muh arguments
You have zero. ZERO. The only argument you have is "I'm too dumb to install Ubuntu"

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>has no arguments
>reveals himself as a brainlet
>wonders why people just insult him rather then argue with him

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luv u

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It's not difficult, you're just retarded.


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>/threading your own post
guess who the real retard is

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Neither does windows. Troll.

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the hassle you have to go through to install proprietary drivers is one of the worst things about linux

fuck stallman

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>cs class makes us program c on centos
>install is only like 6 gb with the optional packages professor wants
>literally takes 2 hours to complete the install
>2 days after, do yum update
>takes 3 hours to download and install 900mb update
>system doesn't boot anymore after restart

So this... is the power... of free software.... whoa

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That isn't the problem here
it should be well known(by now) that nouveau is shit for many new cards
why Ubuntu uses it as default is beyond me

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