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Move aside, Apple

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That's actually kinda cool

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looks techie

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fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice... can't get fooled again

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I think we can all agree the Priv was a fuckup but I dont forsee that happening with the keyone

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Can't put my finger on it, but something about this is appealing.

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Trusting anything with the blackberry logo after 2006 was the fuck up.

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Because it looks like a thinkpad and not a shiny glass rectangle.

Could do without the camera bump and just have a thicc phone with a thicc battery.

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My man

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Not only this shit can't be rooted or unlocked, this kind of fuckup is why BB should just remain dead and buried.

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>physical keyboard
uh grandpa it's 2017

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I miss it ;_;

Wish they made a new version. That big keyboard and 1:1 screen are glorious.

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really about to pull the trigger on one of these. I have an iPhone 7 right now. Should I sell it to get the KEYone? I used a Q10 for over three years

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>I miss it ;_;

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Still using one right now, don't see why I should trade it for something else - except for another blackberry maybe

I'm waiting for the prices to drop below 300€ and check back then. Afaik there are no custom roms for it and I'm not sure if I want to go full botnet

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>custom roms
Does it really need it now though? It's running nougat and so far that's everything you need. Also I'm sure developers will figure something out in a few years. If only BB10 could have had better apps, this wouldn't be a problem. I personally loved BB10 and it was the best.

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>Does it really need it now though
Yes, it really does need custom roms.

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>if only BB10 could have had better apps
you can install any android apk

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Fuck it was so comfy
>t.keyone owner

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Yeah but then my phone turns into a oven

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It's pretty good man
If you've got no problem with Android or physical keyboards it's great
Just like the similar spec moto z play gen 1
It's truly a phone with no worries

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Nice but it'll be gimmick expensive

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>phone gets warm under cpu load
I can't really follow you there, maybe try battery saver mode

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Yeah but if you want a physical keyboard and a not dead os you have no choice

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I'd preorder it right now, if it had a trackpoint holyshit that would be cool

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Anon have you ever used a passport?
I'm talking leaving red marks where I held the phone hot not my phone is uncomfortable to hold hot
The thing is like a metal chair in summer in minutes because the vm blackberry uses for Android only runs with two cores
It's literally the only reason why I ditched my passport for a keyone
Also I'm not talking about
>hurr I'm playing gayms on a blackberry xd
I'm talking about listening saved music from Spotify or the Foss version of telegram

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Keys aren't staggered so placement would be a bit meh
Also the size of a trackpoint would cover four keys

The touchpad keyboard is pretty good too though

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I'm dumb I just realized your screenshot, though you just posted a meme
My point stands for most of it though

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>still no t9 android option.

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They could design it to implement it, I'm so sick of using a touchscreen, its fucking my wrists and hands.

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Excuse me?

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Maybe like just over the ghvb keys would act as a a trackpoint maybe?

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>flip phone
>low end hardware
All I want is something that looks like the phone in OP but with a t9 keyboard.
They should obviously remove the home/back software buttons and integrate it with the keyboard somehow. eg. long press space bar == home or something.
I really miss having a good way to write on phones.
qwerty is a bad system (especially on touch).
Autocorrection for qwerty has never been good, T9 just worked and is so easy to improve.

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God T9 was great

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patent is about to expire

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>keyboard in 2017

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>still using a gameboy for communication

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I have a keyone
I wish they would've stuck with either software buttons or physical buttons like the original mercury render

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what do you mean?

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Okay I'll bite
>using a glass slab with zero tactility when all you do on your phone is shitpost on an Albanian model airplane teletex service

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Why would I use the phone to shitpost when I have a fucking PC with actually good keyboard (mechanical) ?

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The original renders had physical navigation keys instead of capacitive navigation keys
Imo this or using software navigation keys would be better than what is right now

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Don't bait me senpai I know you didn't capitalize your first letter on a pc

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Here's a little goodie for you guys
Shit posting from bed all morning, here's my sot only 13% in
Truly comfy as shit

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>you dont capitalize on a pc
Only you

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Go RIM yourself, OP.

Blackberry is DEAD, enjoy emulating android apps at 1/3 their native speed.

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I want to ditch my LG G4, where can I get one of these and which is the preferred choice?

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Mine gets warm at best, the only "hot" experince was when pokemon go was a thing but it wasn't as bad as you described it.
>only runs with two cores
Nice to know this piece of information
>ditched the passport for a keyone
how would you rate the keyboard compared to the passport? I'm afraid that it's too narrow for comfy funposting on my favorite bangladeshian basket waving forum

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Are you dumb? OP posted an android device.

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>>62402243 #
>>62402347 #
>>62403982 #
>>62404237 #

I'm fucking sick of smartphones and I'm sticking with this.

50 $, battery lasts forever, resistant as hell even though screen is bigger than the original.

I just call my mom and brother with my phone, and sometimes some of my few friends, mostly to set up where/when to see each other, so I'm fine with it. I use the PC for work and entertainment and I don't give a shit about social networks or shitty chats like WhatsApp or cancergram. If I want to talk with someone I'll just call him, better if on the house phone so we both don't pay and, having a wired one, I don't get head cancer.

I once used a smartphone and all that crap and I'm fucking sure my brain health has improved since I switched to this jewel. Less distractions, less bullshit.

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having been typing on a touch screen for almost 10 years, I'm so good at it now that I don't see the point. I've tried typing on an old blackberry, and newer physical keyboard devices, and it's simply not as fast for me as the touch keyboards I've gotten used to.

I'm interested to know if it is for anyone else.

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>portrait qwerty
>not landscape
>horrible aspect ratio for portrait

if you go portait you need 5:4, 4:3 or 1:1

>inb4 i haz small thumbs n landscape too big

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Same for me. Got a Blackberry Classic from work and while it is a great keyboard that lets you type incredibly consistent long text without much need for typo-corrections, it just is so much slower to type overall.
Keyboard shortcuts for things like marking mail and replying is neat tho.
Would really love to use it, but all apps I use for private life like Instagram are not available on this device unless you emulate them. And then they're not tied in with the hub which I don't like.
But yeah, even for power mail users there's no "need" anymore to have a physical keyboard.

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I have the illusion of being so good because the corrector helps me. But I'm trying right now and if I pay a bit more attention I can properly type without errors even without correction.

So yeah I'm now better to type on the phone than on the PC and this makes me feel filthy.

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I am not even at 50% efficiency of my typing speed with T9.
I can't type without looking anymore and I can't write an email without having to rely on autocorrect to fix the fact that my fingers are the size of 3 buttons.
I haven't tried the blackberrys, but I don't think this is a good solution anyway.
For me, the problem is a full qwerty keyboard.
The only situation where a qwerty keyboard is better than a T9 is when a word is not already in the dictionary.
This could easily be fixed though.

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such a real feel. I once did a screen recording of me typing, that showed where I hit the screen. The corrector has gotten so good, and I've gotten so good at correcting the corrector that I basically just poke the screen in the general area of the letter I want to type.

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>can't type without looking anymore.
Do you not type much? I can type without looking at the keys, just looking at the cursor. Possibly that's what you meant.

>> No.62404785

You can't see shit when you put the phone in landscape mode though.
Landscape is for video and """games""".

>> No.62404794

This. Never typed in landscape in my life.

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I'm >>62404718
My typing skills are like 1% if I keep the phone in landscape mode. I only do it with the Hearthstone chat since it's the only way to talk to my friends without putting the game in background which could be seen as a disconnection from the game, but it's just outright painful, I tend to give short answers in this scenario.

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thats the point of having a phsyical qwerty so your fingers dont cover the screen

then you get the best of both worlds because its the same aspect ratio as tvs and monitors 16:9 and everything formats correctly

>> No.62405030

Except in OP you have that fucking qwerty permanently covering what in other phones would be screen.

The reason why both Samsung and Apple went as bezelles as possible is just that: people want more screen percentage.

>> No.62405124

You don't get the best of both worlds though.
Documents (emails, websites, im's, etc) is a format where you need to show many lines.

The best of both worlds is typing in vertical and watching movies in horizontal (assuming the video format)
The only part I don't understand why we insist on using bad systems.
Screen rotation is a good example.
I get why the automatic rotation thing started.
It is a cool feature to show off, but it has not been improved in a long time and it is really bad.
Applications such as video players should just detect the resolution of the video and then pick the right rotation, it shouldn't be up to the user to rotate it or click the rotate button.

>> No.62405177

Yeah right? One thing I hate is that I like to keep the rotation off most of the time, since I sometimes type/read while laying and it screws up, so every time I want something to autorotate I have to enable it. The "horizontal" button YouTube App has is good as it saves me from that. But I know you watch porn and their players don't work that way.

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I'd kill for a recent smartphone (preferably with a FOSS OS like Android or GNU/Linux distro) with a sliding hardware keyboard.

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I wish netbooks hadn't died and been replaced with """"Tablet PCs""""

>> No.62405239

>what in other phones would be screen
not when you want to keep it 16:9
Other phones would be much wider or you stay with the keyone's small screen and cover half of that with the virtual keyboard

so a priv then?

>> No.62405295

I also keep it off at all times, I use newpipe and you can rotate it too, but it irks me that it would ever suggest to play a video in the wrong orientation.

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Fucking this.

I have my old Acer netbook with Kubuntu and keep it as a treasure, there's nothing like it anymore. Sadly it's a bit slow for today's standards, even with Kubuntu, if there was something like this but a bit more powerful I'd buy it right now.

I've had 2 tablet PCs too and they just suck. Keyboard docks are never reliable and sturdy as on a netbook, they always feel loose and most of the times they end up to not even getting able to connect to the tablet anymore. Plus the tablet thing makes them overpriced af and you always get shitty specs unless you spend a lot. Yeah, the Surface seems good, but that's a High end device, netbooks were the cheap cute thing.

Plus these things are hard as hell to install linux on, since they basically have no USB drive without the dock (which sometimes isn't even recognized at UEFI level) and you're not even guaranteed it will work decently once you've put it there (thanks drivers).

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I wish it wasn't so shit ;-;

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Backlit landscape qwerty is where it's at.
-No latency
-works when wet or humid, and gloves.
-can type without looking
-physical switch feedback with added haptic vibration
-full function keys and modifiers (shift ctrl ect)
-programmable macros/scripts on keys
-full screen open for media including gaming

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Nah, portrait keyboard isn't as comfy as landscape.

Also, the Priv was sold for an insane $750 and only got an update to Marshmallow two years late. Blackberry is since then on my shit list until the day they unlock the boot loader and good custom ROMs emerge.

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I have yaoi hands but honestly I think portrait is a lot more comfortable for keyboard at least in touch. Maybe it's just getting used to it?

>> No.62405379

Could try Lubuntu which is ubuntu with LXDE, or install LXDE on debian/ other distro of your choice. It's quite a bit lighter than KDE but still keeps floating windows, task bar, etc.

If you wanted to go full autist you could install something really really light like i3

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this thing is so goddamn sexy i'm tempted to run over my 6P

>> No.62405392

Didn't some company release something very similar to this with a cherry-trail processor? GPD or something?

>> No.62405434 [DELETED] 

Thing is, LXDE is kinda ugly, I was going for Lubuntu myself but then all /g/ told me "no, with your specs Kubuntu will go just as well but it's a better all in one package!" (I didn't want to go with arch-gento-other shit cause it's a laptop I use for class only and I don't want to lose too much time on it). And now I don't want to go back to LXDE since KDE looks better and I'm lazy.

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Moto z with livermorium keyboard mod, Google it

>> No.62405643


I have to admit it looks amazing.

>> No.62405652



Are there sales figures on these yet?

>> No.62405753

Yeah but it's not as good as pic related

>> No.62405799

I want to go back to BB so bad. Even though my Samsung S4 has satisfied me for most things, I miss the productivity and the superior keyboard of my old BB Bold. If you were like me and you used a phone exclusively for Facebook, messaging (whatsapp, telegram...) and posting on 4chan, would you buy a new BB Passport for 150€? Or would you get a BB Keyone for 500€?

>> No.62405802

How so? It's basically identical, but with modern hardware.

>> No.62405842

would by if landscape

>> No.62405923

Don't know what the anon posted but here's my opinion:
The native whatsapp app has been discontinued so you have to use the android version which isn't as well implemented and some features don't work all that good (like sharing videos gives me a "please restart phone" error). Don't know about telegram, never used that.
Funposting on weaboo image boards works well, clover crashes every now and then, haven't figured out dashchan yet because I can't install the extensions.
If you can live with the minor inconveniences and workarounds, go for a passport, if you're a tech illiterate guy like most of my irl friends, go with the keyone

>> No.62405961

Maybe an Elitebook 2170p?

>> No.62406020

I misclicked, I meant to quote OP. Thank you for answering anyways. What do I need to install Android apps on Passport?

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For the things you listed, yes
Either pull the apks directly if you want to avoid botnet or just install gapps and get everything* from the the play store. *if the play store shows compatibility issues get the apk somewhere else

>> No.62406196

>what do I need
Welp, im retarded
For just installing apps you don't need anything special. Google for apks, download them, click on them and they install like any app on android.
Also look up cobalt's landing page, it gives you everything you need to install gapps and how to patch apps that aren't whitelisted yet.

>> No.62406429

*gives canadian police your encryption keys*

>> No.62406466


That's a mighty fine 'i can't afford an iPhone X' phone right there, OP.

>> No.62406508



I'm just gonna purchase my iPhone X to send nudes on and Netflix and chill with girls.

You can enjoy your Xiamoiom ugly-fag device.

>> No.62406533

Thank you very much

>> No.62406534

It really is amazing how you can tell what someone looks like by what kind of phones they like.

In this case: 20-ish years old, American, overweight, 4/10 attractiveness at most, socially not quite capable.

>> No.62406537

>Thinks buying a phone marketed to women will make him popular with women

Typical iPhone owning beta

>> No.62406541

So what version of android is it using in the back?

>> No.62406604

>Thinks I'm buying a phone to make me popular with women

It just goes to show how much of a fuck-ugly loser you are.

>calls owning the smartphone with the most powerful chip "beta"

Stay salty.

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>muh power
Don't you have a charger to find or something?

>> No.62406663

Don't forget your charger

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>oy vey pay more goy
Have fun with your umbilical cord faggot

>> No.62406684

>Thinks I'm buying a phone to make me popular with women
Yeah, that's what you said you were going to buy it for.
>the most powerful chip
That's not a Snapdragon 845.

>> No.62406708

blackberry phones can't be rooted.
Can they block ads?

>> No.62406741

It's good if not on par with the passport mostly
My my only two complaints are the spacebar feels a bit shit at times
And you know how blackberry doesn't scroll immediately when you touch the keyboard but only half way through the first row you're swiping?
Yeah the scrolling need a bit of getting used to
Also battery is goat

Oh and the narrowness
Yeah it's a bit narrower but keys are well sized
It needs getting used
Imo the 4 row keyboard > 3 row keyboard in layout so personally I'm fine with the trade off

>> No.62406834

Nice, thank you for the feedback!
Can't wait for either the keyone's price or my passport to fall into a bottomless pit

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>This technology still isn't standard

>> No.62406995

The battery, keyboard, and design are all really attractive, but I don't like how the buttons aren't virtual.

>> No.62407014


>> No.62407047

>blackberry still doesn't just use stock & let people root and fuck around with shit

>> No.62407122

I'd agree with you until you came to the point where you said no shitty chats, my smartphone could almost be a dumbphone if you go look at the apps that I carry, but the thing that no dumbphone manufacturer has come up with yet is one that allows VOIP through "shitty messaging apps" a lot of my friends only use facebook IM and when you're talking cross countries you can't simply call them or text them directly. I guess I am stuck with a smartphone with two extra apps from default (podcast client, messaging app)

>> No.62407159

nougat is dead os??

yeah nvm..not takin the bait

>> No.62407169

Because they have to sell to le ebin biznis profesional who needs the added """"""""""Security""""""""" that only blackberry can provide.

>> No.62407368

you sound like such a baby.
i mostly have my phones auto rotation set to off, but let's say im watching youtube and i want to go fullscreen. the video rotates for me automatically regardless of me clicking off autorotate. plus theres the countless apps that dont give a fuck either.

>> No.62407969

Shame it runs Android, BB10 was the best mobile OS ever

>> No.62408264

>Could do without the camera bump and just have a thicc phone with a thicc battery.

Even the camera bump is barely there. Much less than the iPhone.

>> No.62408296

Yes! I dropped and iPhone 7 for mine, best decision I've ever made with a phone. This shit is comfy af, especially the BLACKED Edition that I got through AT&T

>> No.62408320

And it's pretty much guaranteed to get Oreo

>> No.62408344

I wish they had gone with the physical navigation keys because that's my only issue with the keyone, sometimes the buttons are hard to press

>> No.62408402

I own a BB KeyOne from release day. It's the best phone I've ever owned. Feels premium (I haven't had the screen pop problem)
Wished I held out for this sexy black version though.

>> No.62408453

They could easily release two models one stock one """"""""""""locked""""""""""""" but they won't because they're stubborn and want to lose all consumer marketshare.

>> No.62408459

Nice modular display

>> No.62408465

>autistic keyboard at the cost of half a screen

>> No.62408521

Using a Priv right now.
Really wish they'd actually update it to Oreo. I prefer the slider design.

>> No.62408712

Fuck, I'm almost ready. I still need to pay off my iPhone 7. I could just buy the KEYone outright right now and sell the 7 later.

>> No.62409335

Learn to read my man
Bb10 is a dead os

>> No.62409346

Moto z play then?

>> No.62409357

They're not even updating the priv to nougat :c

>> No.62409378

And you need the screen why?
I'd rather have a good keyboard

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>> No.62409490

No need for so much projection, NEET boy.

>> No.62409553


>> No.62409671

I realized if you get a 5.5"+ phone then screen keyboards aren't that bad.

>> No.62409693

True patriot love in all thy sons command!

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File: 17 KB, 350x295, thumb_350_sony-ericsson-xperia-x1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly the Xperia X1 was the best phone I ever owned. The sliding keyboard was great.

But nowadays I don't even use a phone anyway. Maybe I should get one of those super tiny laptop things.

>> No.62409754

> Head cancer
Being this retarded. Do you allow just anyone to make you paranoid about subjects you've had no independent research or thought on?

>> No.62410541

This looks like a nice bmw and the adhesive-problem of the first batch was fixed afaik

>> No.62411378


>> No.62411479

Using FireFox, yes

>> No.62411639

Att will take the iPhone as a trade in

>> No.62411739

>Not only this shit can't be rooted or unlocked
How come? And why would anybody buy such a restricted and locked down device, as if the reliance on proprietary hardware and firmware of every phone isn't enough?

>> No.62411770
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>buying anything from a company that hates privacy and wants to give all your shit to intelligence agencies
shiggy diggy

>> No.62411807

What a retard. Privacy is the whole reason governments and companies bought BB's in the first place.

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i'd get one right now if it wouldn't cost iphone money. i think i'll get priv, but this keyone makes me way more excited. it's like bb q10, except it has longer display and android

i miss my q10. i'm still suprised how well they solved its ergonomy, with comfortable rubbery back and amazing keyboard on front

>> No.62412770

My man.

>> No.62412790

If it's a popular company, especially one that does business in the US - data is regularly being transferred over.

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Yes the battery life on this thing is phenomenal.

>> No.62413085

not if it's encrypted. email is public and fair game though.

>> No.62413169

BlackBerry is king

>> No.62413682

I use 13% in whole day on based Lenovo P2.

>> No.62414609

Don't get the Priv unless you can get a really good deal.

>> No.62414636

what's wrong with Priv?

I can get used one for $250, which is relatively low price considering that for example keyone costs $720

>> No.62414685

>keyone costs $720
In what third-world country?

>> No.62415274

Using one right now - super comfy

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This would be my dream phone with Oreo and a unlocked bootloader...

I'd just want a full screen without the Dpad though.

>> No.62416258
File: 2.71 MB, 3072x2304, HTC Desire Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do miss hardware keyboards, this was my first Android device and while it was far from perfect, the keyboard was pretty comfy, but the whole hinge setup made the phone quite thick even for the time... but today I don't see the point of blackberry style keyboards.. there are a ton of great touch keyboards on android that are way more useful than a hardware keyboard with a layout you can't change other than remapping keys.

>> No.62416407

no slide keyboard so fuck off

>> No.62416470

physical shortcuts work when your touchscreen can't register shit like in the cold or in a steamy environment

>> No.62416473

Useless for multilingual typing

>> No.62416657

phonetic keymapping for foreign languages. exists on every desktop operating system and i'm pretty sure it's doable on android as well. been typing out greek and hebrew under linux, os x, and windows for years, all with an english keyboard.

>> No.62418345


>> No.62418839

>physical keyboard
>virtual home buttons
what the hell

>> No.62418901

priv hate is best meme
>oled screen
>amazing design
>physical keyboard?
>can use microsd card
The only cons are no new android updates and it gets a little bit warm when you use it for something you shouldn't be using a phone for i.e gaming but that's about it

>> No.62418987

They're capacitive, not part of the screen. They're always there.

>> No.62419055

I could touchtype on my blackberry

>> No.62419399

Bought one this year. Still A+.

>> No.62419561

I owned a Q10 for many years but still wonder how the Passport holds up. I know the OS is super optimized to the hardware so there's probably no lag at all. Do you use Android apps too or mostly use the BB10 apps from the app store? How is social media stuff? Mostly instagram since I use that quite a bit.

I'd switch in a heartbeat to the Passport but mostly I'm worried about a few apps. Personally I think BB10 beats out iOS and Android in terms of speed and functionality.

>> No.62420106

where new passport for 150 eurodollars?


>> No.62420208

had it, amaaazing phone

>> No.62420425

my list of phones:
- nokia 3210
- Nokia 6310
- Nokia 1100
- SE K750i
- SE W950i
- Nokia E61
- Nokia E62
- Nokia E61i
- Nokia E50
- Nokie E71
- Nokia N97 mini
- SE Xperia X1
- Motorola Droid
- SE Xperia Pro
- LG Optimus 4X
- Samsung Note 4
- will go to Passport Silver

>> No.62420561

nice green text, reddit

>> No.62420610

No fucking OIS on a phone that expensive, fuck off.
Shitty physical keyboard meme needs to die already. Oh wait it did lol. Good riddance.

>> No.62420918
File: 62 KB, 620x461, hx3utx7hsjqckxeacn10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't have a Moto z

Literally everywhere you looked. Dunno if still up for sale to free the space though.

>> No.62420939
File: 42 KB, 800x600, 593a73910daeaf28008b4649-800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No adhesive behind the screen
>Drop Blackberry onekey from 12 inch height
>Screen pops out

Poorfags will defend this.

>> No.62421042


>> No.62421249

It isn't even bad except the keyboard. If it were fanless and had a good keyboard it would be perfect.

>> No.62421416

190 lowest price and that's ebay tier 2 retailer

>> No.62421464

I want one

>> No.62421607

Mediamarkt had them for 133

>> No.62421626

Useful for ssh sessions

>> No.62422105
File: 169 KB, 414x592, 9uh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh shit it's real!

>> No.62422572
File: 101 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20170914-104243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it isn't

>> No.62422592
File: 102 KB, 670x377, iphone-ten.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No headphone jack
Stockholm syndrome fags will defend this

>> No.62422657

>no iconic BB ball thingy
So it's just a touchphone with extra keyboard? I'll skip.

>> No.62422715

The keyboard is a touchpad for scrolling at least.

>> No.62422742

>The keyboard is a touchpad
I just want to turn the touch shit off.

>> No.62422875
File: 53 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20170914-111257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can if you want
It's also not that that sensitive
Swiping up and using the keyboard to scroll only works half way through the keys so you can don't accidentally scroll or autocorrect

>> No.62422919

If you really care I can post a vid of it

>> No.62423001

I wish there was more utilization of the touchpad keyboard like flicking through the pictures in your gallery and pinch-to-zoom outside of the browser. Maybe even a cursor to navigate over your screen without smudging it for maximum comfy.

>> No.62423020

That's what I'm talking about. The earlier (? the slider one) model would be perfect if it was possible to not use the touch at all. I'm not really a fan of the "smart" phones of today.
Ah whatever.

>> No.62423683

shit, i'd get this phone right now if it would be bundled with this keyboard. can i already buy the keyboard?

>> No.62423842
File: 122 KB, 980x490, device_design_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.62423849

Preorder on their indiegogo, it's got the support of Lenovo so it''ll happen 100%

>> No.62423877

Wow! A non-customizable keyboard and a shit aspect ratio! That's great!
The mix of touch and hardware buttons is retarded too.

>> No.62424274


It's a gif for a reason.

>> No.62424826

Just some sites I found:
1) https://www.eglobalcentral.co.it/blackberry-passport-4g-sim-libero-bianco-tastiera-usa.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9IXb98ik1gIVhhXTCh3WzggQEAQYASABEgL-GfD_BwE

2) https://www.bravobuy.co.it/it_IT/product/blackberry-passport-4g-sim-libero-nero-tastiera-usa.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9IXb98ik1gIVhhXTCh3WzggQEAQYAiABEgKbWfD_BwE

I never bought a smartphone on the web, then I hope they won't be scams.

>> No.62426741

What am I looking at, anon?

>> No.62426761

I would drop the burger bux right now if it was rootable.

>> No.62426775

I never had one but I hear it has plenty of problems. The keyboard isn't as clicky as the classic or keyone, the software can be slow, etc

>> No.62426810

The passport definitely rocks BB10 better than the classic does, less slowdown basically.

>> No.62426832

That was an issue with the first batch and has been fixed now, all first batch units are free to replace as well.

>> No.62426850

Scrolling with the keyboard actually works surprisingly well for me

>> No.62426945

Touchscreen that raises the sections on itself corresponding to keys on an onscreen keyboard.

>> No.62427104

>no longer supporting
Fucking Googles

>> No.62427161

I came from a passport and for some reason it took me a while adapt to the scrolling

>> No.62427289

I mean system wide, in all apps

>> No.62427317

Install this, download hosts file, and enable request filtering. Be sure not to install the version on Google Play as that does not have the request filtering feature.

>> No.62427342

nice, will keep that in mind if I ever get one

>> No.62427751

>non-customizable keyboard
Does it really matter?
It has bilingual prediction
A good enough autocorrect
Swipe typing
Customizable haptic feedback for the virtual keyboard
A clipboard
Etc etc
Honestly if you're on Android, why aren't you using the blackberry keyboard
>shit aspect ratio
>that's great
I can agree
>mix of touch and hardware buttons is retarded
Also can agree

>> No.62427957

he was talking about real keyboard

that being said, blackberry virtual keyboard is indeed cool. something about layout is done really well, it's the only virtual keyboard on which i can write without all of those predictions and other bullshit - and ctrl key is super useful

>> No.62428114
File: 69 KB, 600x498, 1481047148231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.62428267


>> No.62428688

Please explain, what is a "premium" feel. Is it the same feeling a macfag gets ? is it """"""comfy"""""" ?
Fucking illiterate faggots with made up buzzwords

>> No.62428729

Please explain what a "premium" feel is. Is this the same feeling a macfag experiences? Is it related to """"comfy""""?
Fucking illiterate faggots with their made up buzzwords.

>> No.62428731

why the fuck can't we get another one of these but with a x86 cpu?

>> No.62428755

bbos10 is dead. i sold my q10 long time ago, i loved it in every aspect but i would never recommend it to anyone right now. you can sideload android apps and pretend that you're satisfied despite reduced performance/occasional compatibility problems, but the fact that it's dead is undeniable and os will never get better, just worse.

I was buying dead devices right before their death my entire life, don't repeat my mistakes

>> No.62428756

>Screen literally falls off on its own

>> No.62428785

I know he's complaining about not being able customize the physical keyboard but most of what's good about the physical keyboard is also present with the software one

Plus the physical keyboard is mostly handled by the software one for its abilities

>> No.62428797


>> No.62428815

This >>62428755 a hundred percent this
I bought a passport this may sold it off by august on my birthday and bought a keyone with the money
Save your time and just buy a keyone

>> No.62428832

>trusting chinks on indiegogo
Don't come crying to /g/ when they run off with your money
>inb4 gpd
Gpd is one in a million

>> No.62428874

I still don't understand this. Will somene explain to me whats so "secure" about black berry?

>> No.62428934

i don't know much about the subject, but long time ago i've tried sniffing packets from android phone and from bb10 device: bb10 had it all encrypted, even http sites. meanwhile, android was fully vulnerable.

>> No.62428973

they are officially endorsed by lelnovo, shit'll be fine

>> No.62429046

i'd rather trust hitler than lenovo, and i'm jewish

it really sounds like a perfect deal though. moto x has terrible battery life or so i've heard, but except that it has all of the nerd stuff. rootable, unlockable device with proper keyboard that even has ctrl key for your nerdic needs. and chinks mumbled something about built-in battery in keyboard, that could also work.

i think i'll back them up and pray for keyboard to be comfortable, then i'll get moto z when i get keyboard. In worst case, i'll just sell the keyboard on auction

>> No.62429293

You know his driver was jewish?
moto z has pretty decent battery life if you ask me. If you add the turbopower mod it becomes insane.

>> No.62429553

i'm sure it's good with battery pack, but i won't be able to use battery pack with keyboard snapped on it. I've read in reviews that it's not really "decent" without packs, but now i checked out benchmarks and supposedly it's roughly 60-70% of my z5 compact battery life. Doesn't sound "good", but i guess it would be kinda acceptable.

the more i read about it, the more i want this phone. I wanted to get Priv, but now i think i'll really gamble and back this keyboard bullshit. I just hope they won't charge some stupid money for shipping, i'd sleep better if i knew the exact amount.

>> No.62429575

oh, it says exact amount for shipping after clicking the purchase form. nice

>> No.62429673

Well at least I get through a day of light use with no issues at all and about 50% left in the battery. It's not as good as the Z play, but it's usable imo.

>> No.62430533

>looks like a budget phone
>650 EUR
>almost $800

>> No.62430674


>> No.62430758

This has 35 extra buttons compared to your budget phone
34 of them have capacitive key caps
And all 35 of them are illuminated
>also not matching your currencies for maximum bait
It's 550 dollars here retard

>> No.62430769

Nice roll

>> No.62430817

I know, and if it was the EUR equivalent of $550 I'd get it. But at this price you could get the latest iPhone instead.
You'd think Blackberry would want market share and relevancy, yet they still only pander to the diehard business blackberry lover.
Why even include 4GB RAM if you're just going to check your mail and browse websites?
They should make a good model and price it so low that it barely brings them any profit, but their market share would increase by a ton. Then release a premium phone next and reap the profits off the bigger marketshare.
If it was 350 Euro it would be competitive here.

>> No.62430904

Yeah I'd much rather have the toolbelt from the classic above the keyboard with the physical buttons and cursor thing

>> No.62430963

Wheres the request filtering option?

>> No.62430983

Unless you REALLY want BB10 os, go for the keyone. You won't regret it.

>> No.62431012

It's only encrypted from the BIS server to the phone. Beyond the server it's still plaintext up for grabs.

>> No.62431042

Anon the keyone was never to gain market share
The DTEK phones are
Physical keyboards aren't competitive either
You know what is competitive?
Waterproofing, big displays, no bezels, low price points etc etc
Nobody cares about having a great typing experience enough to sacrifice roughly a third of their screen for it anymore and blackberry is fully aware of this when they sold off the manufacturing rights to TCL

Blackberry will probably never make a phone with a physical keyboard ever again but in return they made a great phone for one last time

Also I paid 709 euros roughly for my keyone lol
Definitely would buy it again over any flagship

>> No.62431066

Dude if anything I'd rather have individual keys on the navigation bar like here >>62404336

>> No.62431142
File: 2.86 MB, 514x674, ss (2017-09-14 at 21.05.58).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that unresponsiveness
>can't scroll in and out

>> No.62431171

You're supposed to use it in landscape mode or to position the text cursor.

>> No.62431179


>> No.62433207

Werks for me
Also the guy is trying to zoom in with the keyboard
Chrome doesn't support that

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