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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"

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You. I like you? Can you make threads for macfags too?

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>not realizing you're the exact type of person he's mocking

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>shilling for the botnet

what is the fucking point of this

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But I'm not a fat smelly pedophile neet who spends day and night distro hopping or configuring xorg. I just use windows.

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I really, really like this thread.

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oh this thread again, bet i know what your homeboard is

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I like Linux because of no viruses, package manager, and more comfy environment for development. But I agree the FOSS shit is bullshit. We are never going to get a good Linux distro until someone starts charging money for one. Otherwise it will always be a buggy POS

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That's where you're wrong kiddo

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It's yours!

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>>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using windows garbage and bing under the false pretence that not only do I not matter, but I don't matter so much that the company that buttfucks me should have as much of my personal life as possible to sell and make money off of, thanks for asking"

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it can be free (libre) and open-source while not being free (gratis)

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Yea good luck with that. Name a succesful product thats not gratis but still open-source

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Red hat support, since there are multiple ways to make money from open source projects that aren't directly selling the software

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Take a guess then

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It's funny because FOS means shit in hungarian

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Lol and sit in English is almost shit, except it's missing a letter. Therefore sit actually means shit

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And you are to retarded to turn of your trip

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Get off my back man. I have a job irl, I don't have time to hack 4chan.

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>No time to hack 4chan
>But has time to wave his dick around like anyone else gives a fuck about him
I'm glad I have everyone set to anonymous, case then I just assume you're fucking stupid instead of fucking stupid with a snowflake complex

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You fucking cock drizzle

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Lol that sucks

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I mean you do sit to shit

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>shit sit
Fuck man, you could have kept your mouth shut and made money off of that.

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What's it like being a woman? Real men stand to shit

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