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Why do apple products perform so well in artificial benchmarks but get absolutely destroyed in actual app performance?

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because with artificial benchmarks its just the benchmark running on the OS. No one actually uses their phone like that so once you get more than 1 or 2 apps open, the pitiful 2gb of ram they have is just not enough to maintain performance.

It also wouldn't surprise me if the benchmarks are biased as fuck and designed specifically to work well with the phone they're "benchmarking". And for the record it wouldn't surprise me if Samsung and other phone manufacturers do the same shit

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Apple probably tunes the devices to perform better in it or the benchmark itself treats Apple devices differently. This has occurred before with Intel where a benchmark software ran optimised code when it detected an Intel processor, making AMD appear to perform worse. Hardware wise Apple devices are years behind but somehow have far better single and multithreaded performance than anything else in benchmarks is absurd.

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why indeed :^)

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Apple being slower there has everything to do with either caching or net speeds.

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>they discover the 3T has glitch a that doesn't return CPU to idle after app opens


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Nice fake video. Here's some real ones:


Watch that guy do REAL WORLD tests and watch everything get demolished by 1 or 2 year old iphones.


Androshit phones can barely beat a THREE YEAR OLD iPHONE!


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A "glitch", you say? I would have thought you had more than enough time to come up with better damage control.

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And? All applel benchmarks are useless fake trash. Not surprised OnePlus boosted their numbers since normie brainlets fall for that.

End of the day, it destroys iShit in real world app performance which is the only actual thing that matters. But stay mad and post purchase rationalizing.

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because their devices detect benchmarks and increase clock speeds etc.
apple has been cheating on benchmarks for a long time

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>app racing
>""""""""""REAL WORLD"""""""" usage

As useless as benchmarks. Try again iPajit.

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>numerous examples of review units being different from phones given to customers
>posts a webm of a review unit
so this... is the intelligence... of a third-world androne with a massive case of sour grapes

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>>numerous examples of iShit getting destroyed in real world performance
>b-b-b-but this one chink company cheated in a BENCHMARK

so this... is the intelligence... of a third-world iToddler with a massive case of sour grapes

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Because iphones are just generic $200 chinktrash shat out by Foxconn.

Marking itoys up to $900 doesn't make them magically faster.

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Cry harder iToddler. >>62373492

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iPhones are faster if you don't understand this you fell for false info shills

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Some Android brands do it too. It's bullshit and I'll never buy from these brands though.

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I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't even an iphone but some chinkshit knock off

post something real next time

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>iShit is a laggy piece of shit
>i-i-i-it must not be a real ifone!!1111



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Well it's probably not lets face it. Considering iPhone smokes Android in every test there is.

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Iphones are literally chinkshit knockoffs.

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iphones are certainly smoking

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If the rumors are true the new iPhone will be so fucking fast it will beat Androids for years and years.

Yet you pajeets still try to shill with disinfo to make people think iPhones are slower.

There's no contest.

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see >>62373106

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There is nothing shills love more than to post false info, especially when its about Apple since the marketshare is more and people can fall for it.

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>can only win in fake artificial tests
>still gets destroyed by $300 phones


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>can only win in fake artificial tests
No it wins literally every test there is that isn't by a pajeet. Go look it up and stop being so retarded.

iPhone announcement tomorrow, are your superiors feeling the squeeze?

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Android shills could at least go back to posting something true, like removable storage and battery. I mean at least those were valid points.

Everyone knows iPhone is faster okay? You don't have to deny it it just makes you look insecure over your purchase.

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>posts benchmarks as if they mean anything
>pretends real app tests dont exist


Fuck off marketer, no one here's falling for your iTrash.

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Nice try retard, it's running iOS 11 beta
How fucking pathetic can you get?

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Will sony ever release a competitive phone again?

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Nice damage control iToddler.

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Apple shills LITERALLY admitting lagOS updates slow down iTrash after """"upgrading""""" LMAO

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They are constantly but no one buys them.

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>Look like shit
>Don't bring any actual innovation to the table
>Instead of pricing it competetively make it overpriced as fuck

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You can stay butthurt about your laggy phone but no reliable test has iPhone lose ever. Considering it is a year old that's fucking hilarious. Even if Android did win, and it doesn't, it doesn't matter when the phone is a year old.

tldr android fags on suicide watch. Stay pretending to laugh, you pathetic shill.

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>Aug 13, 2017 is one year ago according to iToddlers



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How will iToddlers ever recover?

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iPhone 7 WAS a year ago, yes. What fucking rock are you shitposting from under pajeet?

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ahhhh i see, i know that other phone. the Xperia xz premium right? that video is from phone battles right op? yeah i've seen the video for myself, let me tell you the iphone that phone battles probably has is an iphone 7 32GB model. Fun fact: Apple intentionally made their phones faster with phones with more storage, that means that the 32GB model is slower than the 256GB model.

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You can't honestly believe a beta build probably running diagnostics won't have some slowdown. It's still comparable which is embarassing for the Android phone considering how old the iPhone is too.

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phone battles has a 32GB model iphone, it's slower than iphone 7s with more storage, so yeah. just watch everythingapplepro's speedtests, the iphone 7 always wins. i know what you're thinking "well he's an apple channel of course the iphone's gonna win" he's not biased he even made multipe reviews of various android phones. he just has the limited edition 256GB model one

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No I'm not denying iPhones are faster nigger
To begin with that OP image may not even be real (as in a fair test and not just some shill shit)

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oh sorry mate, i meant to mention OP

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>He seriously thinks Iphone 7 is from 2017
Android fags are more stupid than I thought.

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i've seen the video, t's a fair test.

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i call bullshit dude

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The irony is Androidfags claim benchmarks don't matter when iPhone wins in them.

And they are right.
Benchmarks don't matter. The thing is...

In real life performance iPhone does EVEN BETTER due to optimized apps and lower resolution than even the benchmarks would suggest.

Considering how Android phones, except maybe one or two that I'm still not convinced on, still lose to year old iPhones even today, iPhone X is going to a monster if the leaks are true.

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Fuck off shill.

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Ishit gets fucking destroyed in any real world usage scenario. i.e. take it out of your pocket, open an app, and use it.

If you actually think appracing ever happens or is even useful or even try to pass it off as "real world use" your're literally a brainlet.

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Note 8 will rape the new iphone.

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Note 8 already loses to the current one

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