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So... what's the best Linux distro just for a fuck-around machine? I already have a Windows gaming machine so no need to take that into consideration, but for a laptop for uni where I'm studying CS and doing a lot of programming, what's the best distro?

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Alpine linux

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are you fucking retarded, Ubuntu

>most popular distro
>lots of support for it
>it just werks
>easy to use

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Ubuntu so you can spend time programming and not ricing your system for screenfetch threads

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You really want a fuck around machine? You reallly wanna fuck around? I am not memeing you, install Gentoo.

All kinds of fucking around to be had there. Enjoy

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Maybe Ubuntu or OpenSuse.

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The best Linux distro is the one you actually sit down and use.

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Thats true

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>Cherry picked section of the article is evidence he doesn't use Linux
Fuck off

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>a distraction from my focus, which is Linux userspace internals (non-GUI stuff)
way to only read the first half of that sentence

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install gentoo and kys

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he said he wanted a fuck-around machine you faggot

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I did this too... I spent way to much time tweaking and modifying configs on my desktop when I ran Linux. Now I shamefully use Windows and have a Vagrant box for development.

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haha look at this faggot

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Stop being productive.

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That's a joke right?

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You are a sad little person

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I like manjaro, but that's only because there's a nice i3 version available. No fucking around, bit of a learning curve

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Ubuntu or Antergos.

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I work on GNOME for a living and I too am an imposter.
>tfw Fedora VM on my Surface Laptop

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I like lubuntu. It's pretty lightweight so maybe good for your laptop. Been using it for a year and a half and I've resintalled once a month or so ago so pretty good stability. I also downloaded 'everything' on it at first so I'm more conservative with it now. You can do an openbox session with it as well for more snappiness. I haven't been able to break with all the fucking around I do on it.

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I switched back to Windows over this too. I even like Visual Studio now.

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