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How's that gaming laptop holding up /g/?

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It's been fine for 3 years except for the FUCKING CHARGING CABLE THAT KEEPS BREAKING. Literally gone through at least 1 per year.

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>spending $800 on a VR rig and then compromising it with a gaming laptop that throttles after five minutes in SteamVR Home

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Alienware is better than all the chink brands these days

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>spending all that money on an Alienware when you could buy a MacBook Pro

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Buying a gaming laptop? No.

Using any kind of laptop? No.

Phone, tablet and tower; the blessed triad.

Laptops are for kids, women and the elderly.

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Phone for on the go, very casual messaging and browsing

Tablet for when I’m on a couch, in bed, traveling or casual browsing in my house

PC for gaming and other more powerful computing uses

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>programming on the go, with a tablet

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explain yourself.

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I have a very powerful, non Samsung/Apple phone that's waterproof so I can read a book, watch a video or view some Frankie Vaughn in the bath.

I have a HP Touchpad running a custom Android ROM. I have to admit, I miss WebOS but it does it's job and it's comfy.

The tower is a beast. My son games on it and I sometimes use it for work.

Laptops are for kids, women, OAP's, puffs and coffee shop posers.

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The eDP cable fucked up after an year but the new one from China is holding up just fine.

Wish I had bough a 1080p one rather than this 4k screen. It looks gorgeous, but god is it slow.

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G751JY (980m) (4720hq) for 850. Aka same perf as 1060 3gb and r5 1400, Maxwell also overclocks great on custom vbios. 1350 core 6200 mem. Ez

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Stop buying redundant devices.

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