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Why in the year of our lord and saviour Two-Thousand-And-Seven-Teen do i have to still fucking build shit from source code? Holy shit nothing ever goes right with that bullshit and even if it does it's because you follow some guide that may or may not be there, may or may not be up to date etc etc
Shit should just be pre-compiled in repositories period.

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If you're so far into linux that you're not just using mint or ubuntu and are 'building from source code' then you're clearly into it and not going to talk shit about it. Those that 'hate linux' can't even get in the front door let alone do something like download an app that's not in their distro repository. What you're describing is being balls deep in and those that are kindof like it. Poor bait and fud.
I read the article. For him linux is a 'work in progress' and he'll start tweeking it. So he works with something non-tweekable so he can focus on his work. Poor bait.

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i dunno, i use debian as my daily driver, i only use a bunch of apps but every now and then i want something obscure like an old vidya port or whatever else and it won't have pre-compiled binaries so i have to either look up and see a guide on how exactly to compile that trash so it works or just fumble about in the dark before giving up

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What do you want to install?

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Stop tweeking.

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