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Welcome to /fag/ - Friendly Apple Thread.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Mac OS X/macOS and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly Apple Thread ***

If you would like to try out OS X/macOS you can do one of the following:
1) Install an OS X/macOS version of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
2) Dual boot a version of OS X/macOS of your choice along with Windows or Linux.
3) Go balls deep and either buy an Apple product or build your own Hackintosh.

>Should I buy an Apple product or build a Hackintosh.
An Apple product will receive direct long term support but on the other hand cost much more and offer a worse price/performance ratio than a self-built machine.
A Hackintosh is cheaper and more customizable (cases for example) and won't burn your wallet, but also won't receive direct updates and free upgrades to newer versions of the operating system from Apple. The process of setting up a hackintosh will require basic knowledge of partitioning and installing an OS with certain tools provided by a small, but helpful community.

For more detailed information, use your favorite search engine

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>friendly apple thread
>not /fat/

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I tried for a few hours to get a usb installer together but my Elitebook 2570p won't boot it. Using a VM to make it is okay right? Don't know what I did wrong.

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>downloads hottestnewjustinbieberxdrniggagangstashit.jpg.mpg.HOT.music.album.FREE.tar.exe
>FUCKING M$!!!111
>goes out and buys a macbook
>max r SO secure and KEWL!!!11 no VIRUSES xD

>downloads tottalyfreehotnewgameforabsolutelyfree.lol.nojoke.completelyfree.notavirus.app
>goes out an buys ishit
>PHEW im so glad apel treats me like a toddler and doesnt let me install or do anything, freedum is too dangerous xDD

Why do technology illiterate apple users come to /g/ at all?

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The best way is to do this, from personal experience. I wasted many hours trying to make the install inside both wangblows and GNU/Linux.

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Appletard subhumans should be rounded up and gassed for the betterment of mankind tbqhwyfam.

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Hi /fag/

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How compatible are Macs with Linux?

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Quick, which one is certain to run the software you want.

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Now that the dust has settled and we all know apple hardware would be a meme if it were half as good as it is currently horrible, is the software actually good and usable? How much can it actually be modified in terms of changing standard stuff like userspace/wms/etc.? How many of the components remain closed?

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Why shouldn't I buy a macbook air?

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fine iirc but since you have macos why would you run loonix?
pretty much everything linux does macos does better except muh freedom and you already crossed that line with the all in one hardware design

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>>PHEW im so glad apel treats me like a toddler and doesnt let me install or do anything, freedum is too dangerous xDD
Oh look its this retard again.
You do know you can install whatever you want on a mac right?
Oh right you don't because you never used one.

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good name

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He was probably considering hackintosh (for that matter, I am considering it). As for myself, I can handle some amount of non-freedom so long as it can be segregated appropriately. Is this a possibility? For example, I hear darwin is mostly opensource. Isn't it?

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non-retina LCD

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Awful display, whole model line nearing EOL.

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air is basically the normie mac

one of the most successful laptops of all time, but id rather pay extra for the retina display

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You should. It's the only decent mac under $1.5k

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the idea that somewhere out there people are probably posting this without irony makes me a little sick desu

gamer shitbox guts are awful

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Pick one.

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One thing that leaned me towards getting a macbook was my old shit was indeed some gamer guts thing with fans everywhere.

It was/is a massive dust magnet as it had fans for sucking as well, I had to clean it out every few weeks to keep it running cool. I wanted to free myself from all that and have a just werks experience, like a gaming console or a phone that doesn't need ongoing maintenence.

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Manchild thinks he's better than other people because he can install gentoo or some bullshit

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why do people hate iPhones again?

I've been using a 5s after years of using a Nexus 5. The iPhone lasts way longer and iOS is sooooo clean. Not laggy at all.

Did /g/ dupe me?

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I'm getting an iPhone soon. There is a lot of false information spread about them. One popular idea is that they aren't very well specced. Truth is they are the fastest phones you can buy. Some Android phones might beat them post release but it's very rare and only barely. iPhone always wins on the big things like startup time etc. Battery life almost doesn't go down at all while in sleep mode, so real life battery performance is often better than on paper.

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/g/ is full of android cucks

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every Android phone I've ever had eventually lags and the battery life goes down the drain.

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Poo in the fucking Ranjeet.

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I think battery decay is standard for most phones. This is a device constantly running 24/7 for a year. I don't think iPhone is any more immune to that. It's just the software design philosophy that preserves power better while idle.

As for lag, apart from an incident with some older models(I think it was 4 or 4s or something), I don't think iPhones get slower with updates anymore. That is an old meme. Android has it much worse in that regard.

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low res tn panel, terrible silver bezels

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Please respond.

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Unfortunately, it appears that your aim is off.

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What do I use for free picture editing? GIMP?

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