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>have CS degree
>can't program worth shit
How fucked am I in terms of getting a well-paying job? Are there any CS/IT-related jobs that pay well that don't involve coding?

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You'll be fine. I learned how to program beyond basic level after I earned my degree

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Learning to program isn't hard though, and if you want an IT job without coding, just go with tech support.

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Get a junior dev position first, and you should be able to work your way up from there. The fact that your ass didn't flunk out means you prop have a basic grasp of the important things (OOP, data structures, algorithms) so you should be good enough

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Devops is an option and is really hot right now. If you are or want to get into Linux you'll be golden!

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>implying every junior dev position doesn't require you to have 5 yrs of experience in the language/stack that they use

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Just learn pic related and you'll be fine.

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I saw this and stop paying the lecturers

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stopped that shit the day I searched it up and was out of there quicksmart.

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