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>He torrents movies <5GB in size

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My screen isn't even 1080p, so why would I bother?

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>he willingly wastes bandwidth

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$0.03 has been deposited in your YiFY account

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I only go for the 4K h.265 encodes.

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>download 48GB BluRay rips
>encode with H.265
>they are now 5GB
>ultra insane quality

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>20 hours of encoding time


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>spend entire movie jerking off to the quality instead of actually watching it

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>Not 12GB

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i don't even download shitty YIFY releases lol.

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Just a waste of time

=<20GB is the limit

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>Lying on the internet

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>He downloads games that have had their music / cutscenes removed

back to IRC grandpa

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>downloading below 60fps movies
Lel there is no point downloading it. Just stream it in plex lmao

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>download 48GB BluRay rips
Are you aware remux releases exist? Those are ~25gb after all the padding has been stripped (Extra audio tracks, menus, etc).

>encode with H.265
Buying a new HDD to store all the untouched rips would be cheaper than the power bill you'll have to pay after the days long encodings with x265.

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>tfw haven't updated MPC-HC so can't play h.265
>tfw have to avoid downloading h.265 anime
>tfw to lazy to update and fix the settings
Fortunately most things still seems to be h.264

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>60fps movies
Wut? Aren't the Hobbit at top with 48?

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I want /v/ to leave

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>l-liar!!! lol i just called him a liar w/o any conclusive evidence!!!! TAKE THAT SHILL

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I do this often. I am always looking for color clarity (especially black) and pixelation. If something is in poor quality, I can't watch it.

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>caring so much about movies
I want /tv/ to leave.

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You CAN encode high quality movies with small file sizes.

10-bit HEVC with a CRF of 22 using the faster preset cram most 720p movies down to ~1-2 GB and most 1080p movies down to 2-4 GB.

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Only if you use the placebo preset which nobody in their right mind would ever recommend.

The faster preset will net you ~20 FPS on a desktop A8 or i3 with 10-bit HEVC.

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>Torrenting on mobile data
And US wonders why they have the slowest mobile networks in the world...

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There is literally no such thing as wasted bandwidth

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t. x265 developer. I lost count how many times you already posted this bullshit

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They are getting better in some places. Hopefully 5G will get finalized and implemented soon so everyone can have 100mbps connections to stream 8K video on their 4K res phones.

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>everyone can have 100mbps connections to stream 8K video on their 4K res phones
I hope you're joking nigga...

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Nope, I'm just a daiz apostle. I'm sick of having to download 4GB

Nope, 4K res will become the norm soon and 8K video will be required because of chroma sub sampling.

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>daiz apostle
>advocates objectively worse quality

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Dude you don't make any sense

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>he hasn't downloaded an 888gb batch

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>the absolute state of the """"united"""" states
what a shithole

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I have 250/250 and i streamed the 25Gb rip of 君の名は in original qyality over wan to an apple tv 2 without any problems using plex.

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I hate repeating myself but :H264 CRF does not equal H265 CRF. 22 CRF HEVC ~= 16 CRF H264.

see pic related

Guess which chroma sub-sampling is used in 99% of video out there including 4K?

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nigga pls

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Is that 10-bit?

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>x265 2.5+12-fcd9154fa4e2:[Windows][GCC 6.2.1][64 bit] 10bit

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>Nope, 4K res will become the norm soon and 8K video will be required because of chroma sub sampling.
Implying I was talking about the video and not the completely pants-on-head retarded understanding how mobile networks work.

Spectrum isn't unlimited.

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Impressive, it probably looks like that because of all the motion happening. Now play that back in 1.0X speed and 100% zoom and compared the videos. Do you notice a difference?

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post more brad reaction pics

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sooooooooooo which one is supposed to best?

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None, both are supposed to have about the same visual quality. The only difference is the HEVC file will be ~50% smaller.

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>he doesnt watch movies straight from disc in his home cinema
disgusting poorfags in my /g/

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Why would you download using mobile connection?

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>he doesn't watch in a Cinema on release night

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>I do this often. I am always looking for color clarity (especially black) and pixelation. If something is in poor quality, I can't watch it.

This is what autism looks like.

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I miss aXXo, Blu-ray quality at DVD size

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~4GB HEVC 1080p rips ftw

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Never reply to me again

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Hi :)

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No that's what some one with half-decent eyesight looks like. My eyesight is fucked (probably too much porn?) so I couldn't care less. If you can see the bad quality in a video, blurriness, compression artifacts, etc why wouldn't it put you off?

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